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  1. What if we went after Carlson? Maybe things aren’t as bad within the organization as many are making it seem. Dundon’s exit interview with Williams was probably very interesting. Maybe Williams was the one who first suggested Brind’Amour as HC. Maybe Williams reaches out to his old teammate and does some convincing? That would free us up to move Faulk for another forward or potential 1G. Alright I’m done speculating.
  2. I was going to say Bernier may be out of job in Colorado now. Second thought would be trying to pry Holtby or Grubauer from Caps.
  3. Maybe to scare the hell out of us... I was scrambling to check all of the rumor mills expecting to see Brind'Amour was promoted to HC.
  4. I've been a casual Canes fan since I moved to NC in '06; been an avid fan over the last 3 years or so. I'm a longtime lurker to this and a few other forums and with all the excitement of this offseason decided to throw my hat in the ring and officially register.
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