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  1. April 24th. Work today? Are you crazy? It's a State Holiday in case no one told you. You bosses don't know anything.
  2. Sort of jesting, and sort of NOT.....LOL OK talking heads and media establishment. We've heard hemming and hawing of every sort, excuse making for every cap mistake and period in which they were frankly just outplayed, and every other home crowd energy sarcasm reference. And oh BTW. We won 22 games on the road this season. Why don't just one of you stand up and tell the truth. That aside from infrequent highlights, mostly from games played in your endeared large markets, that you really just didn't watch much Hurricane Hockey at all this season which by the way, IS YOUR JOB, and had no real idea what this team, though undermanned after injuries, was capable of. And that you were somewhat amused when the post game cellys went viral, and that all you really saw was a decent but highly unskilled hockey team doing its best to appease a naive and non savvy Southern fan base. And OMG, after a 6-0 drubbing there was just no likelihood that this team could get back to challenging the super champs, who had now found their A game. Just have the guts to admit you thought the post game surges were their claim to even belong in a serious hockey discussion, and you thought it was all smoke and mirrors, and that people were just filling up the arena for some after show. Well no, we were watching, our team was playing, and our media/broadcasters were marketing a tough and somewhat super exciting brand of NHL Hockey. But you just didn't know enough to see the battle the champs were in for. And we may not win a game 7, but you so called journalists, completely missed the story that any one of 18,000 could've told you in 5 minutes of your time. Good luck in your next career.........
  3. One of those series where the first team to get FRUSTRATED loses. A microcosm of the calendar year of fortitude and Seems like it's been just another day at the office for the good guys, while the boorish caps been saying all the right things but growing increasingly exasperated. Hype in their favor can sometimes work against a team if they start buying into it and thinking a huge underdog is just going to fade away like all the "experts" have so wrongly stated over and over. But they didn't see this team rebound and respond in a 50 game stretch. In a series of adjustments, adversity, injuries and trading periods of controlling play, Brindy and Reirden have earned their keep, and based on their personal histories in full blown competition, I give the decided edge to Brindy. Reirden pretty much a figurehead taking over that group of stars and scorers, while Roddy and Roddy's style at the very core of everything this team has accomplished. Coaches matter. And we've got a better one. And a captain with a cool head while theirs gets tossed in a tirade of expletives and whining. Going into this, I'll take 3 Lord Stanleys in his pocket against the mad russian's 1. ALL DAY LONG.
  4. YOU KNOW who you are. WE KNOW who you are. Win or lose, show us at least one more time that fierce, that heart, that corner battle winning resolve, that tic tac goal skill, and that willingness to connect with your fan base in the barn. It's been a ride to remember getting through the winter, and a breath of fresh Carolina air for the spring. We want more obviously, but our appreciation for a 4 month long job and a winning of the battles along the way, isn't demanding of it. Do what you do, leave it out there, and the chips fall where they may. If any team we've known for a long, long time can, it'd be this one. GO HURRICANES.
  5. Agreed Top. Talking heads yes, doing their jobs, etc. For better or worse. It's that Pierre that gets under my nerve, and for this reason. He appears to me, and I haven't ever bothered to know his personal history, to be that typical sports nerd that never picked up a stick, a bat, a ball or suited up for any real competition in his life, and he slobbers all over athletes at the pro level, especially when they're winning with a clear intention of becoming buddy/buddy with and alongside them in public circumstances. He probably figures it helps him with the ladies or some other ridiculous motivation. Purely conjecture on my part, but I've dealt with a few just like he appears and they're nothing more than annoying to even the classiest athlete who publicly would never say so.
  6. If any team in this league has the heart, ability to forget, and enough OOOOOMPH to comeback and win two against the champs after that, I think we would be that team. I'd somehow say it more forcefully were we at full strength. Someone made the comment earlier of just how valuable the grit of Martinook has been, and I'd have to agree 100%. We've muddled and checked through without Ferland and Staal for extended periods of time, we've won two home playoff games without Svech, but without Nook on top of those other two, the team took on a whole new level of timidity. It's hard to characterize a team's play being so sensitive to one player without monster stats, but it sure looked like he may have been the center of glue for a lot of different phases of hard nosed play. I've stated on here several times how much I admire his style and value, and would any player on any team bringing that. Guess I do even more now.
  7. There are games in long term sports fandom that really evoke little emotional response to nothing and we had one. I can't help but think that experience was more painful for John Forslund than any of us. We weren't surrounded by complete biased idiots. And believe it or not, this young team will benefit long term from that type thrashing and carry it forward into subsequent playoff years. They will remember how empty and embarrassing that felt. Acquiring playoff experience is not just about winning and having been there. You have to come to despise losing to respond as a championship level team did against us tonight, something that our boys have repeatedly done This season under less critical circumstances obviously. This team will get there at a point in time. And it may be Monday night or may not. Either way, They're no less of a winning, learning, achieving group and I'm proud to be a lifelong Caniac Jerk.
  8. Peters was a system guy, with very little success when line juggling became a necessity, while Roddy has shown an ability to go by the seat of his pants through injuries and off nights by individuals. My biggest problem, a personal one, with BP was his stoicism. I'm a firm believer that coaches do have the pulse to evoke reaction and response in players by their own animated theatrics at times and I just believe with certain groups of men, that has to be recognized and followed through when needed. With BP, it was never gonna happen no matter what may be called for, and I count that a HUGE deficiency in coaching. TOM LANDRY in my estimation, is the only legendary coach ever, who could and did, get away with that.
  9. Funny you brought that up. Watching their interaction through the season, I've had the same thoughts that this whole thing had some inklings of some sort of ancient cultural Russian "rite of passage" if you will. It's not out of the realm of possibility between young testosterone and growing confidence coming up against established dominance that something beyond hockey was at play. I even thought of the "Vech" part in their names that it could have familial ties somewhere way back down the road, things few would even know anything of. Throw into the equation, it's taking place in a spotlight smack dab in the middle of decadent western sports culture, and other factors could have led to the whole thing. I found it interesting, though unfortunate, for those reasons. Teams dread nothing more than having to return to another team's barn after going down in a series and facing elimination. I would guess THIS BARN in particular would heighten that dread. Put it all out there and force them into that circumstance. Haven't looked it up, but I'm doubting we dropped 3 consecutive on the road all season. Time for 1 more division winner to bite the dust.
  10. 2ndsacker

