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  1. Remember that one year the Canes snuck into the playoffs and came up against the defending champs who had swept the Canes during the regular season? Remind me how that turned out, I cant seem to remember.
  2. So their goals against was .03 off. I would say they had a pretty even season. Again Petr got a lot more time and when he stumbled it seemed Riems was ready to come in and right the ship, but Reims also let in a goal that I could have stopped against the Flyers and got man handled by the Leafs. Didnt he give up 4 or 5 in the first period?
  3. I would have to look up the numbers but no I dont think so. They both had a few low points and they both had some high points. Remember Reimer got shelled by the Leafs in that one crazy game the Petr reliever him. I dont know about the stats though
  4. Bob's didnt really have a good year this year. I would put Saros ahead of him. Truly Petr has just as good a chance as anyone else if limited to those 4 teams. No one besides Vasilesky had season worthy of Allstar status.
  5. I've got nothing. I work in electronic security for a very small family company, so small I'm the only non family employee. We are considered contractors, therefore essential. I'm working now more then I have in 10 years. So all my home projects are sidelined and the most I get to rode my Indian is to pick up groceries
  6. Well I didnt get such a technical answer. My Doc basically said there is a quick test that is readily available but it just test for the coronavirus which the common flu is. So this one is more like a screening test and then there is the test for Covid-19 and that is the one that is in short supply so they wont test anyone without current symptoms. Also so no one thinks I have some high up connection in the Cleveland Clinic she works in the pharmacy and Im sure the info she gets is second or third hand.🙂
  7. At the beginning of February I had what know seems like symptoms of this crap. Both me and my youngest daughter (45 and shes 12) it sucked but no worse then the regular flu. Of course at the time it was not an issue in the US. Anyway I have heart disease (2 stints but in IN Nov.) And she is very healthy. Anyway my wife's feels we could have already had it. My oldest Daughter works for the Cleveland clinic and says there is a test they can do even this far our to determine if we did in fact have it. I have a tele-med appointment tomorrow with my cardiologist, I'm gonna ask if theres anyway I can have that test. It would really out everyone's mind at ease to know we have and are no longer at risk. I will update the board and let everyone know what they say. I feel like it will get blown over with the short supply of test, but honestly dont know if this is the same as the symptomatic test or not.
  8. They would need to delay the start of next season too. No way a team could go deep into Sept playoffs the turn around start the regular season and expect to compete again
  9. Well if we have a rest of this season and next to get a feel for our guys I would say anyone high priced and underperforming would not be protected whether or not they are valuable. Guys like Nino on this years roster, while I dont think he was a trade or cut type player I feel he "did a lot of things right" truth is his number underwhelmed. So guys not bringing value for their cap but would be left open in hope Ronnie does us a favor and clears us cap space. Anyone on an elc unless they are just useless would be protected and then of course the starts would be protected
  10. Good news is according to ESPN they wouldn't go straight in points they would do points percentage and either way we are in
  11. I play but just local. I dont have xbox live and dont feel the need to get beat by a smack talking 10 year old
  12. Who knows were this thing is going but the NBA suspended business because a player contracted it. We all know in the NBA fans are right on the players. The NHL could accomplish the same thing basically by removing the first 2 rows by the glass. And keeping fans away from the tunnels.
  13. Great Job Dad. Sorry I missed this when you posted it. I took my 11 year old to her first game this season and a few weeks later she asked when we were going to another one.
  14. True but it's not like they are the biggest markets in the league. Has NY, Toronto had back to back national games?
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