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  1. He gave up his body to make a play, one that if he didnt make likely ends up in a goal. He played the way we all wish the while team would. It happens.
  2. Well the Caps just switched to NBC sports Washington and I watch the Canes games out of market so it doesnt seem like I will lose anything. Feel sorry for those that are though. If you stream Sling used to have Fox sports but I dont know if they still do
  3. I'm not going to bash Ned. The bottom line is the D didnt play very well and he could have been better. With that being said let's hope the skaters have had some practices to gel and Ned and Forsburg get comfortable enough to keep us in it
  4. True again let's just play it out and see if we can score a goal
  5. Depends on the day it seems. As you get older it takes more.
  6. Let's go Canes. I didnt see this so if I missed it forgive me but Let's do that Hockey!
  7. Ok just pretend its 0-0 and let's go ot and find our game. One loss won't hurt but these new guys, including the call ups need to find their game
  8. No they are not as bad as NFL refs are now. They are bad and need to be better but the NFL and NBA are a joke
  9. At least we can say the NFL and NBA refs are worse.
  10. Let's hope all the new guys get settled for the next game
  11. Ned has been good in the past. He has some Big experience.
  12. You dont have to be fiery to get your team ready to play, that said Rod needs to throw anything he can get his hands on during intermission. This period was..., well I dont know what it was. The O got chances and got good high danger chances but the D. Uh! I know we are missing 1 3rd of our D but come on guys!
  13. Was that just incase he didnt understand you the first time!
  14. Well if you are a Chex fan or a fan of any minor league club you should know your teams first responsibility is to developer players for the big league club before winning, winning come second
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