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  1. For those who hate the evil empire, blackhawks are being humiliated in trashville, Ward gave up three in the first five minutes, now a ‘’fight’’ has left them short handed for 7 minutes, including 2 men short for a full 2.
  2. Said it before, I’ll say it again, I’ll bet Darling surprises a lot of people this year, in exactly the opposite of how he surprised us last year! I think he will be a solid number one and Mrazek will be an excellent backup. A fun pastime is seeing what your spellcheck suggests when you type in Mrazek. So far I’ve gotten marzipan, Marrakech and mr asexual (really!). It’s going to be a long year of retyping if he gets a lot of playing time...
  3. For one last time (actual not, I’ll probably say it again), Darling was badly mishandled last year by BP, and with him gone you can see the new attitude by Darling. I will not be surprised when it translates into a much improved performance next year.
  4. Blackhawks want Faulk? Offered 1st rounder, Canes want Saad. Hawks want Canes to throw in Darling.. Could be a Canes ticket to the playoffs, and Blackhawk shot at the nbr 1 pick in 2019!
  5. Don’t knock the knock-offs! My son bought a $28 Zemgis Gurgenson online, it looks just as good as my daughter’s $198 Tuevo Teravainen. It even has the official NHL logos...
  6. It was a great run for the finns from the beginning, its a shame it ended abruptly. I watched all the Finns games, and many others on the IIHF youtube channel. They made the games available to European users, so I just set my VPN for Amsterdam and I could watch all the games. Wish I really WAS in Amsterdam... I agree with your assessment of Necas, right now he reminded me of Viktor Stahlberg, maybe faster but not as robust. I saw him make a couple of checks and if he has time to think about it, he can use the body, but can be caught off guard easily. He is very fast, you can't teach that. I saw him stand around once in a while after making a pass instead of moving to an open space or the goal. You can teach that. From what I saw, and it wasn't a whole lot, I would be very surprised if he is playing in the NHL next season. Darling played in the 13-1 rout of Korea, gave up the one goal. He took over the third period against Norway with a 7-1 lead and turned it into a 9-3 victory... His GAA is 2.25 and his save percentage is a whopping 86.9... Sounds awful but hard to judge with games that just aren't competitive.
  7. Aho goes home with 17 points, Tivo with 14 points Necas with 5. Ryan still alive with 7.
  8. When a team gets tossed from the tourney, they announce that teams 3 stars of the tournament, no surprise, 2 of the Finns 3 stars were Aho and Teravainen, along with Markus Nutivaara. As you would expect, being down, the third period was mostly in the Swiss zone. I gotta say that as impressed with Aho as I have been before, he even surpassed that tonight. One shift he was noticeably faster than anyone else, wanted the puck and at the end of a double shift took a stick to the chops for a 4 minute penalty. Tivo made some outstanding passes, if they were to Aho, he would have scored, but the Finns were not as deadly tonight, as well as Genoni was extremely solid in the swiss net.
  9. Don't think you can ever go wrong picking a Finnish goaltender.
  10. Not only done well, but have both scored shorties, Aho has 2 or 3... Not exactly against the Bruins, but not a meaningless tidbit either. Aho always gets all the good press, Tivo always seems like an afterthought, Aho's numbers went up dramatically when Peters put him on a line with Tivo, I think the credit should be more evenly distributed...
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