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  1. It looks like the blood under his eye - I am thinking from the cut, but yeah, it's hard to tell... Waiting for the further updates
  2. It was an nhl.com headline I saw first yesterday: https://www.nhl.com/news/hurricanes-defenseman-calvin-de-haan-out-indefinitely/c-305715994 I guess "in the near future" doesn't cancel "indefinitely", i.e. no timing for his return, but it's not my words choice hope he will be all right. Get well soon, Calvin!
  3. You called it out loud twice - you got it: deHaan is out indefinitely...
  4. Nah, he will just get Tim Peel for the rest of his life
  5. Aho is the second in the Premier Passer contest
  6. Sorry for being negative, I am drifting at that direction, too... And under "team' I understood the whole organization, not just roster players. Mr. Waddell and Mr. Dundon - where are you? Tell us something... Anything!
  7. So it's up to the guys to hang on?! Ugh... Good things that goaltending and defense is good, O keeps creating chances and team morale doesn't going down...
  8. That's great and about time to get help to gain some ground at least. a couple of solid veterans wouldn't hurt
  9. Spyglass put my thoughts in words here, thank you. For me, the bolded part is important, but puzzling. I keep hearing that we have great assets in D, defensemen always in demand, etc. However, I don't see/hear any rumors that other teams line up to get one (except Toronto's Plan B in Nylander saga). Question to those who know the situation better: Assuming that we have desire/assets to make a trade, what are the reasons of no movement? Is there no market for offense? Too early? Please share
  10. Just wonder, Top, what lineup could be with the current roster (without Ferland): Svech+Rask and who?, as well as with Ferland back?
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