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  1. You like her talent of having goofy looking guys over her shoulder? I guess it takes all types!
  2. I'm a 3 time parent (24,21, and 10) when your daughter is 10 ask her how much she liked going to that game when she was 2
  3. Click the link. Diaper bags permitted but will be searched. So for those too far up their own re ends to realize a child in diapers will never remember anything about the event they are being drug too, thanks you will single handedly make the lines much slower. Or you could, you know do the right thing and get a sitter
  4. Forgot about the Philharmonic they are pretty damn good too! True about owners although in sad the Chargers left San Dog, LA doesnt deserve one team let alone 2. The last time they had 2 teams the Raiders were mediocre and no one gave a rat's *edit* about the Rams
  5. Dont know how much weather would effect it. If its covered and has space heaters I think even around here an outside eating area with either a window view of the ice or a huge tv would be pretty cool. I know in 16 when the WS was Tribe vrs Cubs we moved a tv outside by our fire pit, dressed up warm and watch 3 of the games. One of the best sports watching times I have had
  6. No even close to what I was saying. There is a ton to do in and around Cleveland. The city had it's hard times but contrary to the national narrative is well past them. Plenty of museums, great food and music scene the Tribe, Cavs, Monsters, even the Bkue Jackets arent far away. One of the world's top amusement parks (Ceder Point) within 2 hours one of the best indoor water parks in the country right by that, oh and then theres is the lake. What I was saying is that for 4 hours on Sunday the Browns trump all that for 99% of Clevelanders so comparing the Browns to a team that only became relevant after they were gone doesnt work.
  7. If you really believe the Whalers moving hurt the people of Hartford more then the Browns moving hurt the people of Cleveland you are way out of touch. As much as I am an Indians and Cavs fan 1 deep Brow s run in the playoffs would mean a hell of a lot more to Clevelanders then the Cavs Championship same with the Indians. Both of those organizations have always known Cleveland is a football town 1st and foremost and it's by a very wide margin. If the Indians make the playoffs this year and play a home game when the Browns are playing check out both sets of stands. And that's after 20 awful years of football with one promising season
  8. I'm 44, born in 75. From Cleveland Ohio dont tell me how it feels. A life long fan of one of (at least at the time) most iconic, historic, and successful teams in any pro sports league near sellouts every game every season and an owner that couldnt manage his finances. I know full well how it feels. I also know that the Baltimore Ravens never have been and never will be the Cleveland Browns. As far as I'm concerned the Browns history stopped in 95 and re started in 99
  9. Completely disagree that anyone was worried about hockey in the south was a concern because of 1 failure. Florida and Tampa Bay had been up and running for a few years and Nashville was set to enter in 98, if there were concerns about southern hockey Nashville would have never been given a franchise. Sorry man the Whale is dead long live the Canes. I have no problem with 2 Whale nights (although I hated the idea before the games last year) but the past is the past and these are the Carolina Hurricanes. Maybe if Hartford supported them as much then as they claim to now things would be different
  10. The sole reason the Whale is so easily recognized is due to 4 letters ESPN. They banged the drum day in day out even openly calling the Canes the Whale after the move. They were so close to Hartford the Whalers were basically ESPN's hometown team. Their legacy is actually better then their truth
  11. Well the US was the US before the Civil war and after it. Before the move the team was the Hartford Whalers after the move the Carolina Hurricanes. They changed names, colors, mascot and pretty much everything else. So no its completely different then the US pre and post Civil war
  12. Cause they are not the Hatford Whalers, that team is gone. This is the Carolina Hurricanes they wear red white and black not white blue and green. Whalers are no more the Canes are here
  13. Well I cant say I was terribly excited but I never complained about him. I thought there were better options but was willing to see how the choices TD made played out
  14. I'm just thinking, what a difference a year makes. Last year this time the board was up in arms "this guy" was going to be the GM, I mean he is a failure from the Thrashers. Now its "Damn it TD, get him signed ASAP!"
  15. If I'm not mistaken Irbe has coaching experience as a consultant in the NHL and I think head coaching over seas
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