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  1. Hoping Svech can send notice that there is a new Russian Sherriff in town....
  2. Even the grinch has a heart😋 Seriously, I hope you have better luck than I did when I took my daughter to her first game. She sat covering her ears screaming about it being too loud the entire time. I was ready to never bring her again, but we came across cheap lower level tickets right by where the storm squad cheers later that spring break trip. Between Westgarth flipping her a warmup puck, state trooper giving her a game puck, and all the attention stormy and the girls gave her she became a big fan luckily for me.
  3. "Possible knockout punch", Tripp? Are we watching the same game? And I want to know what highlights John thinks they are going to show, the team leaving th ic ed at the end of the period?
  4. Maybe it's just the fan in me, but that looked like it should.have been a trip called on Debrusk. Ut looked like he got his hands/stick into the back of Faulk's left knee in tha th collision.
  5. Legend, I think Kjun is probably right. I met the Pesce's duribg Chase Bass's Make-a-Wish and Brett's dad took us downstairs the next night to see if Brett could get Jeff to come out to see Chase again. Brett said Jeff had just went into the weight room and he couldn't get him on the phone.
  6. If you think this is the team that has missed the playoffs for 10 years, then you are mistaken. Several people have alluded to the miracle on ice, which is a bit of what is happening here. We have a very young team that is beginning to believe in itself thanks to the injection of some key veteran talent. If the question is are they favorites for the cup, the answer is no. However, they have are definitely contenders if they continue to play their game. I wouldn't suggest betting anything you can't afford to lose on their inevitable victory, but if you have some spare fat stacks I wouldn't consider that wager throwing money away.
  7. Just finished catching up on all the posts and am going to try to sum them up into a couple positions: 1) Save your ammo for the offseason, that is when we will have a target rich environment. 2) The boys have fought hard to get to the cut line and are looking good to earn a spot and the brain trust should add if a food value is found. 3) Sacrifice anything and everything to make the playoffs now, no prospect or amount of money should be off limits we are desperate. Suffice it to say, I am not in the third category. I will use the dreaded phrase, "I like our group." The team has earned their position in the standings, 3 points out of 2nd in the Metro. The team has been one of the best since January and in the top 4 over the last 10 games, I like their chances to overtake one of WSH, CBJ, MTL, or PIT possibly more. If a deal makes sense, I am all for it, but the last thing this team needs is an emotional decision because we are desperate to make the playoffs.
  8. I am hoping tonight isn't going to suck too bad. In addition to having to work and possibly missing the BOJ's earning a playoff spot again, I may be unable to DVR the game to watch when I get home as my roof is being replaced and not sure if the DirecTV guy will have the ability it get me back up and running in time. No way am I or my roofer who is still working letting them reattach the dish through the shingles. So, I entrust willing the jerks to victory to my fellow fans on the board and look forward to reading your insights into the game when I get home.
  9. I get why a lot of people are "down" on Jordan's value and want to move him, but I think there is far more there than we have been able to see. This team has been so deprived of quality talent so long we have forgotten what it looks like and how yo use it. The TSA line has been the only time I can say Jordan was put with high caliber wingers and I think we can all agree the results were great. More often we have rolled Jordan out there with a couple bodies and asked him to shut the other team down while trying to let Jeff pot goals from another line. Before I write him off, I would ease Jordan up to a line with NN and JW to see what they can do. I think there experience would cause havoc for other teams, and keep the speed and success of Aho, Turbo, and Ferland causing opponents to chase the threat they fear most. I think RBA's comments about Jordan being the best player on the team stems from Jordan working his butt off to play the game the coach asks him to play. Unfortunately that has been a lot of "Take these two 4th lines and stop the best players in the league". If things don't go well, try to find an off season trade that Jordan will sign off on.
  10. See what happens when you break out some T&A???
  11. Someone bribed the refs, they wanted to win this game. Unfortunately the entire team didn't get the message about starting on time.
  12. This is a pretty good game so far. I haven't fallen asleep yet and not so bored I start playing on my phone.
  13. Total garbage non-call. Faulk needs to nail one of the refs with a slap shot or McGinn lay the body on one in the corner. Maybe they will start respecting this team with fair officiating
  14. I know I am sitting on the third deck, but that sure looked on side from here.
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