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  1. Attention all fans 50 and older, for the remainder of the season, heart pills, xanex and oxygen will be available upon exiting through the East and West gates after home games. Exclaiming "Wooooooooo" is strongly discouraged for patients with prior medical issues. This has been a Caniac Service Announcement.
  2. 6 weeks ago, the Isles were 5 points ahead of us. 3 now, so they're really not much different than we have been for a stretch. After getting their clocks cleaned in the 3rd yesterday, today should be no different. 112 is fired up for this one. Make them pay for their mediocrity, while pulling out of ours.
  3. From the "Stats that don't matter but DO" department.....November 21st. The last time this season we lost only 1 game in a row in regulation. That loss to Philly and the 3-2 loss to CBJ on Oct 12th are the only two times all season we've been able to limit the glaring downturns of 2, 3 and 4 game slides. IDK what that says is going on, but whatever it says, it says it real loud.
  4. Remember how noticeable the conditioning looked all last year. Seemed to always make an impact in games, even losses. I see no evidence that that edge still exists. And Svech has some physical issue that's more than just nagging I think. Mental mistakes have been his youth norm. Now it's a physical struggle to be on his game and I think his face shows it. Guys look tired as a group.
  5. Holding from in front of a man. Yeah right.
  6. RAMBLING.......to ease frustration Strange as it may sound, one key player out, and it's really a different team for the foreseeable future. One key player in(though prob not tonight) and it's even more different and soon. Key week in the second half no doubt, but the wheels aren't off, just need oiling and the luck of 3 at home before the break and 2 after is big in our favor. We've survived(held serve) through key injuries of shorter duration through 1.5 seasons and this will be no different if we can use the home stand to tweak the D lapses, hear our crowd get behind our netminders, and get back to sustained offensive pressure the results will come. As inconsistent and even bad as our expectations have led us to feel about their play, we STILL hold the cards, we STILL hold a spot, and there's not a person on this board, when it all shakes out, who doesn't think we ARE a better team than the ones we have to fight this thing out with. I have the faith in our guys who've been through it(+ additions), our staff to make the right calls, and us. We're a pretty good team to be where we are in this frustrating eastern dogfight. Most of the time. It's actually been pretty fun thus far looking at the world from a perch closer to the top than the bottom. Tonight, spring hockey season begins in earnest. I'm betting on 2 points. Join me in that sentiment and a friday night drink too.
  7. CHANCE to shine in the "so much depth at the blue line" department. Rostering 7 all season would have you think they'll just move ahead status quo, but IMO it's darn time to find out if the depth in Charlotte is as billed. And not just for 1 guy, give 3 or 4 a shot and see who cuts the mustard. Not only do you find some things out, you see if the ones having 'issues' up here become expendable in the short term(trade deadline).
  8. Boy is it having to adult up just to look at any hockey news this morning. Don't tell us yet, and just list him in the injuries and scratches for a game or two.
  9. The time of year when the upper teams fade and the bottom half teams run when guys start playing for their jobs, etc.. The deciding factor is how the teams who've been the top half all year respond to the adversity and long grinding season.. Having not developed the same offensive consistency as last year's far less talented team, when we get average goal tending, streaky play makes us an average team. Top 10 team with offensive consistency, without it, scratching and clawing til the bitter end. Team will respond, always do under Roddy, but Petr needs to sit. TIL THE BREAK I THINK.
  10. The pressure of so much young, fast talent, teams overcoming 3 and 4 goal deficits regularly, and the changing landscape of the league as a whole is making it easier and easier for tenured, experienced successful coaches to be given up on. ONLY to turn around and recycle some other from the same boat. This one, in certain GM circles, would appear to me, means no one is safe anymore.
  11. Two sided coin of STAT musing.. Who can complain about the monumental improvement in our post regulation play in the Roddy era. With Metro points at such a premium over two seasons, it could be easily said it has been the difference in our taking a place among the haves(7 OT wins this season alone). Yet....the stat exists this season of having gained fewer points than anyone in the league in the OT column, highlighting an inability to get 1 goal games into overtime as some of our tight points competitors are more adept at. The 14 points gained in OT is OBVIOUSLY strong, and all needed, but improving that stat in games we may be trailing late in 3rd's towards March could go a long way towards making a huge difference again. Nights you don't have a winner's edge, find enough to scrape out the point. It doesn't have the same downside and sarcastic effect (hey we got a point)as it did for seasons. The winning side of hockey changes a lot of stats relevancy and changes in the sum of things, what they meant.
  12. Lot of good signs since the 1st. PK getting back to top 5 level, and goalie play that can keep you in why trying to "build a game"
  13. One thing JW will bring back to the team.....Well timed Patience with gaining control in the D end. Instead of having none and throwing the puck to no one or icing it when the up ice pass isn't there or is tightly defended. Speed game has gone to their egos when control is sometimes the wiser option.
  14. Kinda looks like these days that some of the MOST skilled teams in about any league, come to believe their own hyping praise, and think they can just turn it on and off at will. TB looks like they've decided to play at the halfway mark. I even think the Canes at times hear their team being propped up by the "so much talent" moniker and forget to bring the work to the ice with them. Like CC said of his presence, a JW hanging around would laugh in their face at any such nonsense, and hopefully get the consistency to a more even keel as it evolved into last year.
  15. I look at this one as TT's one opportunity to show hockey why he should be in St. Louis instead of Oshie. Little dinged up, so a couple in the A column would suffice. And our 6 of 8 on them has flipped the dread factor over to their side since pre-playoffs and seasons before. Wanna see 7 of 9. oh wait.
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