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  1. I know it was in the 2nd and I hate to call out the great John Foslund (no sarcasm he really is the best) screw up and call TJ Brodie, TJ Oshie?
  2. GoCanes2003. Warm up those pipes time for you to sing. Anchors aweigh my boy, anchors aweigh!
  3. Oh and BTW Navy 24 Army 7. Guess where the CiC trophy will be for the next year. Go Navy!
  4. Great 2nd by the boys there. Lots of speed lots of fight and 2 goals. Happy with the game here. Now big question for Don Waddel and Tom Dundon. What to do with Fluery? I would like to see him as an every game player but you have 3 guys who are the bottom 2 defenders. So I think they should rotate an offensive guys keeping Goat up after Huala is back. So what can we get for either TVR or Fluery and who should we trade? Personally I am in the fence with Gardiner and loved the way TVR played in the playoffs also am very happy with Fluerys play this year. Not sure what I would do and think this classifies as a "good problem to have"
  5. Never been so happy to be wrong. All I saw was the puck going over. Ginners got back
  6. BTW halftime update of the game. America's best service academy 14 army 7. Go Navy, beat army
  7. AWAC, I do remember in Millington Tn for A school (I was in aviation) we had every branch even the Coast Guard who at the time weren't even in the DoD on base. As an extension of boot we had to march to and from school. In a 20 or so person formation the Air Force had like 14 road guards, could never figure that out.
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