    2019 Playoffs

    I'm thinking the two series' that are going at least 6 in the East are providing an advantage moving forward into the 2nd round for whichever teams advance. Logically, the Isles and Jackets could be on a week or even longer break from the playoff intensity that teams still struggling to get through are in every time out and will be for at least two more games. Seems the season long Metro struggle of close point totals all season long is paying dividends this far along also. I honestly think our series has been about the best of the 8 also with a lot of different elements of physicality, skill, off the charts adversity in player loss on both sides, and an edginess with teams that just don't like each much. Time will tell, but if I was a gambling man, my money would be on the teams still playing hard in the 1st round. What a great season of having to maintain a level of play for extended periods of time, and seeing an up n coming team like ours answer the bell on so many occasions, and to see them taking the champs to their emotional and physical and skillful limits. It sure validates the argument that took place on here through March. JUST get in BABY.
  11. It was a seemingly short, enjoyable late night drive home. Thank God for self employment cause a non hockey fan boss just wouldn't understand 2 mornings this week starting late and dragging. Sure, it's gonna take getting one up there, but besides their PP, we've pretty much owned and dictated pace and play in the whole series. Last night was somewhat scaled back by both teams in physicality, so that said to me, We've outmuscled them in a win, and sort of outskilled them in another, and all that down on manpower. I thought Brown had a couple key shifts, personifying the "next man up" mentality. The balanced scoring across the lines in this series has shown a team even better than the strong stretches through the season, and has defined what playoff hockey demands. Well done CANES. Quite a few eyebrows are raised and looking sideways at their partners on the set at NBC.
  12. Lets hit the 110 on the decibel meter a few more times and see what happens. I know I've aged some and memory wanders some, but I'm not sure I remember the 06 game 7 was that loud. Little more pushback coming, but storms are what we're all about. Open another can of ******* and doubt creeps into them on their way home.
  13. 2ndsacker

    2019 Playoffs

    Canes have exceeded expectations along the way, some bigger than others. And unlike myself, so many early on said there just wasn't enough talent or firepower, some even lamenting that it was the same ole dog n pony show. What wasn't being figured into that thinking or coming to it was the grit and resolve of quite a few unproven blue collar pick ups and young and hungry home grown Canes. And that a born winner was now directing the state of affairs. It wasn't such major talent upgrade moving out of recent years as much as it was attitude, belief in the message and a bond of men all pulling the same rope in the same direction. All winning players can't make a seamless transition to the coaching ranks, yet the the years assisting others I have thought all along helped Roddy develop the kinds of communication needed to get youth to respond to consistency of message. Then you sprinkle in a few seasoned vets to help carry that message and if asked, "yep, that old dude knows what he's talking about". No matter what happens here, I think it also speaks to the business wisdom of Dundon of knowing he needed someone that WAS change, and not just a typical NHL ex's and o's guy. Exceeding expectations, absolutely, but also learning along as a group what beyond that they may be capable of. Success on every front, that's probably only going to improve moving forward.
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