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  1. I appreciate the well thought out comments of Remkin and LakeLivin about this horrible situation. However, yes there are people that contemplate the moral or immoral decisions regarding what is an acceptable death toll in order to sustain the economy. We as Americans can deal with rebuilding the economy when this pandemic is controlled; but the value of lives should not be minimized. There are those in this country that WILL accept wide scale casualties in the interest of the economy; probably as long as their loved ones aren't affected. But, the overriding moral and ethical question will be left to a Physician faced with two critically ill patients and only one ventilator. That is going to happen unless we hunker down and get this thing under control; even if short term draconian measures are necessary.
  2. These guys are professionals, and they understand the dynamic. I said it before and I'll say it again, if RB wants him back; that's the end of the story. If the coach was clearly concerned that Williams return would potentially disrupt the team, he wouldn't bring him back! Yes, somebody has to sit out while Williams is in the lineup, but that only strengthens our depth. Injuries are going to occur, and another NHL player on the roster ready to go is an asset, and a more seamless addition to the lineup than a call up from CLT.
  3. If coach RB wants him back, all chemistry concerns aside; that's good enough for me!!!
  4. The NHL tried cross conf playoffs around 1980. I think that it lasted maybe 2-3 years, but I'm not sure. The four division champs were 1 seeds, and then 5-12 were seeded per their record. Format was #1 vs #16, #2 vs #15, and so on. It fell out of favor, perhaps because of travel, and loss of regional rivalries. If they did it today, imagine a first round series between Vancouver and Florida as an example. It just doesn't make sense.
  5. NJD are being Skinnered; as Taylor Hall at least for now, refuses to sign an extension with any of the Devil's potential trade partners. He knows, that his best chance for major $$ and term will as a UFA on July 1, 2020; thus essentially robbing the Devils of any significant return. Maybe they'll get Clif Pu and a 2nd round pick!!!!!!
  6. In addition to Michael Ferland's most recent upper body injury; Cal de Haan has been placed on IR by Chicago retroactive to 12/10/19 for an undisclosed shoulder injury. That's too bad for de Haan!!!!!
  7. Hate to change the subject from the discussion the homeland of our European players; but after recently returning from a lengthy upper body injury, Micheal Ferland left last night's Van-Tor tilt with another upper body injury. Glad we let him walk!!!!!
  8. The feeling around the league is that NJ wants 4 pieces for Hall; which could include NHL players, contracted prospects, protect signing rights, and/or draft picks. Quite an ask for a 29 yo player in the final year of his contract. Some team will give him big $$ and term; the Av's are rumored to be the most interested.
  9. Hall is a terrific player; love to have him, but you can't offer Bean, a 1st, and Reimer for a guy on an expiring contract. Even if we can sign him, Hall is going to expect serious $$$ and term, which would impact the $$$ remaining to resign Svech.
  10. Since as has been reported; that a leadership group of players went around BP to RF, and he didn't address the players concerns. At the very least, it's likely that the underperformance of the team was the result. There must have been more than Jordan's allegations going on for a group of players to go to the GM. Don't be surprised if RF faces quite a bit of scrutiny up in Seattle for that episode. It's also likely that RB knew what was going on and how the players felt, but was in a lose/lose situation if he spoke up.
  11. Gardiner's performance is part of a more interesting narrative. Our BIG slash this summer was Gardiner, Dzingel, and Haula. Dzingel and especially Gardiner have be underwhelming; and of course Haula is unavailable. He was quite effective when healthy, but that doesn't matter in the present. That said, what has driven this team are guys who were already here, and their significant improvement. Svech, Turbo, Dougie, and now Necas have really stepped it up and kept us in the playoff hunt. Gardiner makes more errors than Faulk at his worst. Perhaps Gardiner and Dzingel will turn it on, and be the players that we signed as FA; but we are doing pretty well in spite of their gaffs.
  12. Attendance has definitely improved! If it would make you feel better, check attendance for other teams on a nightly basis. There are the obvious teams which always sell out; but lots of empty seats in less likely places including Buffalo, Dallas, Ottawa, Anaheim, NYI, LA, CBJ, and NJD. Buffalo had almost 4000 empty seats the other night. October and early November can be soft across the league, but it usually picks up after Thanksgiving. Also, I saw ads on both the Flyers and Rangers telecasts recently offering deep discounts on select ticket packages.
  13. As a player, RB had to grind at both ends for him to be successful. He wasn't the fastest, the biggest, the most skilled skater on the ice, but he made up for it with tenacity, positioning, and hockey IQ. He has the credibility to teach those lessons to Necas and Svech, ( and others ); and it appears to be working. His influence will certainly make those two much more complete players.
  14. RB can move Dzingel to the 3C and get on his hands and knees and beg Willy to suit up!!!!
  15. A little after the fact to be debating Ferland's value! However, his stat line for a pretty good Vancouver team is: 12GP, 1G, 4A, -1; and again on IR like the last 2 seasons with a concussion. He got 4 years at 3.5M per. No thanks; glad we let him walk. He is WAY overpaid, with too much term, a 2 year full NMC, and then a 2 year partial NMC. He will be bought out before the end of his deal!!
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