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  1. I agree, hopefully Ryan takes this opportunity and proves us wrong if not will be looking for a 3C at the deadline. Kinda hoping Wallmark progresses enough to get a shot at it outta camp.
  2. I really can see Lindholm supplanting Rask as 1C pushing him to 3C this year. Don't think we necessarily need a 1C such an elite scorer.
  3. Am I the only one who wants to give Nail a shot on a cheap 1 year deal?
  4. The same reason you didn't want 7 pics from this class is most likely the same reason we were left stuck with them. I'm pretty sure no Gm was gonna pull the trigger without one of our Top for Dman added to the package.
  5. Gotta go with Stemp proven goal scorer. Everyone else are pretty tryna to become what Stemp already is.
  6. Easy question Cam time with canes is over
  7. So with Darling, Kruger and our current forwards do you think we're good enough to lockdown a playoff spot or do u add an impact FA signing as well? Just curious I think that could work without one
  8. So with us holding the Tiebreaker over the Bruins are we rooting for them to beat Tampa or vice versa?
  9. Exactly a true on 1C average should be good for what 2 GWs and 2 OT winners (goals or primary assist). For instance that 6 points would put us 1 point out with 2 games in hand currently. Plus you gotta believe our young core would improve enough to produce more points next year as well. Personally I think Gauthier makes this team and has an impact next year for one. Hope he isn't included in whatever deal it takes to land the guy we need (Landeskog)
  10. Thx OBX, hopefully a lot more to talk about haven't been this existed this late into a season in a long while
  11. Rask current cold streak could be a blessing in disguise. It shows the need for legit 1C and he gives him an opportunity to shine as a 3C next season if we happen to acquire one. Question is who do we trade to acquire one? Because I don't see one in FA unless we go the RFA route
  12. Been reading these boards since we drafted Skinner, like this post so much it made me finally create an account ??
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