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  1. In a topic regarding rivalries, you're telling me that the NHL wont rectify the horrid decision to pull DET from their rivals in CHI and COL?
  2. With the addition of Seattle, we'll get our old buddies from Florida as well as Nashville in the new realignment. We should have no trouble rekindling old feelings with the Panthers and Lightning, and Nashville offers us another regional team to clash with regularly as well.
  3. Niclas "Secret Weapon" Wallin over Pitkanen any day. And an honorable mention for Sean "Break my stick on every slapshot" Hill.
  4. Robin Lehner possibly? Career save percentage of .915, more recently putting up an average of .917 over the course of 3 seasons with the powerhouse Buffalo Sabres. He was a bit worse this season, going .908 (while going .920 and .924 in the previous seasons) that is likely correlated with the entire team being bad enough to garner the #1 overall pick. Likely out the door after a 1-year/$4 million contract and he'll be hard press to convince teams to pay him as much after a "down" season. Offer him ~$3-$3.5m over 1-2 years and he could be a potential stop-gap between pushing Wardo out, pressuring Darling to compete (Lehner has started over 50 games in each of the past 2 seasons), and allow Ned to continue to grow in Charlotte. Whilehis GAA is higher than most would prefer, if the Canes can continue to provide some of the best shot differentials in the league then one could assume that that would reflect positively in his GAA.
  5. I do not know what's more disappointing, another season without playoff hockey, or most of the comments in this thread. Are there really some people here who are so intimidated by someone not wearing the red, black and white? Ideally, I'd rather a foreign fan come and spend money at our arena, buying our concessions, putting butts in the stands and adding to our revenue, rather than squandered it away on a TV service like NHL Center Ice. And if you're so butthurt about other fans at the arena, why don't you enjoy the game "from the comfort of your own damned living room"?
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