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  1. Spot on. And highly unlikely that few if any of them care at all about the limited market that hockey occupies among major sports to begin with. Seems to me programming in this age in all formats and streaming apps merely targets specific demographics as evidenced by the thematic advertising so prevalent and geared to the hip hop generations and youthful interests, and other than actual hockey broadcasts and occasionally on sports programming, hockey's presence is nearly non-existent. Hockey fans, as a rule, are fundamentally loyal to the sport, yet you mentioned the toleration level, and as I've already stated beforehand, the only sport I've clung to in the recent 6-8 years, is losing some of its esoteric glory for me personally, and I sense for others also.. Maybe it's just that its taken on much of the same qualities of arrogance and indifference to the people who have supported it for years, the vein I've viewed almost all other forms of entertainment in for a long time. I wanna see it, up close and as man cave entertainment daily, but they seem to be stretching my own personal level of interest to the breaking point. And just finding new ways, as they always do, of stretching our wallets, tolerance and now conformity to their convoluted science, answers no questions nor provides the same level of relaxed, enjoyable diversion.
  2. . Agree wholly with the assessments regarding youthful players and I basically assign nil to none responsibility to them for their emotional response to these abnormal circumstances, though I am 95% referring to the industry control level execs and managers that deal in broadcasts rights, ticket distribution and sales, product sales, Public relations, etc etc etc. The supposedly experienced people who in some acute ways hold the earning and profitability careers of athletes, entertainers, arena and television attractions, in their hands and I see decisions being made for the short term chaos of the health issues that are more than likely to have lasting implications and reverberations down through the long term.
  3. Sports, sports broadcasting, any networks that carry sports regularly, are all shooting themselves in the throat in these times. Assuming, like they do, that all fans still consider them essential at any price and irreplaceable is the largest marketing miscalculation since ever fading nascar decided their Southeastern base no longer mattered to them. So many lost jobs, so many 50% pay reductions and triple the job responsibilities, and a genuine feeling of despair throughout the entire industry and I live right in the heart of it all in Mooresville and grew up with many who just got the H out of lifelong careers while the gittin was good. Sports and networks think they're going to just do business as usual in difficult economic times and fail to realize that this past year has broken the long accepted mold in the NEED for average people to support their decadent lifestyles, paychecks and products of attire and collection. They just keep breaking it more every day and in some instances, beyond repair. People ARE replacing the time, money and interest with other things, and sports support and paying consumer participation is really nothing more than a habit for the average and not a priority it may have once been. You would think there would be enough average people who work in their industries to help them face and accept some awareness of what fans out here in the real world think about their continued greed and expectation that everyone will just stay on board. They are delusional.
  4. This. Agreed. Not just sports. We all have our wants for entertainment, some more dedicated than others when it comes to delegation of disposable income and hard times have a lot to say about that for most classes of sports fans. I've spent my life enjoying sports across the spectrum as a diversion, even lifestyle, at one time earning a living in it, but all that has factored into making it something to plan weekends, road trips and general social events around, has soured for me and for some of the reasons obvious, and others that just fit into the 'lost it's luster' category. Years of traveling to Raleigh, spending for meals , hotels, games, and Canes attire 4 to 5 times a season and playoffs recently, under some of the conditions of boarded up businesses, civil unrest unabated, etc, leaves me wondering if it's worth the worry and consternation of vehicle and personal safety and other concerns. And after writing off all the other major sports as worthy entertainment value for years now, hockey was all I still clung to, and not sure if the excitement of it at an up close level, warrants the thousands of dollars yearly any longer. That saddens me.
  5. It can only be a money grab if you decide to give them some.
  6. A large percentage of sports fans in general have just had enough of the politics influence on the overall enjoyment of activities for the fan that finds sports the alternative to daily life of the same hyped national opinions day after day. Now ticketmaster comes out with this dictum about the vaccine, basically stabbing all forms of large venue driven entertainment square in the back for the average, casual(purchasing on a whim) fan, as many will now tell sports, music and any other form of large gathering to just shove it. No matter the outcome of season start ups, the entertainment industry as a whole is in for the hard, hard learning of some very difficult lessons that will directly affect the continuation of overblown salaries, overblown ticket prices and the immediate term financial health of the industries as a whole. Fact is, economics do have direct influences on the way in which people spend their disposable incomes, and these industries as the economics go, could learn very very pointedly in the next year, just how non-ESSENTIAL they really are when it all shakes out.
