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  1. Getting dangerously close to the dreaded thirteenth page!
  2. Before tonight I was kind of ambivalent about the Sharks, after tonight, I really don’t like them.
  3. Please don’t put Nino in the shootout!
  4. Black dogs beat Boston in OT on a Toews breakaway, black Dogs were up 3-1 with 8 minutes left... Boston owns the third....
  5. I hate that SJ got a point tonight, let’s make sure they don’t get two!
  6. Dam, Svech should have take it to the net...
  7. Sheesk! Edmonton had the puck twice there and didn’t get it out of the zone.
  8. That’s what happens when they put Nino on your line...
  9. TiVo is very active tonight, playing on a line with Nino ought to kill that quick....
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