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  1. Really hard to say that without knowing the extent of the injury. If the team Doc said you can go but it will hurt like hell then he should be out there. If the team Doc said you can go but one hit the right way and you risk permanent damage then I have no problem with him sitting. He knows the Doc knows Rod probably knows other then that we are guessing.
  2. Derailed75

    2019 Playoffs

    As a Browns fan also I spend quite a bit of my internet time there and wanted to share this little nugget I saw in the Stanley Cup Playoff thread. Someone posted that from now on there will refer to playoff sweeps as " Lightning rounds"
  3. Derailed75

    2019 Playoffs

    6 left in the East. No one else in danger for at least another 2 games. Great start to the playoffs. As for the West I saw the first few mins of the Stars Preds game and there were a lot of empty seats there. Not sure how you have empty seats in a playoff game
  4. All the contact was outside of the blue, how can you not consider it being called with the way the refs have been this season
  5. I'm not sure what you guys are watching. Plenty of times the words "give the Canes credit" were uttered. Everyone of us in here can admit we are not as talented as the Caps, the top guys we have are really young. They have not discounted the Canes in anyway, they are just calling it like they see ut
  6. Pull this one out, head home even with a boatload of steam.
  7. I do have it on USA yeah! Sorry the first 2 were my fault Canes gonna come on in the 3rd
  8. Derailed75

    2019 Playoffs

    Bob abd Bread are leaving regardless of what happens this year for the Jackets. Bread wants big lights, big paychecks, and a big time city. He ends up either in LA, NY, Toronto (not sure they can afford him) or Montreal. Bob and the Jackets front office cant stand each other just like Roy with the Canadians. All that being said with me being from Ohio I would like to see the Jackets get rid of the first round curse they have and also make the Canes way easier and eliminate the Bolts.
  9. Thank God it will be on USA no fricken Caps guys to listen too. I was worried. After watching the Jackets/Bolts and Pens/Isles games last night mostly the Pens/Isles I will add take what the refs give you. Pitt seemed to understand how the game was going to be called and pushed the limits (I know they are dirty and always do) but I kept saying to myself if the Isles dont join the nastiness they may lose this, and they almost did. So if Im Brindy I tell the boys to get more physical then they ever have and dont be afraid to take a effort related physical penalty. Worst case we lose but our Pk is pretty damn good and we will know the boundaries for next game. Gotta take it to the limit cause you know the Caps will.
  10. Yuk only one national game? That means I gotta hear the Craps guys broadcast these.
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