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  1. Apparently the reason we are having trouble flipping D for O, is everyone decided to draft their D this year. Apparently our success has been noticed...
  2. I wouldn't mind the number 10 pick for Fleury. Don't think that is what they had in mind, but if they would bite on that I would do it. Flipping the number 10 plus for a higher pick seems way more possible than flipping 28, and if we can't flip it we have a good shot at landing the best goalie prospect in the draft. If they are trying for anyone better than TVR, then I thank them for the offer and move on.
  3. This is kind of how I read it. HCRB didn't seem to want to be teaching everything to two young new players.The ones that have been around awhile should know it.
  4. I think you are leaning in the same direction I am. It wasn't that any one player was mismanaged, the entire organization was mismanaged for the last decade. To be fair, Francis was moving things in the right direction. His lack of urgency was probably the handcuffs PK put on him when he took the job.
  5. They are still really stoked about the March Madness Storm Surge. Maybe even get an exhibition game going...
  6. Didn't realize he was back. Still curious how a leave of absence works in the NHL.
  7. Not doubting any source or the desire to buyout Darlings contract. But does anyone know how the leave of absence that Darling has taken effects his contract? I would guess, it means we don't have to pay him but he still counts against our cap hit.
  8. Before you start any lynchings, remember to check on who makes the decision. JF has appeared to be heading to NBC for a national gig for a couple of years now. If he is leaving, it could be his decision. Especially given the comments on his "bias" during the playoffs, he may feel he needs to cut ties to become a national announcer. To be clear, I hope he remains as our announcer as his broadcast is always preferable to anyone else we have heard. If he does leave, I hope it is not because of a poor contract offer.
  9. It is kind of hard to give much weight to your comments when you can't even spell our GM's name, it's Waddell. If this was an attempt at humor, it was definitely lost on me. And for the record, I agree that a blanket prohibition on Dmen is not a good idea. But best player available is an assessment of value which should include factors of team need as well as projections of player potential. If your D pipe is clogged and you are having trouble flipping some for value, then the best forward available has more value to you than a better projected Dman.
  10. Two-way is a reference to differing pay based on which level you are playing at. I would offer Big Mac a 1 way contract, he earned that this year, even if I thought I might have to send him down and he would clear waivers.
  11. Not knocking either goalie because they were great for us, but I think we still need to be looking for an upgrade in net if available. And do we need to buy out Mongo if he is still on a leave of absence?
  12. And feel like we took sandpaper and lemons to theirs in return😂
  13. Haven't seen anything myself and I hope not to until after the season is done. Mrazek didn't appear concerned about it last night and he is playing great. There is plenty of time to sort that out once hockey is done for the year
  14. Even the grinch has a heart😋 Seriously, I hope you have better luck than I did when I took my daughter to her first game. She sat covering her ears screaming about it being too loud the entire time. I was ready to never bring her again, but we came across cheap lower level tickets right by where the storm squad cheers later that spring break trip. Between Westgarth flipping her a warmup puck, state trooper giving her a game puck, and all the attention stormy and the girls gave her she became a big fan luckily for me.
  15. Legend, I think Kjun is probably right. I met the Pesce's duribg Chase Bass's Make-a-Wish and Brett's dad took us downstairs the next night to see if Brett could get Jeff to come out to see Chase again. Brett said Jeff had just went into the weight room and he couldn't get him on the phone.
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