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  1. Winnipeg is really up against it now! Go get Ehlers; they can't take back much salary; so trade them the first pick that we got yesterday and a prospect.
  2. The NHL draft is similar to the MLB draft in that only a very few players make an immediate impact. About the only way to get NHL ready talent is to have a top 5 pick; and to get those picks, a team has to finish very low in the standings, or get very lucky in the lottery (Svech). If we are picking 25+ every year, it probably means we are in the playoffs every year. I'll take that!!!!! Remember Aho was a 2nd, Pesce a 3rd, Slavin and Eric Cole were 4th rounders.
  3. Only a small sample size, but I watched Raphael Lavoie during the Memorial Cup and saw a big physical center who liked to get to the net. However, sometimes in Junior hockey, an 18-19 yo large body (6-4, 199) can dominate against smaller and younger players, appearing as a can't miss prospect (see Nick Roy). But he did look strong on the puck, and Halifax was dangerous with him out there. Ranked as #20 North American skater.
  4. Faulk, a second rounder, or maybe prospect for Ehlers. Winnipeg is going to have to move him with the cap reduced.
  5. Granted, Mrazek had a pretty good year; but during his career he has been inconsistent from year to year. Giving him big $$$ with term could come back to haunt us. He came here on a one year deal to prove he could be a #1, and as well as he played, I'm not sure that the Canes, or any team sees him as a long term #1. Remember, that he flamed out in Detroit (after a great season), and also wasn't good in Philadelphia. And there is no guarantee that Mac can duplicate what he accomplished at this stage in his career. Obviously, we are back at square one for a starting goalie (Ned has earned the backup); but if management is serious about FA or trades, then maybe we come out of this in better shape. Desperate times require desperate measures!!!
  6. Nikolaj Elhers is interesting to consider. He is lightning fast, young; has put up 199 points in 298 games; and 17% of his goals are game winners, so he's clutch. Last year he missed 20 games (still had 21 goals), but played all 82 regular season games the previous 2 years, scoring 25 and 29 respectively. Salary at 6M with term is about what a consistent 25+ goal scorer gets in this league.
  7. Edmonton is looking to move Jesse Puljujrvi. Granted it hasn't worked out for him with the Oil; but he's not the only first rounder that underperformed up there. He played with Aho, in the Finnish league, and in the world juniors, and was the 4th overall pick in 2016. A low risk deal would be sending one of our 1st round underperformers, Hayden Fleury, in a hockey trade, straight up. Sometimes a change of scenery can be good for both players and teams in a trade.
  8. Carrick's chance of cracking the big clubs lineup is about zero! Fleury, Bean, and even McKeown are ahead of him on the depth chart; and unless we make a trade to open a spot, only injuries to TVR and de Haan will give them an opportunity next season. He's pretty solid performer, so I hope he finds an NHL roster spot in the future.
  9. Great teams, and consistent playoff teams are primarily built through draft and development. Steve Yzerman in his initial comments after taking the reigns for the Red Wings, stated that you can't built a winner only from free agency. Maybe the most significant benefit from the Checkers success this year is that Mike Velucci is not only the coach; but is the Canes Assistant GM, and Director of Hockey Operations. He developes the players, observes over an entire season not only which players are NHL ready, but also knows which of them will fit into the Canes master plan. Essentially, he gets to scout our prospects for 90+ games; gets to scout other teams prospects many times throughout the season (to enhance trade returns), and inject his findings into the "Committee's"decision making. A great situation for the organization!!!
  10. The wild card with Laine is that he has played well with Aho and Turbo in international tournaments all the way back to juniors. He is a sniper; and he might thrive with them again. Of course, it would be a mistake to overpay due to his lack of defensive commitment. He may just want out of Winterpeg; who wouldn't !!! At least as a Fin he is used to the extreme cold. Raleigh isn't high on FA's list of destinations, but Winnipeg is near the bottom; even for Canadian born players. That said, it's unlikely that the Canes are interested taking the term risk with him since there are a few other RFA's that they could consider; if an offer sheet is in the cards. And, I would be surprised if DW and TD extend an offer sheet to any of the top $$ RFA's because of the cost in draft picks. Trading is the better option in the long term. As far as the Dougie situation; I think his best play with us is ahead of him, and I wouldn't move him unless a team approaches us with a deal that we can't refuse!
  11. Even if Necas turns out to be a lower volume goal scorer, that may not diminish his value to the team. Case in point; Nik Backstrom has only scored 30 + goals in one season, and mid 20's a handful of times in a 12 year career. No doubt, he's been the Caps most important player besides Ovi over the past decade.
  12. Due to his skill and hockey IQ, Necas seems to be a player that makes the players around him better. The guy can skate, sees the ice very well, and has a knack for anticipating where the play is going. Also, he may benefit greatly by playing along side other swift highly skilled elite forwards; which is not the case in Charlotte. Is he a potential 30+ goal scorer? That remains to be seen; but I guarantee most of the GM's in the league would covet him as a prospect.
  13. Dubas has publicly stated that there are only 4 untouchable players; and we all know who they are! That leaves (no pun): Nylander, Kapanen, Kadri, Johnsson, Zaitsev, and Gardiner as available assets for the right price.
  14. If TD wants to shake up the NHL RFA market with a qualifying offer for Marner; he had better sign Aho before pulling the trigger. He could then face the same situation from either Toronto or some other team for Aho in retaliation. Perhaps, he is floating the rumor about Marner in order to get Dubas to more seriously consider sending us some of their tradeable assets in exchange for one or more of our D. With Toronto's cap situation, TD could "threaten" with an offer that would really force the Leafs to scamble to stay within the cap. A great negotiating position !!!!
  15. With all of our D in Charlotte; any two of McKeown, Bean, Fleury, or maybe Carrick will buy time until de Haan and TVR return. Sellgren is a depth signing for the organization, who may never see any NHL action.
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