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  1. Uncharacteristic bonehead move by Pesce there, but what a break with McDavid loosing the puck there. And, damn, they scored.
  2. Couldn't be happier with how this game is going so far. Just keep on the gas and win.
  3. Yeah, and it compliments John's "straight-man" character very well.
  4. I have to say, I do enjoy John and Tripp's banter.
  5. Nookie looked like he was really enjoying that conga line celebration. 100% he came up with that one.
  6. Coming into this game I had a lot of respect for Thornton because of his longevity. Now? Not so much.
  7. Oh man, we needed that! Petr gets the first star!
  8. Shootout time. In Slavin We Trust
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