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  1. bb86

    Hockey 101

    Thanks Man, this was very helpful!
  2. bb86

    Hockey 101

    Question? When it comes to the 3 forwards we play, is there usually a strategy that we play with? Like straight speed, shooters on wings, or other? Not sure if this even makes sensor if thre is some type of scheme we usualy go with. Trying to get a sense of why certain players are played with others. I keep hearing we are a faster playing team this year. thanks in advance
  3. I went to two Sharks games last season with family and the Sharks fans are fun. They like to take shots at the visitors but in a fun, non threatening way. Can't wait to go to the game and represent for the Canes out West!
  4. Hey Everyone, I'm a new fan who is originally from North Carolina, Winston Salem specifically. I just started seriously getting into Canes hockey this year. Great year to start. I remeber watching a few games during the 2005-2006 year in the playoff, but now I want to be a true. I have been keeping up with podcast and listening to the games on radio. I'm going to the Canes vs SJ Sharks in December 7th and I want to get a jersey to wear. They are having a sale on the older Reebok ones and I could get a Skinner or J. Staal, but they also have the E. Staal with C patch. I know he is playing elsewhere this year, but I really like the the older jersey with a player that had a great impact on the teams. What do you all think?
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