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  1. Thanks to Williams for being a consummate professional and a very memorable Cane. He's had a heck of a career, and I hope to see him back behind the Canes bench someday.
  2. On that, I agree. Here's to hoping one of the guys we've drafted can elevate themselves, or we can finally land a long-term elite goalie via FA or trade.
  3. You made it sound like we never pick goalies, but that's not the case. Far from it.
  4. What are you talking about? Going back the last 12 years (not counting this year) we have drafted 10 goalies, including in the last six drafts straight. I get it, I wanted Askarov, too, but unfortunately we didn't have a chance.
  5. Do you mean the trade? Because it actually says the opposite to me. Says they're still putting thought into the value that's available. If they didn't care anymore they'd have just picked whoever.
  6. Nikishin is 6'3 196. Big guy. Loves open ice hits, apparently. I like it.
  7. While reading through this entire thread, and all of the info on the top prospects (thanks @remkin) the one player that stood out to me negatively was Gunler. I really didn't like the knocks on him about effort, not being physical, giving up the puck to avoid hits, etc. Big red flags to me. But if HCRB signed off on the pick (as I imagine he did) then he must believe that he can coach that crap outta the kid. And, if anyone can, it's Rod. I gotta put my trust in the committee with that pick. I do like the Jarvis pick, after all.
  8. No. Preds took him 2 slots before.
  9. Okay. Welcome to Carolina Seth Jarvis!
  10. Nah, give Hamilton the Pig a pie and have the selection written on the bottom of the pie pan.
  11. Not chuffed about no hockey, but the silver lining is if the season and playoffs continue than we'll benefit by potentially getting Dougie, Vatanen, and Reimer back.
  12. So, have we dumped Gardiner yet? Only then will this feel complete.
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