  7. Loved him for style, dry sense of humor, accuracy and personal, pointed knowledge of players and coaches alike . Respected him above all broadcasters in the partial yet tempered, honest assessment of canes fortunes, from the futile of the 2010's to the climbing the nhl heap into respectability and the novel like endearment of league fans with the "Jerks" popularity and celebratory face, that reinstalled the franchise onto the sports map. My hope is that he rides on to the nbc anchor type role, and doesn't end up in another market with his edged degree of partiality for another team that we have to face regularly and be it in highlights or regional coverage regulations, pain canes fans all over again. That in my personal appraisal would highlight and give rebirth to the disappointment of the situation as it evolved here, and stir up unnecessary angst. He is the best, and beyond all else the franchise as well as foxsports owes him in an esoteric way, the accumulation of the average and casual carolinas sports fan to hockey, where little interest may have existed before. I've actually heard many people remark over the years that I know to have little day to day interest, that his style and appeal kept them on a game longer and generated a hometown interest when just scrolling through sports channels. He is missed, yet Mike will do a fine job with whatever style, and his preparation as a sideline public figure in the market has made him as prepared as we the fan could expect. If the canes continue as a winning, relevant team, this too will pass.
  8. I can't claim any real knowledge as to the impact of physicality, but it does seem to me that this age of players, like most sports currently, is filled with guys who have as a priority the protection and longevity of their bodies to max the number of years and seasons that the grape grows on their vine and is reachable. Contract bonuses, participation clauses, and just cumulative numbers that reflect loudly when contract negotiations roll around in a career are paramount in players and agent's minds. Most Players are going to play, in my opinion, at a level that provides a measure of comfort from long term injury, and is selfishly separated from the team's current needs on a season by season basis, while comparably choosing what's best, stats friendly, and longevity building for their own game and future. If their level of physicality is in a mix team wide that is not noticeably deficient, they seem to be reasonably fitting in and going about that level of business. Physicality at the upper level has to be a team buy in and execution, and ones who don't buy in when it is stated and carried out as team goals, aren't usually around long. There's THE not really knowing what our management stresses in that area, held alongside our speed, finesse, and defend that we do very well, and then there's the post game and season ending commentary of "not enough" physicality and push back when they get their butts handed to them. Somewhere between there we lie. All players at this level can play with more guts and glory, as to just get here is at least a measure of toughness in itself. The question falls into, "is everyone buying into it". If players judge for themselves that answer to be no, then protecting their own investment devolves into their business model. Just MHO.
  9. John had become a fixture in our sports lives, and personally I had never felt that comfort level with a broadcaster with a home team, since maybe the days of youth with Milo Hamilton and Ernie Johnson calling Braves games on the radio, when the franchise relocated to Atlanta in 66. That said, I kept an account with all MLB radio broadcasts for many years and grew quite partial to Jack Buck calling Cardinals games, and a couple other legends over time. My take on JF is that he has molded my viewership and fandom with the Hurricanes, and for many of the down years even, would tune into almost all games just to enjoy his take on the game, the CANES struggle, and his overwhelming knowledge of hockey as the premier sports entertainment left on the map. I'd love him to be here, he loves the winning Canes as much as anyone I think, and it transforms through his broadcasting style and knowledge with ease and familiarity, with very little overt bias and obnoxious 'homerism". That said, someone as talented and iconic in their profession as he, in my view, also DESERVES to be recognized, rewarded and thought of as the America's Voice on the sport, and I fully believe he would come to occupy that role in a short time given the opportunity. We've been fortunate as his listeners, and grown comfortable, win or lose with his professionalism, wit and vast experience in the play-by-play arena, with hockey broadcasters being easily recognized as the best at what they are required to do to keep up with a game like it. I'm happy either way for him, and feel like there is no reason Big Mike can't fill his shoes in some good and competent way and I like the guy personally to boot. In the end, as someone else said, It's about the hockey, and a winning franchise, routine playoff appearances and building a history in the booth is going to endear whatever voice is bringing it to us.
