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  1. YES! LET'S GOOOOOOO! I told you guys that we make the playoffs when I attend games!
  2. We just gonna battle it out for Aho then, I guess?
  3. I looked it up. Nothing about Charlotte looking for a new venue for an arena already in the best place, with hundreds of millions of dollars in recent upgrades to be made perfect for the ASG. You just misread it.
  4. Reasonable. If we don't sign Aho in the offseason, we'll have plenty of reason to be ****** off.
  5. Should rename this thread “Compulsive Whining and Relocation Hopes 2018-19”
  6. Clearly I’m not. Care to share this Facebook status, I mean story, about the Hornets?
  7. Sensitive to stupid posts, I guess.
  8. 100% chicken-little speculation. Could all be true, but the odds are about as good as our winning the Cup this year.
  9. Oh wow, he’s gonna be waiting a long time then.
  10. Not as well as you think you do.
  11. Absolutely nothing has been said about the Hornets getting a new arena. The Hornets’ arena is one of the newest in the NBA. Just because Florida has two teams doesn’t mean one is moving. But when one is a perennial loser which bleeds $15 million a year and is completely irrelevant in a media market with some serious competition, then yes, it means they’re likely to move. Please stop making stuff up.
  12. So much negativity in here. You think no team will leave in the next 6 seasons, before the Hurricanes' deal is up? Phoenix Coyotes and the Florida Panthers would be perfect for Houston and Quebec City. Phoenix has no owner and Florida has no fanbase, loses more money than us and the state has another team anyway. Canes are fortunate in that the state government on both sides seem to be huge Canes fans, particularly the governor. I could be wrong but I stand by the belief that winning games, locking up good players and marketing around Raleigh will do wonders for the concerns of moving.
  13. Literally none of this makes any sense. Absolutely no discussion has been had about another arena. Hornets' arena is one of the newest in the NBA. Panthers' record speaks for itself? Uh, the Panthers have more division titles since 2013 than the Canes in their entire history. Just don't have a ring. As for Houston, see the Arizona Coyotes.
  14. I figured it was obvious I was referring to the Houston Aeros post as trolling, since that pretty much had to be the intent there. Not everything related to moving is a troll post, but some struggle to comprehend I suppose. To be fair, maybe if I were a cynic in Oklahoma, I’d prop up the baseless idea of a Houston team, too.
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