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  1. I am sad to see him go and I also watch game on TV. However I watch the games and while John is the best PbP guy there is and was great I am more interested in the on ice product then who is doing the talking. I live in the Caps viewing area and while I dislike it I watch the Caps announcers, when the Canes play them. I will dame sure watch Mike and Tripp.
  2. No doubt the Met is the single best division in the NHL now
  3. Not sure why you feel that way unless you are just predisposed to feel bad. Minor league clubs change affiliation all the time, not just in the NHL but in MLB also. Seems like a year to year basis. In fact as stated the Wolves were the Blues minor club. Then they shared one season with the Knights. The Avs minor club was San Antonio but they changed to a Colorado based team while Vegas bought the San Antonio team and moved them. In gavt San Antonio has been the affiliated of 6 NHL clubs in the last 15 years. Changing your affiliate has little to do with moving the parent club
  4. His ask would have been much higher with a full season. I dont see him asking for huge contract for that and again he was an outcast in Boston and was never accepted in Calgary. When named first star during a game the crowds reaction almost made him break down. I think he thinks he's found a home and while he wants to make money I don't think he will squeeze the Canes for money
  5. What makes you think Dougie is going to play hard ball? He had a good season going and got injured, that doesn't really raise your price a ton. Also as has been mentioned he has been shipped out of 2 other places because he couldnt fit in, he gets here and slips in like a glove. I feel he wants to be here and due to injury doesnt really have room to ask for the stars
  6. Slim choices this year. Can't pull for anything NY. Don't like the free ride the Knights were given, just not a big fan of Tampa. Therefor I'm for the Stars Also the Barons have pretty sweet jerseys
  7. Rooting for the Stars to win it all. Don't like any if the other 3 teams and also you can make the Stars wear the Cleveland Barons jerseys in the NHL game. Go Barons!
  8. game 7 ot Stars v Lanch game is won on a HT by a kid who only scored 2 NHL goals this year. Damn right there's nothing like playoff hockey
  9. Yup rather move forward with Petr and Riems with Dougie then get rid of Dougie
  10. The goalies we have are not top tier goalies, but they are not bad and are not the reason we are no longer playing. If there is a clear upgrade for a reasonable price by all means go for it but we have bigger fish to fry in order to improve the team.
  11. Looks guy win this game or not the Bruins are one of the top 3 teams in the league. We are in our second year of being a playoff contender. We will get there.
  12. Reimer has been good and lucky. The fore checking comes and goes but when its on it is relentless. The Bruins are a top team and we are not only hanging with them but at times running them
  13. We really haven't tested Halak much this game, but in truth Reims hasn't been pushed much either
  14. seriously we match their play that period much better then anytime during game 3.
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