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  1. When's the last time an experienced, aging player just took a team bordering on collapse and just laid it out there telling them "Gentlemen, THIS is how it's done". If they don't win another game, that man has solidified his legacy into legend. Class. Champion's demeanor. Winner's wisdom. James Dean Cool. The SPORTSMAN'S PACKAGE.
  2. JWilly sounds more like one heck of a coach every day.
  3. Its obvious. no quick shots. Cant finish open shots. Loses the puck in open ice repeatedly. As I said . something. And more than he's telling staff I think.
  4. Svech is playing with a serious hand/shoulder injury. Something. His hands been a problem for at least 3 weeks.
  5. Looks like a game in October. Not enough urgency to match the situation. If you don't find enough to beat this team, you just digging your own hole.
  6. The basic problem as I see it is panic vs patience. We think of clearing up ice instead of forming a moving breakout with 2 or 3 guys involved. its 1 man hockey versus team hockey and its cost us 40% of our GA. Effective D men like Slavin, Pesce, etc, shield the puck under pressure with confidence and LET a passing lane open stead of forcing one.Just my 2 cents.
  7. Agreed. 2 solid games concurrently has been the wall since mid december. Firmly think they get past it tonight and excel, but til they do...... Can't remember who said it about a month or so ago, but you can almost nail a game performance this whole season based on what they look like the first 10 minutes. 1st has been better lately, but's there's probably no worse scenario than chasing a bottom feeder with a little energy trying to pay back their home crowd a little for a dismal year.
  8. Not sure I see trap game in the traditional sense but I defer to the sentiment. I see that year after year, this time of year, lots of lowest tier teams win more games with A league infused lineups, guys playing for roster spots, and nothing to lose attitudes. Just ask WSH and PITT, ISLES over the last couple weeks. There are no games that a playoff caliber team should even remotely think is won by just showing up, which is the definition of trap. I also see that with recent performance, JW has sort of "secretly" taken up his spot as the calm, cool carrier of the banner, which has to be a good thing, considering most of our perceptions of the C this season. Attitude aside, if we just play our game, we get the needed wins against whoever and push to finish it out, never look back. We're better. Act like it the remainder of the way. ITS TIME.
  9. Keep Geekie? Replace Dzingel with Geekie? Looks more like to me, we found our 2C. For a while. That wasn't just scoring flukie. That was all around game I thought.
  10. DON'T go turtle. Been taking it to them for 35 minutes. Finish it that way. NO EXCUSES.
  11. NO game this season have we took a lead to the 3rd and buried it out of somebody's reach. As the girl says, "ITS TIME"
  12. Geekie makes it look like our scouts and CLT staff is not giving the big club fair assessments on where their game is in relation to our needs.
  13. Whats the point of winning D zone faceoffs if you're just gonna fling it up ice without even trying to set up a breakout. smh
  14. Giving the point might have not been a disaster in this scenario. Watching that game and seeing where they've been lately as well, they're probably the least of the worries for teams in contention. Great to get the 2, but I dare say every game we play the rest of the way, will be tougher than that one was and require us to still find a higher octane level. But a recovery game from 4 laid eggs in a row, no doubt.
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