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  1. Simpler than that, double shift Aho, he seems to want to do that every shift anyway...
  2. I hate it when you’re playing an away game and they are throwing hats on the ice in the first period...
  3. Maybe Aho will score with a goaltender in the net for a change!🤫
  4. I think Aho will be fine, definitely keep him together with TiVo. Nino, on the other hand, I’m not so sure about. I wouldn’t mind seeing him in the press box for a game or two, and get real imaginative on his replacement!
  5. A couple of minutes later TiVo turned the puck over in almost exactly the same place. Instead of whatever it was that McGinn did, TiVo chased the guy and dove face first into his skates to tip the puck off his stick and end the threat. That’s what great players do. (Elite players wouldn’t have made the turnover...)
  6. Not meaning to rub it in, but you never know....
  7. McGinn should get a -2 for that play..
  8. You can say that any time in the past 5 games...🤬
  9. Ok, but I still don’t get it....
  10. Now I feel sorry for TiVo, playing between Aho and Nino, two slumping players who can’t buy a goal...
  11. Ain’t no gimmies in this league..... well... except maybe the Blackhawks!
  12. Don’t know and don’t care, as long as they keep getting the opportunity!
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