  10. I can just forthrightly and honestly say this without the slightest hesitation. This board, complete with so many different forms of access, exposure, circumstantial to all our lives and what we've personally dealt with, and opinion from the whole spectrum concerning Covid, has been the most educational, reliable in many ways, and bare knuckles information that I have encountered in any other place where such discussions take place. ALL should be commended, thanked and given out prayers for, especially the front line people,(we have been shown who they are) who have personally had experience in what happened, how it happened and what the ramifications of the politics, business and personal involvement have shown to be in real time, real lives and communities spanning the state. I personally thank the MD personnel for sharing so much of your experience, expertise, and frankly, well informed opinions. My personal opinions have no place in the context of this enlightening, frank and better guided discussion than any I've seen and for that reason, as a man of humble intent concerning such matters when far more qualified "experts" IMO present theirs, have declined to offer any. I have followed and respectfully been impressed with the amount of knowledge, willingness to share, and overall the best example of a high IQ discussion that has been brought to my attention. Beyond that, I think it speaks volumes about the general intelligence level of hockey fans in this market, in particular those who have found a home in following the exploits of a small market, delicately balanced franchise between league stardom, popularity and being able to pay the bills through all the years of down for the previous decade. Thanks all who contribute here, who share a passion that we all have, and who rightfully and righteously respect the forum, even when we get a little chippy with attitudes and outlooks. It's a real pleasure and humbling hobby to be at least somewhat accepted here as well. I'm for hockey. As so well explained by several, the risk is minimal and some parts of life offer far more risks to the athletes in the sports of aggression in particular, as well as fans. I'd sit in PNC saturday night, beside anyone of you.
  11. I like the new golf rules. Cart to yourself, sand traps are Hazard Free Drops and you only have to get putts within 6 feet of the hole. I'm now in the 60's.
  12. 60 in June. Been following all along. Not much to say through all this, cause most of what I have to say about all this is out of line with PC anyways. Hope everyone is safe, virus free and enjoying more family and close friends time. Life pretty much normal for me running a landscape operation, though no rec and sports leagues going so been able to be home at night. My lady sacker had her hours and days cut drastically as an Imaging Center Hospital Tech. Imagine that. New accounts coming at me daily if I want them but getting too old to work 10 hour days and 4 hour nights, so just wanna watch some hockey when and if it plays. Saving lots of money for October season though.
  13. I thought my stream was just bad. TV has come a long ways. It is tough on older than then eyes. Nice seeing a "speedy" JWilly.
  14. The exact reason, us, NYR, FLA, are where we are and the ones holding down spots are where they are. Phi comes to play, Isles have enough structured D to brush off slow starts, and even struggling CBJ plays relentless for entire games. In the seasons we were also rans, they could at least be counted on to start games with a chance of bucking up and making teams work. We give up so many uncontested chances and goals, it almost looks like we're 3 on 5 about half the time, and 1st periods have been nightmares for a solid month.
  15. Krejci and Pavelski....wow. Playoff hockey.
  16. Yes Sleek I'm a taker. I like that combo a lot, Trocheck speed, Foegs physicality, and no doubt amassing 21 assists with that ice time is indicative that DZ can get the puck into scoring scenarios. Not satisfied that his Defensive play is above average, but he can certainly be a 50-60 point guy with just a little more time with one of our scorers. When Haula started so well, it was pretty much him getting the puck to where Haula(when he was motivated) could work with it.
  17. Great point KJUN. I think it refreshing that (new) management here finally realized that they're dealing with a more mature hockey market here than it was 10-15 years ago, and still living under the Cup runs of 02/06, and just glad to have a team. That novelty wore off years ago, and to keep and hold the market, and being new, they had to prove they are in the BUSINESS of hockey, and not just fielding a squad for a small, southern hockey base as it started out. TD might have been a newbie to the hockey world, but he's no newbie in the money making world.
  18. True, and most of us feel ya on that. Then again, the WHOLE reason for having and keeping a strong undercard is for the situations we're in now with the injuries and under performance of players we were able to offload, and to have guys at the ready as viable trade add ons. AHL hockey is gonna be what it is, and it has been real entertaining and competitive here for a while, but it has a higher function, and our COMMITTEE has never used that function to better advantage than they have here
  19. Losing prospects via trades has never bothered me too much and particularly since the league evolved to the dynamic of so many 18-19 yo's who can jump right in and play high level within their 1st year. With the real impact type guys breaking in and excelling early on, it leads me to think that the 20-22 year old prospects, while still developing and D men requiring longer and having big upside, those big upsides are more in line with average NHL play and careers, and the loss of them a whole lot simpler and cost effective to replace through drafting and developing the pipeline. In trading for today's younger yet veteran players, I like the fact that we got players with term, saying they at least had the confidence of management to have been willing to dish out term on their contribution to their teams. Just because their teams were willing to part with term contracts, doesn't mean they aren't fits for what Rod does here, and in fact it at least looks like both guys will fit that bill. I've seen enough of Trochek this year to see where he can help us setting up our more prolific scorers, and if paired with Svech or TT(at times) and he's willing to build a net presence, he'll get plenty of high quality chances himself. Our top guys can pass and set up borderline scorers with the best of them, and if he gets anywhere close to the ice time on the 2C, he will turn out to have improved our team. Skjei and Vatenen, I like Skjei better. Big body, move the puck, couple things needed and probably an upgrade from anybody we got now that isn't named Slavin or Pesce. Addition by subtraction that Haula appears to have turned into, for all the various reasons everyone states, will not be missed here, the early start was smoke and mirrors based on what it has looked like since November. I liked the play of Wallmark as he had this knack for scoring drought ending goals that on several occasions got us out of a serious lull of a game or two, but his overall game wasn't doing enough to capture anything more than 4th line minutes. OVERALL, the org showed it's willing to move forward and within a year or two become a regular playoff fixture contending and not pretending. Ill spend money and support that attitude long as I'm on the top side of the grass.
