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  1. Well, I’m excited. The Wolves play about 5 miles away from me, I get those stations that carry their games. Looks like I’m gonna be a wolves fan after ignoring them for years!
  2. I forget, is hockey the thing with the big round ball or the black rubber disk thing?
  3. Hey, we swept the evil empire this year!
  4. Columbos-15 shots, 2 goals... way to go Calgary....
  5. Hopefully they’ll be tired tomorrow, else it might be a long night....
  6. Glad they didn’t give Necas, after some early doubt, I’ve come to like watching that guy play. the one I will miss is that Listerine guy, I wouldn’t be surprised if he comes back to our building in 3-4 years time as the leading scorer of Buffalo, or something.
  7. Slavin the sharpshooter.... who knew?
  8. My guess is that the competition comes from Giroux, philly phans can stuff a ballot box and everybody votes for someone from the metro, I think Giroux will get a lot of name-recognition votes. On Tivo’s side, Chicago fans can stuff a ballot box too (see Kennedy-Nixon), and TiVo will get a lot of votes from blackhawkland.
  9. It seems like the zebra hating has hit a new peak this year. There is always a homer effect where you think Tim Peel is against you (he is), but this year there seems to be horrible officiating in games I don’t really care about. That’s really bad for the NHL and may take a long time to fix.
  10. Well deserved for Dougie, let’s get TiVo in there too!
  11. Welcome Iron Lion! We need the fresh blood... not naming any names, but some of the comments are getting pretty stale. (And most of them are mine!)
  12. l throw my two cents in, mainly because I’ve eaten so much I can’t move from the couch... As I’ve stated before, I think the +/- is a good indicator of play. Gardner’s play has earned a -19 so far, with being on the wrong side of forwards, slow reactions, poor positioning. That said, it is not a predictor of future performance. As Remkin points out, he’s had some decent +/- stats in the past. To me it seems he is a guy struggling in a system he just doesn’t get. I love the system that the Canes play, but it is pretty sophisticated. If Gardner figures out the system and has the skills to play within it, he may be a great asset. Time will tell.
  13. And there is no way they would allow playoffs with fewer teams/series. Too much money thrown away.
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