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  1. I believe because I felt right after that fight that **** off our canes great jobs guys
  2. thats old time hockey go back and look at some of the whalers /boston games from the 80s/90s
  3. bill was the man this years for the flames, I,m very surprise they did not go to the cup 107 POINTS FIRST OVER ALL
  4. its sad to see bill peter season is coming to a end
  5. like I said because of that fight the canes will win this series
  6. ja1964

    2019 Playoffs

    like I said before that fight the other night was the best thing for the canes ,canes will this thing in 7 games
  7. ja1964

    2019 Playoffs

    the great thing about hockey its set up each year that a different team could the cup , its great for small markets n,f,l,have a good idea who will win n,b,a great idea who will win mlb BIG MARKETS always win
  8. ja1964

    2019 Playoffs

    very surprise by what happen to tampa , the way hockey is , they may be looking for a new coach very soon
  9. GREAT game/win by the canes , believe that FIGHT last night and knock down will pump up the canes to win in 7 games
  10. ja1964


    I LOVED shopping at the WHALERS fan store at the HARTFORD CIVIC CENTER. the Civic center was a MALL
  11. ja1964


    i.m so proud of our canes .I want this teams to win badly like I said before i.m from Connecticut and watch the whalers MANY times at the Hartford civic center way back in 1979 watching our beloved HARTFORD WHALERS was GREAT
  12. after missing the playoff for the past 10 years I can care less who the canes play
  13. now this feel good the hurricanes had one hell of a year
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