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  1. Best Time for Sports Coming in October Hockey, N.B,A N,F,L College Football M,LB Play-offs
  2. Hard to Believe hockey is here again
  3. happy to see our charlotte checker won the cup GREAT JOB CHECKERS
  4. bill peters flames 32-23-5 69 pts it was not a bill peters problem hear
  5. I,m just trying to bring back good old times
  6. I see my ranking with from a draft pick to a prospect I will try to keep my warning down this time so I don,t get kick off the boards
  7. this will show how GREAT gordie howe was at 50 years old with the whalers he had 34 goals /62 assets 96 pts at 50 years old
  8. I saw the great gordie howe play with his sons back in 1979
  9. I would love to see the canes/whalers start wearing there whalers greens more , that last game to see them wear that whalers green brought so much great/ fun times back
  10. I,m from Connecticut I moved to rock hill sc in 1995 .I was upset when the whalers left Hartford ct . but they were losing wanted a new arena and the fans showed little support
  11. when teams win fans come out this topic would be off the board
  12. Raleigh is a nice growing city like you said but there a COLLEGE SPORTS CITY
  13. I always felt charlotte nc would have been a better place for the hurricanes charlotte is one of the most fastest growing places in the COUNTRY , we have the n.f.l panthers n.b.a hornets lets bring the canes to the queen city
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