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  1. lol Perhaps I should've structured that sentence better.
  2. Yes, and he's very patient, too; holding on to the puck until the goalie exposes himself, if he has to.
  3. I'm pretty chuffed about the offseason, so far. Just waiting on the McGinn signing to really feel complete.
  4. Is McGinn signing confirmed? I really don't want to see him leave after buying his jersey.
  5. I guess this isn't such a crappy organization to work/play for after all.
  6. That was directed towards the blase attitude that if we lose Aho, then nothing else really matters. Sorry, no.
  7. You've totally changed my mind, sir. In fact, if we lose Aho, I am now openly rooting for them to just move the team. #AhoOrQuebec
  8. I'm not denying that Aho is a great player for us, but if this team's success is based around the production of one, single player, then this team was never any good to begin with. Loosing Aho would hurt, but the team will still be here. Anyone who wants to jump ship is welcome to. I won't be doing that.
  9. I'm going to at least wait until after this season to declare the sky falling. If we loose Aho and end up in the basement of the division again? Yeah, I'll join you then.
  10. Then what's the point of being a fan? I'm a NY Jets fan, so I know a little something about hanging on with absolutely no hope in sight. Ever hear of the Buttfumble? Yeah, good times those were. Loosing Aho, alone, does not put us past that point.
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