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  1. I keep trying to have hope, but with this team trying to make the playoffs with rookies and vets no one else wants. I see no hope. All the while watching the team over the mountain winning playoff games and reminding me alot of the franchise we used to be, Go Preds!!! No one wants to play here. We are seen has a dead end franchise, players don't want to play here because we are seen has a losing franchise , permanent rebuilders the list goes on. Which is why something needs to be done about the free agent rules, because how can a bad team get better if free agents will take less to play for better teams. If we don't start winning soon, and if we don't start filling up the seats, admit it or not, we will be sold again , and probably to someone who wants to move. The cup win in 06 is ancient history, and means absolutely nothing now. But the problem is, it would take a magician to get talent on the ice and talent in the front office in order to become contenders again, because the previous ownership has run this club into the ground. Erik Cole was right, you can't win if you aren't willing to pay for the talent and experience to win. I hope I am wrong, and I hope the new owner is the magician we need, but right now I have no hope for this franchise. but with that said, I will be a canes fan untill there are no canes!!!!!!!
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