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  1. Canes just called up Jake Bean.
  2. If we go 5-5 the rest of the way; that would give us 97 points. CBJ would have to finish 7-2, and MTL 7-1-1 to edge us out of the postseason.
  3. Surely, Pens and Jackets fans were disappointed that we got a point that kept us in 3rd. In past seasons when the Canes were the ones chasing, and scoreboard watching, those 3 point games involving teams just ahead of us were aggravating. As close as this race will be until the end; this 1 point is not insignificant. And as frustrating as it is to lose a 2 goal lead; the Canes did rally on the road to grab that point late in the 3rd against a legit Stanley Cup contender. That in itself can be a momentum booster.
  4. Given the physicality that Ferland has added, and Dougie's play since recovering from whatever injury was hampering him early on; I think the trade was a win/win. Agreed, that a Fox signing tips the scale to us overwhelmingly. Hamilton is playing like the star we traded for; and has given us as mentioned, a true top pairing in this league. The Canes have never had an elite top pair, even in the cup year. Got to give DW a thumbs up on the deal!!! Now, the real question is how to convince Fox to sign, in light of the logjam that is keeping NHL calibre D in Charlotte.
  5. After all these years of futility; getting in period is the important issue. Bring on whomever it be !!!!!
  6. Nor do overpaid FA acquisitions. The most consistent winners in the league get that way through the draft, and solid hockey trades; like the Nino deal. They pay big $$$ to their homegrown stars (Aho). The real challenge for the BJ's will come at seasons end, regardless of their finish. Good luck dealing with all those UFA's. I have a sense that Duchene will follow the money wherever it takes him. The Russians say they won't resign; so that leaves Dizingel, who played at OSU. The Canes are only now beginning to see the results of good drafting and development. With our organizational depth, we will be in a strong position this offseason to makes some solid hockey trades for players with term.
  7. Don't forget about Martin Necas. It may take a little time for him to mature physically, and to adapt to the North American game; but he is certainly projected as a 2C. When that happens, Jordan will slot as a 3C, which is a more natural fit for him and where he excelled in Pittsburgh.
  8. Looks like the Pens are going to be playing without their top 3 D (Letang, Doumolin, Matta) for a while. JR is either going to have to make a deadline deal for an NHL D, or rely on call ups. TSN is saying that the trade market for D is about dried up, so his options are limited. If Letang and Doumolin are out for an extended period, combined with their mediocre goaltending; I like our chances of creating some separation from them in the standings.
  9. Not to change the subject; but last night was one of the most complete games we have played all year. Unlike the first meeting at PNC, we had control most of the game, with the exception of a short 3rd period push by the Stars. Excellent PK. Keep it up you BOJ's !!!!!!!
  10. NHL.com is reporting that the D market for buyers is getting slim after the Lovejoy and Jensen deals. That obviously works to our advantage with our embarrassment of riches in RHD. If, say Toronto is desperate enough to send one of their young forwards (term or RFA) for a RHD our way, then pull the trigger. Then our cap situation becomes an asset to sign the RFA to a long term deal. I'd love to see another Kapanen in a Bunch of Jerks sweater !!!!!
  11. In this years draft, Columbus has a 3rd, a 4th and two 7th round picks; and they may lose Duchene, Panarin, and Bob to FA. They had better make a run now !!!!!
  12. Making a trade for a pending UFA at the deadline will NOT change our existing cap spending!!!! That's a conversation to be had July 1. The teams salary status this season is old news; no reason to re-hash it.
  13. I agree that trading for Nino is turning out to be more impactful than almost any deadline acquisitions that we can make. Trading valuable assets for an impending UFA can be a risky bet. In the case of Columbus; they think that they can make a deep run, so they take that risk. If Duchene decides to pursue UFA July 1 and go elsewhere, so be it. We can't afford to trade a first round pick and prospects unless we get a valuable player back with term remaining. Unfortunately, few deadline deals involve players with that contract. Even though the rebuild of this team began with the RF administration; it's really in the first full year of the rebuild with the new ownership. It would be foolish to mortgage the future on a rental that perhaps moves on after the season. You don't "fork out more cash" at the deadline; the time for that is July 1, when we can determine if a player is interested in signing with us; and for extending our existing RFA's.
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