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  1. Well, "the committee" continued to try and ram a 8 year contract down Aho's throat (imho because they were trying to get a discount on a longer contract). How many times do you have to say "no" to an 8-year contract before you get frustrated? And then you publicly state: "that's all?" when you find out what Montreal's offer sheet was. If $8.5m was less than you expected to have to match, why was our last offer $7.5m (I say "last" not as our "final" offer)? I get how negotiations work but at some point it seems a little under-handed. If we had made a legitimate offer to begin with, this never would have happened.
  2. To be fair, if the team declined, he would have been playing for Montreal. I would think that you would have to at least be "ok" with playing for the team you just signed a contract with. Otherwise it's a really stupid game of chicken.
  3. Wouldn't that make his trade value even higher (for teams with cap space)?
  4. I realize this was mostly venting but you can only submit an offer sheet if you have the picks to back it up.
  5. Agreed, but it's unlikely that anyone would offer Aho more than $10,568,589. For $8,454,871 to $10,568,589 compensation is 2 first rounders, a second and a third. Between $6,341,152 to $8,454,781, a first, a second and a third. Since reports have him asking $9.5 per, I gotta think it's only 2 first rounders. If we hold firm at $7.5, someone could come in for $8.4 and only need to give up 1 first rounder.
  6. I typed out a fairly long post yesterday and ultimately decided to not post. I think the Goalie situation has got me a little concerned. There can't be that many teams looking for a #1 goalie: Calgary, Buffalo?, NYI, Philadelphia, Carolina, Columbus, Edmonton?. There are probably a few teams that aren't happy about their current starter?: Florida, Chicago, LA?. There are 2 big name UFA's out there: Lehner, Bobrovsky and a handful of goalies who probably think they are #1's (and probably will be): Varlamov, Mrazek, Talbot, Elliott. Then you have all the rest (probably back-ups at best): Smith?, Ward, Miller, Pickard, Stolarz, McIntyre, Johnson, Kincaid. History says we're picking from the bottom of the second group: Elliott or the top of the third group: Smith? unless something crazy happens and some team with a current #1 signs Bob and unloads their current #1 (thinking someone like Toronto (who doesn't have the cap space but anyway) or Chicago or Rangers (who are probably thinking "rebuild" so why drop a bunch on goalie this year?)) or some team (Vegas, Florida) unloads their #1 for cap space. Hopefully it all works out but I sure don't see an obvious way for us to improve. Bob to Philly and Lehner to NYI seems most obvious. Varly to Buffalo or Calgary or Edmonton. Mrazek and Talbot to the other 2.
  7. Boy, Vegas is in deep trouble. Already up against a cap number that may be coming down and only have 19 people signed (12 forwards, 6 defensemen, 1 goalie). Don't have William Karlsson (RFA) or Subban (RFA) signed. Don't see them moving Subban since it would provide no cap relief, they need a backup and Subban likely won't cost much. How are they going to free up enough cap space to re-sign Karlsson? Do they somehow get relief if Clarkson is left on IR, retires or is bought out? He hasn't played in 3 seasons.
  8. Can we trade Williams, Staal or Rask without salary coming back? I thought we were at the NHL salary floor (actually, NHLnumbers has us about $400k below the floor). Moving Darling would also be an issue. Maybe if we took on another teams bad contract? Bottom line, I don't think we can swap even one of these guys for an AHLer.
  9. Grubauer for our 2nd rounder could be construed as helping us get better short term while maybe helping Washington out in the long term. Washington has to battle us for a playoff spot. They're not going to help us get better. Colorado offered them the 47th overall. We had the 42nd overall to offer. I'd guess Washington didn't think 5 picks later in the second round was a big deal. Plus they already owned the 46th overall so 42nd and 46th or 46th and 47th.
  10. wa1010

    Ryan Trade Bait

    Seems like we have a lot of centers. Checker site lists Foegele as a "F". If Foegele is a Center, I'd go with him. If not, maybe try Aho at 3C and bring Foegele (or Zykov) up to fill a wing opening. Maybe Wallmark (assuming Lindholm is definitely a "no"). I don't really follow the Checkers so I like to hear the coach's opinion of who might be ready to move up. Maybe Roy or Saarela, who don't really have the stats, might be a better fit if the coach/scouts think they're more ready. I probably wouldn't push either of those two though. Poturalski? Maybe give Kruger a shot (don't think he has the offense chops for 3C but has he been given an opportunity). Who else takes faceoffs? Nordstrom? Give Aho 2C and move Rask to 3C? Generally I listed these in the order I'd probably prefer them. Moving a chex up to fill 3C doesn't disrupt TSA. Giving Aho a shot at C might go a long way to determine if he's ever going to go back to C (Aho centering Skinner and Stempniak could be a high scoring 3rd line). We really need to start giving some of our prospects shots to get to the NHL. Especially as a reward for excelling in Charlotte (Foegele/Zykov).
  11. wa1010

    Ryan Trade Bait

    If I was responding strictly to you or your post I would have quoted you. Sure, you have the only post that suggest we could get into the second round but the general consensus seems to be we can't afford to lose our 3C/platooned 4C. I suppose the next couple weeks may go a long way to determine his relevance with the org.
  12. wa1010

    Ryan Trade Bait

    So, Ryan now, is the glue that's going to get us to the second round. Guess I didn't realize his importance.
  13. I would argue 3. We still do not own the tiebreaker against any teams we're battling. Columbus is the closest but we're still 1 ROW behind them (and 4 points).
  14. wa1010

    Ryan Trade Bait

    If, hypothetically, you knew that we were not going to make the playoffs, wouldn't you want to get something out of a pending UFA that's unlikely to re-sign? If, hypothetically, you knew that we were going to make the playoffs but get swept in the first round, would you do it? I think the argument is that losing Derek Ryan weakens our playoff chances. I like Ryan but I don't want to believe that Ryan is the difference between us making the playoffs or not. If someone was silly enough to offer us a draft pick for this pending UFA, I'd take it.
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