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  1. McGinn is really an excellent 4th liner; so perhaps he replaces Marty, creating a Gautier/Staal/Svech line. That my friends would be a tough line to play against!!!!!!
  2. Essentially we got a big physical (approx 20 minute per game) stay at home defenseman, and a 1st round pick (Bokk), for a guy on an expiring contract. We already had a top tier defense; but lacked real toughness on the back end. He should add that to our D; and he is a Stanley Cup champion! Always good to have that kind of experience in the locker room.
  3. I trust that RB already knows who will wear the "C" in 2019-2020. As fans it's fun to speculate; but RB has a special connection with this team, and will award it to a solid leader. And, I'm sure that he discussed it with Willie to get his opinion.
  4. A successfully dominant D out of the NCAA at age 23 is considerably more NHL ready than 19 year old CHL stars, who stand out playing against 17 -18 yo. In Division 1 NCAA, he was competing against other 22-23 yo players, so being more physically mature at 23 yo is an asset, and might allow him to make an immediate impact. If he plays to expectations during training camp, he may pass Fleury on the depth chart, and challenge Bean for the remaining slot.
  5. Great signing! This is only speculation; but it's not likely we would have pursued him if Adam Fox was a Cane. So, in a sense, he replaces Fox on the depth chart.
  6. Gibbons is a depth player who will only get to the show as an emergency call up. He is a career AHLer and will likely perform quite well in CLT.
  7. McGinn has signed before his hearing. Terms are two years 4.2M; first year 1.9M, then 2.3M. Cap room getting tight for JW.
  8. With regard to the de Haan trade; report out of the KHL is that Avangard Osmk has acquired the rights to Gustov Forsling from Sochi. Forsling is an unsigned RFA, has played in the KHL, and may very well be the odd man out as the Canes need to sign other RFA's.
  9. I remember watching Dzingel with the Sens, and thinking, man that guy can fly! We may have lost some physicality in Ferland; but with Haula and Dizingel we got way faster. The Canes played fast last season; but with these additions, and maybe Necas; it's going to give some teams fits trying to keep up. You can only hit what you can catch.
  10. Fiscal discipline is essential for small market teams in almost every sport. We can't afford to throw big $$ with long term at a high end FA, when even big market teams about 70% of the time have buyers remorse by the third year of the contract. Our core group (except Faulk), all have value contracts with some term remaining. Kudo's to the committee; and to RF who signed Slavin and Pesce. As we get closer to the cap, it's important to spread the $$ throughout the lineup instead of having top heavy contracts for few players, and have to fill the holes with marginal NHLer's. Many teams find themselves in that situation, and it can take a while to clear the deck using questionable trades and buyouts (Lucic, Clarkson, Backes, Alzner, Phaneuf, Suter, Parise, etc), to name a few. I like the way the committee is building this team.
  11. If there was truly a frayed relationship during the season; I question why we didn't move him at the trade deadline. DW had to know that he would look elsewhere after July 1.
  12. I maybe would have gone 3.5M x 2yrs. Time will tell if the 4 yr term was a good move by Vancouver. Not a lot of teams were lining up for him; he brings a skill that all teams need, but he wasn't in demand when free agency began.
  13. Problem with an offer sheet for Conner is that he will command at least 7M with term. We have a few more players to sign for 2019-20, including Williams. Conner would put us over the cap; and even if we could squeeze him in, the team has to think ahead and prepare for Svech in 2020-21.
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