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  1. How many fans forget something that happened when our best current players were born?
  2. To your point, remember if you're a basketball fan how Gordon Hayward (pretty good player for the Jazz) signed an offer sheet with the Hornets. The Jazz matched it in a day or two. Offer sheets show that a guy wants to get paid no matter where he is -- which is the point of RFA in the first place.
  3. Lol that'd be like rooting for the sun to rise in the east.
  4. He can't be traded for at least a year if we match the offer.
  5. He made that insinuation based on the fact he signed the offer sheet. A few years back, Gordon Hayward signed an offer sheet with the Charlotte Hornets. You think he wanted to be a Hornet?
  6. Losing our best player would not be a good thing...
  7. There will be a lot of people who will never support the team again if they let their best player go for a reasonable offer like this one. Not trying to be repetitive here (I know I am, though) but if he doesn't match the offer, it's basically "See ya, Raleigh"
  8. Well if he doesn’t keep Aho there’s literally no use supporting them again.
  9. According to CTV he signed it, so we either match or I guess lose a lot of games (and fans)
  10. If he lets him walk, I'll take back everything I said in his and Waddell's defense of thinking they wouldn't go cheap so he could lose public support and move the team.
  11. Alright what's it gonna be Tom? You fielding a team?
  12. I'm fine with giving Ned the shot at the No. 2 goalie.
  13. I agree and it will. If it doesn't here, what's the point of supporting them? Just tells Svechnikov he needs to kick rocks when his rookie deal is up.
  14. Weren't they locked in today? The Carolina Cheapskates. Get it? Because they skate? Damn, I'm good. Y'all are lucky to have me (before Dundon sends me off too).
  15. If they don't keep Aho, it sends a message that no matter how good you are, they won't pay you your worth unless you're a mid-to-solid player, whom they'll overpay. Saw this in the 1990s with George Shinn. Ended up working out real well.
  16. Dundon somehow finds value in investing truckloads of millions of dollars into a minor-league football organization days from going belly-up. Ponying up an extra 5-10 million for his best player? Whoa hey now, I'm just an average guy trying to stay in the black
  17. You'd think, but Dundon and Waddell are being cheapskates.
  18. I really liked watching McKeown in Charlotte. Was a game-changer at times.
  19. I'm using "done" in the sense of not buying tickets to games, not heavily following them anymore. Not in the sense of "I'm picking a new team." Felt like I needed to clarify.
  20. I admittedly haven't followed free agency much, but does anyone else get the feeling we're going cheap and blowing it up again? I've seen a trade that cost us a good player and we got nothing, negotiations with our best player going south and our young talent bailing. This franchise created a lot of goodwill in a short period of time. It would be unfortunate to see it all get ****** away because of incompetence or penny-pinching.
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