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  1. TiVo is quietly opening up some daylight at the top of the points table.
  2. How come they only call penalties on the team in white?
  3. Trip was ‘speculating’.... who knows...
  4. The boys looked determine to give up that last minute goal, thanks to Reimer, they didn’t get it.
  5. Wow, checked her out, the heck with Trip and John, I’ll be watching the LA feed!
  6. Nino couldn’t score in Vegas with hundred dollar bills hanging out of his pockets.
  7. I hate those last minute goals! Oh wait, I mean I LOVE those late period goals!
  8. Remember that stretch of 5 or 6 games when he lined with the Finns? Scored more than a point a game and was way ahead in the team scoring. Not nearly as much since, same for the Finns.
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