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  1. I don't guess there's any reason any longer to complain about not putting teams away once you gain 2 and 3 goal leads. No one else can either. Looks like it's become a league of Offense and THE miraculous game saving save, although not many are being made in regulation thus far. So I'll just relent and say WHAT A LEAGUE. The race is on to see who can at least win the most in OT and not have to go to SO. It'd be hard not to like our chances in that scenario too with the sniping of Svech. Boston is the only division leader among the 12 that has all their wins in regulation(and they have 4 losses post reg), and a few have 5 and 6 post reg wins, as do the Canes. Coaches who've been around a while are losing great amounts of sleep in failing to somehow offset this league wide trend of giving up goals late. Or so I would bet. And I have a theory. LOL
  2. Late heroics can't carry us for the length of this thing. AT SOME POINT, gotta learn to bury teams down in goals and the standings. Sure, there's awesome O talent on every squad in this league, but shutdown D according to all the gurus is our strength. I wanna start seeing it when we get out front. OH yes, DADGUMMIT. Wins shouldn't pi## off defensive purists like myself.
  3. GOTTA have two on days when every team plays. Keep the GD(+10) in the double digits and never look back. Here and the next 4 is where you start building separation from the wild card contenders. As far as those two above us we PO'd(boy, are they mad) in April, they're not going anywhere, just keep pace and stay out of the headlines they create. STEADY and HIDDEN at cruising altitude, with 8 guys finishing at 50+ points, instead of 2 at 100. It all starts NOW in the second quarter
  4. always take the two. BUT DADGUMMIT. WTH is that defensive hockey from the 16 minute mark to the end. PLAY offensive hockey with a lead or that's gonna happen every single time in this over skilled O LEAGUE that it is now.
  5. Turbo. SHOOT. The. Puck. Good things happen.
  6. Just heard Laughlin say he was having Roddy on morning skate tomorrow. FYI
  7. Svech year 2. Rewatched this morning. Not only not shying away from contact, he now skates around looking for some, pushing people around(off the puck)and delivering board punishment. A kid realizing just how bruising and physical he can be with grown men, of which he is fast becoming one. By 22/23 he may be the scariest, most dangerous player in the league without too much of a stretch. AND. Without scoring, NINO played a great game of puck recovery, passes to tape and board battling last night. And another post from scrapping in and around the slot. He'll be fine I think.
  8. For once John, we sat back and enjoyed that one. And our boys didn't.
  9. I m convinced hand/wrist injury. He has trouble even making firm contact with the puck.
  10. Now. Get all the stick frustration out with 3 or 4 more. No easing back to Canes hockey.
  11. A little puck luck. CAN WORK WONDERS.
  12. We ALL bought in to the 'For real" moniker. For gosh sakes, show us why. I, personally, don't much like feeling foolish.
  13. I find it hard to even complain when they look this amateurish. Will say this, it's easy to see the difference between a 1B and and an average backup. McE kept us from falling totally apart when the overall game was in the tank early.
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