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  1. At least for now. Svech had a pretty damn impressive rookie campaign
  2. Top. Aho was by far the best player on the team last year. He has gotten better every season. If you dont pay him like he is the best player on the team right now, then he won't be on the team much longer. It's just the way sports go, even more so for smaller market teams. If TD doesnt pay him someone else will.
  3. I think when you draft a guy you should be able to have him undercontract to you for 3 seasons. So if he doesnt sign with you until 4 years after the draft he still owes you 3 years.
  4. Alright I am wrong, I mean anybody should just be able to step in revamp a team with a new coach and have them contending for the cup within the first 3 months of their first season.
  5. Well maybe I am remembering it differently I was sure it was more strongly worded then that. Also you take a guy that has only been on the job for a few months a read him the riot act because all the moving parts didnt instantly gel. The man at least deserves a "hey I jumped the gun"
  6. Are we sure we want the Caps instead? 3rd in the Met would be great but I'm thinking I would rather face the Bolts then the Caps. The Bolts with all those points and the season they had will have a lot more pressure then the defending champs. Also we played much better against the Bolts then the Caps.
  7. Whoever it was that said they saw Waddel at the arena and laid into should seek him out and apologize
  8. I wear one of the original home white CCM sweaters no name or number the CCM is hanging on by a thread literally. My youngest daughter (10) got me a plastic cosey that's a little to big for bottles and she gave it to me for Christmas this year so I guess you guys can thank her
  9. I agree with that and dont want them to have to play the Bolts, but with that said we held them in check and held the lead on them more 3/4 of a game in their barn. While I certainly would not put money on the Canes winning a series against them I am not scared of them.
  10. Agree 100% I dont care whether its 1st,2nd,3rd,WC1,orWC2 just make the dance and make some noise
  11. Might have just though he caught him in the face, but I dont know Kerfoots rep. All that being said the league seemed pretty free with suspensions this weekend and I fully expected to hear of at least one from this game with the very intentional elbow Aho took to the face but just crickets from the NHL.
  12. Espn has a chart that has that moneypuck and another playoff predictor on it. Moneypuck is the only one that has us with a higher percentage then the Pens. BTW all three have the BJ's and the Habs around 50%
  13. So true, the months of Jan and Feb gave us some breathing room. Dont let up but a loss is a loss, forget it and move on
  14. Basically zero losing streaks and we are in. Forget about the loss the second you are off the ice.
  15. I watched to OT them turned it off. At least they kept them from getting a ROW point
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