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  1. While you guys are complaining about a ref, deservedly so. I'm just gonna say, Damn this is a good *edit* hockey club right here
  2. AWAC you are wasting a discount you have earned man! I just looked with the military discount the full season all team package is $94.24
  3. Awac do you have the league? Cause they offer military and vet discounts. I get the single team package for the Canes and it's like 70 bucks
  4. That's really sad too. I first really got into hockey watching them play the Avs in the finals Roy vrs. Vanbiesbrouk
  5. Yeah I tried to GooGoo it and only found the last Marley girl
  6. I'm watching on NHL tv what's this new Marley girl you speak of
  7. If I'm not mistaken the last time we faced Bob we chased him early then a few night later chased Renne
  8. There isnt a game on the schedule that's not winnable for these Canes. Some are tougher then others but this team is in the top 3rd of the league and no team thinks they are an auto out
  9. BTW is Haula keeps it up we need to change out Rick Flairs "Woooo!" For Scott Steiners "Holla if ya hear me!"
  10. Aho has had a couple good looks and good shots this year just hitting pipe and or bodies in front of the net. He has had some lapses but has been good as a whole. Rod needs to tell him to just keep at it, he is too good to change things and hope for the best.
  11. One of my favorite things watching these 2 is when John looks at Tripp with the *edit* look.
  12. My question is why? What has he done that's been bad? For my view point (tv) he hasnt done much either way not many mistakes not many WOW plays. Isnt that what you ask for in a D man. Kinda like an o line in football
  13. Not sure where this came from. He hasnt made any plays good or bad. We have had a few guys through 3 games, stars in fact make negative plays.
  14. I dont wish him any I'll will, just wanna clear that up. Hes a good guy and I really feel he was a big part of not only the season last year but also helped Mrazek quite a bit. With that being said I want him to lose every game he starts against the Canes and any time his loss can help the Canes. And win all his other starts
  15. Yes good to see you Mac. Hope you have a bad night in the crease
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