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  1. I read several of the articles online, the N&O was the best one for details. My take from the overall reading between the lines is that the Canes and Checkers have been having a rocky relationship lately, atleast that is how I interpret not getting your agreement in place until halfway through training camp last year. With Vegas buying an AHL franchise to move and dropping Chicago, it forced Chicago to go looking. Given the Wolves previous history with DW and the appearance of a troubled relationship between the Carolina club's, the Wolves decided to approach the Canes with an offer that sounds better than our current one. The Checkers can counter with a better offer, stand fast hoping that the proximity between the clubs is worth more, approach the Panthers looking for a deal, or plan to go it as an independent. From the statement made by the Checkers I am guessing they are relying on the proximity or reaching out to the Panthers.
  2. Rem, I think I heard your sentiments are along the lines of what I heard someone on the news say, " Social distancing isn't going to stop the spread of Covid-19, but it can help us to slow it down and make it manageable" or something like that. The great thing about social distancing is we can continue to practice it while starting to move toward normal and it will still work. The stay at home theory requires everything to remain on hold until we have a vaccine circulated to the general public, I don't think the world can wait for that.
  3. Went to Sam's Club yesterday to pick up some Halos and other fruit. Told my wife it felt like winning a raffle, when I passed an employee going to reshelve a couple packs of TP.
  4. I would imagine the only factor that would have mattered is who gives the team a better chance. If the answer was "toss a coin" because they are going to be backing up the rented mule AKA Petr, Ned probably went down to keep him playing.
  5. Legend, I don't think this rule is going to increase the subjectiveness of offsides. Think about how much time is wasted by refs staring at video trying to decide when/if the foot was off the ice. Now the review will no longer be worried about elevation just how far forward.
  6. Sorry, but this just sounds like fanboy excuses. Ned had previously made 2 NHL game appearances and earned a win in his start but he needs more games to be ready? Dave had about 22 minutes to wrap his head around actually dressing for an NHL game and maybe 5 more to realize he was going in, if Ned isn't ready with his previous experience then wave him and get Booth or someone else up here. As for your other point, yes the team did not do "poor Ned" any favors at all. Ned played a decent game last night, neither bad nor great, but what you would expect from a call up. Hopefully last night was the result of our D not having had a chance to shake out the kinks of having two D suddenly playing their off side and one entirely new to the team and system. Hopefully the bugs get worked out today and tomorrow, or we bring up a RHD if needed.
  7. I would feel better if the pick was also conditional on us having two this year, allowing it to slide to next year if Toronto's protection clause goes into effect. It would suck if we both miss the playoffs and both win the lottery leaving us without a first...
  8. Rem, I think you forgot a couple. Pesce and Slavin kind of threw some major wrenches in the defensive depth pipeline/development program. Who would have expected 2 of our later round college picks to come in and become among the best defenders in the league? But I agree with the general idea that we aren't bringing prospects up and putting them in an opportunity to succeed. We call up prospects and ask them to perform in a role they aren't built for,. Kind of like Svech being played at center when he first got to America before his brother informed the coach "He will do whatever you ask, but he doesn't know how to play center" (paraphrased from an article I saw).
  9. He opted for a non-surgical rehab of the shoulder at the end of the season rather than the surgery about a week after the initial announcement.
  10. Don't think it was for faceoffs, Trocheck (36) is only 9 points behind Haula (22) and Wallmark (23) combined for the year.
  11. Canes just posted article about trade. The quote from DW leads me to believe this was something we were looking at before Saturday to upgrade our forwards and not as part of a bigger move.
  12. I believe the speculation was Trochek for Brodin with E being an Add to fill the vacancy created.
  13. If you look at https://www.hockey-reference.com/leagues/NHL_2020_standings.html you can see the regulation points percentage which would be what the standings would more or less look like in the pre-looser point era. The problem with the looser point is it devalues the regulation wins by treating overtime wins the same as regulation wins. The following is the eastern playoff picture 1st is current pts, 2nd is legends minus looser points, 3rd is previous system of 1 point each for tie at end of regulation and 4th is 3 point system mentioned by BDC. Pens. 80. 74. 69. 106. Caps. 80. 74. 71. 108 Flyers. 75. 68. 65. 99 Bruins. 88. 76. 83. 121 Lightning. 85. 80. 77. 117 BJs. 73. 60. 66. 96 Canes. 72. 68. 62. 96 Isles. 72. 66. 61. 94 Florida. 70. 64. 65. 97 Leafs. 72. 64. 64. 96 Rags. 66. 62. 62. 93 I know the results would vary a bit if the teams knew the point system was different. There isn't a massive difference in the various systems because the Met tends to win in OT more than loose with the exception of BJs and the Rags who have about half the OT appearances. While a 3 point per game system would probably be fairer for the standings, adopting the looser point system was an improvement over the previous system allowing games to end in a tie.
  14. We could see a RHD called up allowing Edmundson to slide back to his natural side..
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