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  1. The Crapholes winning was certainly a bummer, but go Flyers, go!
  2. Add me to the group of "please don't trade Ferland".
  3. He definitely has, imo. I don't know who we'd trade a winger for, unless it's for a better winger (not likely) or a goalie. Unless it's just for picks.
  4. Can Maenalanen or Martinook slot on the left, because as I look at that, as high as I was on him at the start of the season, Foegele stands out as the odd man. Edit: Or just play Nino on the left. That'd be simpler than moving other guys around.
  5. Whoa, and here I was just thinking what are we gonna do at C when Staal gets back. McKegg has certainly proven he deserves to stay up, as well as Wallmark, so that would leave Rask as the odd man out down the middle. I was wondering how they'd handle this, but I was not expecting a trade. It seems to be a pretty sweet deal for us, too.
  6. Haha! Better late than never! Thanks, man!
  7. At this point, it's Wallmark. That entire line has been playing more like a 3rd, rather than a 4th, anyway.
  8. Unless I'm mistaken, Rask already counts towards the roster, doesn't he? On the Canes roster list, they don't have him designated as *IR. Unless I'm missing something. Yeah, I read that, but I figured that's just more Michael's opinion, and not based on the team's official word. I guess it's also a possibility that they're only sending Fluery down to Charlotte to play in their home game on Friday and are going to recall him back on Saturday. I dunno.
  9. By my count, after these move we currently have on the active roster: 13 forwards (with Rask being one) 6 defensemen 2 goalies Which comes to 21 players. Someone had suggested that perhaps they're about to activate Darling, which would make it 22. If it were a trade, we wouldn't have sent down Fluery (assuming we'd be trading away a defensemen, and not gaining one back). Unless, of course, we are trading McBackup for 2 additional players (unlikely) or trading a forward for 2 additional players (even more unlikely).
  10. It's a shame this happens right after he scores his first NHL goal, but it's no secret that Necas has been struggling. Svech hasn't been perfect either, but at least he's produced and looked really good at times. I've got a feeling that this ends up being a permanent move this season, with Bishop (or perhaps someone else, barring him struggling, too) filling the gap until the time Rask is ready to come back. A year in the AHL will do Necas good as he adapts to the physicality that is expected in this league. I don't think Fleury being sent down is necessarily an indictment on him, but rather a sign they don't envision sitting TVR in the short-term, and simply want Fluery to see some game action. Don't expect to see him away from the Canes for too long.
  11. After tonight, I don't think there are any reservations about Aho at C.
  12. This game definitely feels closer to a regular season game, in terms of oppopent competitiveness. This is good because I want to see if we can continue our streak against a team playing like they actually want to win.
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