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  1. I wonder how much of the third was a result of only 11 forwards on a back-to-back running out of gas late?
  2. Shouldn't that be a goal as the net was empty and we looked to be in clear possession and had the route to the net... Or does it have to be so clear it is a given?
  3. The drive was definitely the worst part of the game tonight, atleast it was caused by the weather rather than bad play. Though the in seat service on the club level sucked tonight, ordered food before puck drop and didn't get it until the 2nd, after asking where it was during intermission. I wonder if I broke out the Marine voice maybe I could have gotten something since I was right in front of Dundon's box. Passed Waddel heading into the box late in the third.
  4. They also had Trans Siberian Orchestra on Wednesday.
  5. Pesce "Hey Bob, watch this!"
  6. Are we trying reverse psychology with the 2 goal lead?
  7. Was this always scheduled for black jerseys?
  8. Just got to our seats and realized that we are right in front of Tom Dundon's box. Hopefully that means the boys will be especially motivated for a win.
  9. Let's hope that is the return of Nino from last year. All confidence and lots of finish...
  10. Best wishes for a speedy recovery. And hopefully a boringly dominant game by the Canes to keep your caretakers happy.
  11. Glad Dougie got his stick on that one. Would have been even better if he had done the same on the feed to Pan...
  12. I wouldn't be surprised to find out that Forslund preferred a one year deal as it leaves him more open to take a national job. The quality of Forslund's call is probably a big factor in Chuck's departure. I can't say I find any decline in quality/enjoyment when I am listening to the simulcast call (albeit it's usually in the stadium) over Chuck. Who here would go hire someone to do a job that is already being done by someone else? Dundon isn't cheap, he is frugal. He will break out the wallet if he sees value. Apparently he didn't see any value in hiring an outside GM when he was happy with Don Waddell's work as GM and President of Operations. Both situations look very much like 2 for 1 specials... Now trying to get back to the thread: Anyone else notice that Jordan's eyes have a darker/sunken look like someone fighting something off? I noticed a couple games back, particularly his left eye, ny first thought was maybe a stick/puck had caught him high.
  13. So you are in favor of the Major League approach? Give them the Indians treatment? Let's just hope it doesn't give them the same motivation😁
  14. As hard as Roddy is, I could see him feeling that the C does not belong on someone who can't put in the work. He is the first in last out type of leader, so I don't think he would hold a leadership for someone who wants to take part of the season off. I think it is more likely that JW just wasn't feeling it and bowed out gracefully while leaving the door open just in case.
  15. Isn't she the one whoe fumbled the safe contest on opening night?
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