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  1. After watching the last game and thinking of all the dumb things that have happened this season I wanted to take a min and think if there were any good points to look at with hopes for the future. I guess I would call myself a new fan being as I moved here 2 years ago and never having a team to cheer for, so my disappointment years aren't quite as long as many fans here. I willingly took on the canes as my team and will still support them no matter how hard it might be some nights. This of course doesn't mean you can't be mad at times or complain and there have been plenty of times this year to do that. I just wanted to take a min and list out a few positives before fading away till next season and hoping for a big off season. so here are my few points or things I can at least look back and smile about with hopes to the future. -Aho and Turbo these two I feel like are the future and both have played outstanding in my opinion -Mcginn, Salvin, Pesce, Staal, and Williams I think are also good and hope they stick around. -I feel like the new owner will make things better and seems willing to make moves hindsight is 20/20 but see how the off season goes. -We are safe from relocation for at least 7 years from my understanding with a new owner and that should be more then enough time to turn this into a play off team. -I get to watch hockey at the pro level so as someone who enjoys watching the game its something I never had the mean to do before. Since I never lived in a town with a team and feel like that is something that is worth a lot to me. -The support that went out to the Staals makes me believe that the hockey community by and large is mostly good people and a community that we should be proud of. -That game vs the Kings was pretty fun so there were some good games this year hoping theirs a few more in the last bit of the season. -Meet some good people at the games even in tough games that I enjoyed talking to With all that said I understand and feel the disappointment with how this season has turned out with everyone else, but I really do feel like there is a bright future. It is always darkest before the dawn so with that said if anyone wants to post at least a few good things about the season to try and forget about some of the bad games feel free. So here's to next season and as always Lets Go Canes.
  2. Moved out here about a year and a half ago safe to say i'm planning on staying in NC. Started watching the canes last season so nice to have a team hell or high water. Wish everyone the best and go canes.
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