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  1. Went to Sam's Club yesterday to pick up some Halos and other fruit. Told my wife it felt like winning a raffle, when I passed an employee going to reshelve a couple packs of TP.
  2. Sorry about that lol guys. My phone was almost dead, so I moved to the couch with the wife and they sucked. Finally got half a charge so I moved back to my chair, and the puck went in. My butt will stay in the La-Z-Boy the rest of the games, with only a fridge run or head call during commercials or intermission...
  3. Better you than me. That's a trip I hope to not make in this lifetime...
  4. I agree, if we are referring to the 3rd pairing minutes. I don't know if McKeown would have been able to slide up and down the right side to top pairing as TVR has done a few nights. TVR has been a pretty good utility knife, not the best choice but serviceable for almost any job.
  5. I would imagine the only factor that would have mattered is who gives the team a better chance. If the answer was "toss a coin" because they are going to be backing up the rented mule AKA Petr, Ned probably went down to keep him playing.
  6. So had to work from 1:30PM - 2:00AM for inventory. Started the replay about 2:15, big mistake. Finally about to go asleep at 4:45, what an exciting game.
  7. Dzingel listed as upper body rather than healthy extra. Wonder if it is a smoke screen or how he got banged up??
  8. Decided to put the phone down while watching the game today, then found it dead, so I am really late to posting any observations. Overall the team looking better with each game since the injuries. After replacing 25% of the lineup that stepped on the ice in Toronto, it isn't surprising that it would take some time to adjust. If they continue to improve as much each game going forward as they did from Thursday to today, then I think things aren't as dire as we have been fearing.
  9. Someone needs to give the whole team the Dave Ayres pep talk. You are playing in an nhl hockey game, that dream you had as a kid, just go out there and play hard and have fun. Lately they look like a bunch of guys skating around trying to remember the choreography they rehearsed. I miss the team that showed up with a game plan and just went all out while having a good time.
  10. Taking no chances today. Wearing my new Ayers jersey T-shirt for any extra mojo it might have. I even put the first pair of boxers I grabbed back, they had candy Canes on them🤣🤣🤣🤣
  11. Legend, I don't think this rule is going to increase the subjectiveness of offsides. Think about how much time is wasted by refs staring at video trying to decide when/if the foot was off the ice. Now the review will no longer be worried about elevation just how far forward.
  12. We didn't loose one Dman, we lost 2 of our top 3. That's a lot of pressure expecting everyone to essentially slot up 2 spaces on the back end. It has been a weird season carrying an extra D and O most of the time, which hasn't created the need to call up for injuries. I think we have a lot of depth in the Canes pond, the problem is getting rid of the algae problems at the top so the whole thing doesn't stagnate...
  13. Even if the league has a review process, it would only be effective if they made the results public. There is no way the league will allow refs statistics to become public, because it would risk exposing bias.
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