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  1. Even it's just March, I am currently not sure about next season, though as Rem (?) said China is recovering, but they took very quick and very strict measures.
  2. Building a wall is your thing BTW, borders are closed for non-citizens/non-residents with exception of the USA folks
  3. Yeah, I have already dug my DVD out, gonna watch with my son
  4. That would be one of the topics to talk about in " In Season" thread after NHL news. BD58, have you know that before?
  5. Does it mean players will not have practices during the pause? At all? How the teams will look like if and when games resume with players out of shape?
  6. Technically could, but the teams go further in playoffs will have way less time to rest before new season kicks in.
  7. for several months 😭 Yeah, NHL might not wait any longer. If they will maybe till the first case among players. it's most likely just a matter of time to call it a season. Too bad
  8. They may employ rotation again, especially in a number of B2Bs - as a maintenance day or to insert a fresh player in lineup.
  9. It leaves AWACS with fewer comments in GDTs
  10. Is it me, or Svech lately looks like odd man on SAT line, and Finns sometimes ignore him?
  11. DEt loosing the game and season and now wants to break somebody??? Loosing my respect
  12. Staal was the first to come
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