  20. New owner. Storm surges. Jerks. Svech goals. Aho Stardom. Zamboni driver miracle. If nothing else, the canes have morphed into the viral darlings of hockey. Even drive by sports fans now know there's a hell of a fun team in ole NC. "Come follow the CAROLINA HURRICANES. We got the #1 T-Shirt business on the planet." LOL
  21. Whatever we do, whether pull off a decent, sensible cost effective hockey trade in goal or D, or call ups that make the most sense experience wise, what we have to do all variables considered is, PROVE we have the org depth and ability to overcome injury on a level with what the pens have done. Our injuries, this latest barrage, aren't necessarily "star" level like pitt, but all three have shown time and time again in this topsy turvy season, how critical their play and quality of it, has been to OUR success nightly. So we're overcoming just as much if we do. Several players in CLT are NHL ready, but just NHL ready and ready for the kind of grind and battle we face down this stretch is a different colored horse. I'm of the mind to throw some youngins into the fire in this scenario, while knowing what we have in current roster, and see where that leaves us moving into coming seasons depth wise. Unwise and costly trades and trying to mesh them in with this team's proven inconsistency, is more risk than likely playoff reward IMO. See what we got. There are clearly weaknesses in the teams we have to outdistance, Isles been fading for a while, not sold on CBJ either, so our chances are not nil, even if playing unproven commodities, and in the dizzyness of this metro season, we could somehow miraculously catch lightning in a bottle. 2 cents.
  22. Is it just me, or does it seem like every time I tune in a little scoreboard watching every other day or so, That the evil empire is playing OTT, BUFF, NJ, DET or LA. No wonder they have surged the whole 2nd half, they get to pick their own opponents.
  23. And you HAVE to capitalize and pass them with beans when given the opportunity. Like tomorrow. A loss tomorrow would put me in the mind of the BP era when we would scratch up to the brink of jumping teams time after time and lay big fat eggs. We are a vastly better team than then obviously, but coaching made me into a "small motivations turned into big mental dividends" kinda guy. Seem to be getting a little edge also from both teams in this 2 game coming in here on B2B.
  24. Count on a fabulous tailgate party, spectacular atmosphere, huge crowd, star power attendees, recognition for the franchise and city in big ways. Decent sight angles, proximity to the game, ability to 'feel' the game and intensity in a football stadium. Not so much. Absolutely worth attending nonetheless.
  25. We're torn y'all, and torn between an off season of upgrading talent levels at several positions coming off a season of lesser talent that extended itself to the level it takes night after night, even when they lost tight checking, competitive games. The building of winning, and entering the playoffs on that wave, with the idea that we could challenge, began as the calendar turned and continued until the hot, physical B's outmatched us. What we were able to do was SUSTAIN. Sustain from period to period, game to game, week to week a level of play. Why, with more talent and the indicators of spectacular play, comebacks to write home about, has the ability to just sustain play for more than a few minutes completely been washed away. Its night and day mind boggling, and we're liable to see both in the span of 6 minutes. With the inconsistency Are we in the race still, absolutely. Are we building anything to make that race less than a bloodbath, absolutely not. We're mired in blah blah blah, and considering what collectively Roddy and JW were kinda responsible for leading the group into and through in an over achieving season like last, they too are probably pulling their hair out in private. And heck, if not for JW at least helping to pull off a few win when we shouldn't haves, it would have been over two weeks ago. Do we have a good team, even in a year when everyone we need to be better than is too, yes we do. Where the heck are they for 30 minutes a night?
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