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  1. If acceptable, I would expect a contract that renews on monthly basis or something that is designed to give either party a shorter out clause.
  2. The only goalie I would take a chance on going straight to coach is Martin Brodeur. He combined natural athletic talent with sound positional play and an excellent ability to read the game. Hasek was a phenomenal goalie, but succeeded on athletic talent more than anything. IMO the main reason great players don't always make decent coaches comes down to removing their athletic talent from the equation and leaving them with their hockey sense and communication skills.
  3. I can't say I would be surprised either, but I really hope he isn't our plan for goalie coach in Raleigh. There isn't a lot in Cam's resume to make me think he is a great goalie coach. Most of his career was with Marcoux, who showed very little success with improving the teams goalies. I would be more comfortable with him going to Charlotte and working with the youth first and learning how to coach.
  4. I don't think concern of "another painful year" is what is holding JW up on deciding. If it was, I think we would have gotten a Luongo like announcement as JW would already being feeling the pain as he was resuming his training. The more likely reasons for the delay in my opinion are: 1) JW wants to make sure he can perform at the level he feels meets his standards, or 2) Is taking some time with the family to make sure they are all aboard for the grind of another season. The fact that he is taking so long implies his desire is to play another season.
  5. I think Rod likes Pesce and Slavin better. And when it comes down to it, TVR is as good defensively as Faulk and good enough for 2nd pairing duty. Plus I believe TVR has also shown ability to play his offside as well.
  6. I agree, there is every reason to believe the committee is still looking at moving D. We are still heavily loaded.
  7. Lake, There is also the possibility that TVR is the risk we are taking. If we are still trying to move Faulk, I know it's a big if, then TVR could be slotted for the 2nd pairing. Personally I am not worried about Fleury or McKeown on the third pairing, but who covers if the top 4 get hurt?
  8. I love your choice of words. Discipline is exactly what this organization lacked under JR, PK, and even Ron Francis. Ron Francis atleast had the excuse that PK wouldn't give him the check book. It's hard to have discipline with something when you aren't given, namely money. DW has been given those resources and is exercising great discipline with cash and cap resources to build a team. I know we all want success now, but I don't want us returning to the JR era of trying to buy immediate success for a decade of pain.
  9. I would imagine it will be Staal straight up.
  10. Bepolar, I agree about Slavin and Pesce. The only way I see Pesce getting moved is if he requests it due to limited playing time. And I don't see that happening since HCRB praised his ability to play either side. As for TVR, he is our 3rd best Dman in my opinion. I wouldn't want to rely on him as our top pairing, but I am confident with him in our middle pair. Obviously he won't knock Hamilton or Faulk down the lineup because of their offensive upside, but he doesn't make my blood pressure spike near as much.
  11. Danimal, I understand your concern. But comparing us to NYR and NJD is a little unfair as they won the lottery and are hugely desirable locations. The Canes got lucky with winning the #2 pick, but even with that they are still remaining committed to building the team through the draft rather than trying to buy a team ask Columbus how that is working next year. As for our chances this coming year, I think we are looking a little better than last year atm. The team spent half of last year trying to figure it out, then the other half not being able to afford mistakes. This year, they know what they can do when they play their game. If they get to it from the start they won't be so gased from having to play near perfect later. In the end, there are no guarantees which is why they place them up and we cheer like crazy.
  12. Rem, I have to ask if you see any cause and effect between having to trade Fox and moving DeHaan out? For me, I think moving DeHaan was as much about the logjam of D as concern over shoulder with the cap savings being a larger factor overall. We have 2 first round D picks that need playing time ASAP if we are going to get value from them. And if we didn't move DeHaan then we would have a hard time signing JW and our RFA's not too mention we weren't sure what the price for Aho was going to be at the time. I know you said you weren't grading them on moves they didn't make, but Fox and DeHaan are both casualties of the lack of flipping D "Faulk" for O and I arrived at about the same grade you did.
  13. I had to vote pretty good. It is rare for me to with the highest score as it implies no room for improvement and we can almost always improve. The biggest miss for me so far, is actually a move you didn't list Rem. The committee has not been able to really been able to solidify the D problem. They have indicated a desire to flip Faulk. But have been unable to do so as of yet. Like many, I wish we had gotten more from the Skinner and Lindholm deals but I also realize there were external factors involved in each. Had Jeff completely waived his NTC I think we would have had a better return. And I think Fox would have signed if we had moved Faulk. I think Lindholm was the price to take Hanifin off our hands. If we can flip Faulk for a top 6 forward, preferably top 3, then I think this next year is looking pretty bright for the committee. They somehow fleece Tampa or Toronto for one of their stars and I think the entire hockey world will have to start taking them seriously.
  14. I think DeHaan's trade was a combination of concern for shoulder and the fact that we had 6 Dmen that slot in the top 4 for many teams, 4 as top pair for some. Add in that we have Fleury and Bean need playing time something had to give. Personally I think we still need to move another Dman, as long as it isn't part of PBJS. Pesce and Slavin are the foundation of our defense. Pure speculation on my part, but I would bet our season turned around when Pesce was moved to his offside and his ice time increased.
  15. I wonder if the Marleau deal wasn't about ensuring we had a 1st round pick next year incase we decided to pursue an offer sheet on someone. Given how easy TD makes writing Aho's checks sound, I doubt this one hardly registered for him.
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