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  1. Vinny is about the only Cane I've noticed actually try to skate the puck into the zone, rather than dump it in.
  2. Wasn't Chara the one who slammed someone's face into the glass at the bench, and is why the glass is now curved? Dude is a goon.
  3. Silver lining: who would've expected us to outhit the B's 51 to 32? At least we know the Canes aren't going to bullied into submission this series.
  4. Pretty chuffed for tonight. Can't wait to see Dougie back in action.
  5. Not chuffed about no hockey, but the silver lining is if the season and playoffs continue than we'll benefit by potentially getting Dougie, Vatanen, and Reimer back.
  6. So, have we dumped Gardiner yet? Only then will this feel complete.
  7. My thoughts, too. As it stands now, Staal and Wallmark are basically the same sweater made at the same factory, with the difference being someone slapped a "Gucci" tag on one, and the other was found hanging in the bargain section at Walmart. I know which one I'm keeping when it comes time to crunch the finances.
  8. Yeah, I see what you're getting at now. Maximizing talent on that top line, and basically embracing Staal's line as our 3rd/shutdown line, and hoping any drop-off in production from the latter will be made up by the former. Not exactly balanced, IMO, but as long as the SAT and REM lines are firing on all cylinders, than we should have no problem scoring points that way.
  9. You don't think that's too much age on the same line? I may not bee giving Willy's legs enough credit here, but I don't expect him to be able come in and blaze around the ice, and I think it'd be a waste of Foeg's speed if his line mates can't keep up with him. Methinks it'd be more liability than offensive production.
  10. Now that it's a done deal, where do people expect to see him in the lineup? Starting him on the 4th line in place of McGinn, to ease him back into the game, is the obvious move, IMO, but after that? I don't want to break up the REM line right now, as I think they've been our most consistent line for the entire season, nor do I want to put Willy on Staal's line, because I don't think putting our two oldest, slowest forwards on the same line is smart hockey; not to mention that Svech and Foegs are doing pretty good on that line right now. As I see it, Willy would fit best up on Aho and Turbo's line, while Nino is sent down to the 4th line. Or, does Rod break out the line blender just to fit Willy in?
  11. I would love to see a 4th line with Lusty and Nookie. Throw in Ginner and you've got quite the party!
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