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  1. Can I give this a thumbs down? KK has better donuts, DD has good fritters
  2. Not sure if the live band is this bad, or if PNC is just screwing up the audio. I can hardly hear anything over the drums
  3. I was stuffing my face with bbq nachos in 206....
  4. Necas! No dreaded 2 goal lead and best second period in a long time.
  5. Do you have a source for this? Or is this your opinion based on what you perceive? Because the only things I have heard are comments from players about Jordan being a hard working lead by example type.
  6. Ideally Reimer should see 2 of the 7 for the home stand to keep him fresh. The way the two have been playing this year, Petr is the number 1H/2A and Reimer is the 2H/1A . Don't know that I have ever seen a goalie tandem that has one dominate at home and the other on the road..
  7. I agree, not that Petr played bad but it would be nice for him to get a game in during this home stand.
  8. This game comes down to too many bad penalties against a team that thrives on the PP.
  9. Aho just missed that pass to give Dougie a chance to redeem himself ala Dzingel
  10. The Caps roll 2 defenders...the boys have definitely gotten in their heads since the playoffs
  11. Washington is definitely looking more desperate atm..
  12. The boys definitely haven't quit on this yet.
  13. Looks like the Caps listened to the boards and thought this game is over. Turbo and the boys seem to dissagree...
  14. Awacs, Does that earn Jordo another week of you laying off him?😁
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