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  1. The time zone differences probably account for some of the discrepancy as there are the CBA restrictions on how many games in a given time.
  2. That sure looked good from 204, and no sound from the post...
  3. I disagree. Tenure should not be a major criteria for such a decision, but it does have its value in the decision. A guy that has been doing it the right way for the org longer has earned more value IMO, than the new guy that does everything exactly the same way.
  4. I would simplify this to disciplined and undisciplined penalties. The disciplined penalties that are a calculated risk I can live with. The high sticks because you lack the discipline to stay aware your entire shift, not so much.
  5. Necas has been putting in some good defensive plays the last several games to offset those rookie mistakes. Had a great back check the other night beating one of the defensemen and breaking up the attack.
  6. Sounds like Yoda reporting a medical condition....
  7. Missed the pregame. Did anyone catch the comment from the coach about Aho and Niederreiter's play away from the puck during the interview with John? Tripp made some reference about it.
  8. My wife says he needs to find his clippers...
  9. I have to agree with this. Several people have commented on the noticeable rookie mistakes, like the giveaway that lead to the goal, but I have also scene several plays where he is flying on the back check ahead of the D. He appears to be putting in.the work on improving his all around game, which means our coach will love him.
  10. I think Rod stole the quote from Miracle for the team ethos... "The legs feed the wolf, gentlemen. I can't promise you we'll be the best team at Lake Placid next February, but we will be the best conditioned."
  11. Anyone else just loose sound through the center channel of surround sound?
  12. It's really quite hidden. You won't really notice it unless you are row E or above in th few sections below the press. Probably even better if you snag the radio feed now.
  13. It's just near the press boxes. I mentioned when we moved up from the club a couple years ago. You get the wonderful whole ice view, and the big screens on broadcast delay for instant "replay".
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