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  1. Why is that? It just adds to the confusion that currently surrounds and permeates this team. Glad they won though.
  2. Who knows, maybe we will have a good outing, and not look like we woke up 15 minutes before the game with no caffination. Short of not even getting on the ice, it has to be better than the last game.
  3. Anyone seen Maenalanen play, as in his style? And what are the lines looking like? Is this worth staying up for? Inquiring minds want to know.
  4. More like an intentional case of sabotage. I would put Martinook on the first with Aho and Svech. He might not score that much but hopefully hit anything that moves and create a little bit of room. It would be a little hard to focus on the other two while laying flat on the ice, plus he can score in a limited capacity. Interesting at least.
  5. Good morning and all that. Last night's game was laughable. Anyone in that locker room that thinks that they deserve to be paid for last night's efforts needs to be spanked. Should've went ahead and went to bed. Something has to be done. Maybe the ability to do that something is not there at the moment, but watching this is painful.
  6. I'm good right now, but have no illusions that I'll be awake at the end of it.
  7. Here's to scoring more than 2 goals tonight. Weeeeee
  8. I hope that it will at least be an exiting game, since I'm slammin Mt. Dews trying to stay awake for the thing
  9. If we could consistently have traffic in front of the net, it would improve things tremendously as well. There is more of a presence than in past years, but still.
  10. I do believe that Rod the Bod has a work ethic beyond most people, and that it will pay dividends. Later. The scouting department I have no clue of, since the last time I checked, JR was the entire outfit. Waddell, unless something miraculous happens that he is the main instigator, should not be in his position. We have a plethora of young, viable D. We have an underwhelming set of forward prospects. I do understand the process that got us there. This is where it stands now. We have two options. What determines the options are basically a function of time. We can go the slow, dragging your feet the whole way, incremental change. This is what we have been doing for around a decade, to address a deplorable D corps situation. This is where our slide to mediocrity began. Then... There is the hold on to your pucks, we're here to compete, right here, right now. A need is seen, and it is addressed. Always to better the team to make it more competitive. We did it, way back when, when we won Lord Stanley's Cup. That year alone saw a huge increase in the fan base. Which meant more money for the club. See where i am going? Gotta spend money to make money... I really hope that someone pulls out the stops and we get to getting and we aim for the stars. We may fall short, but I will lay money on it that we will get farther than we have in a long long while. Sorry for the ramble. Stay frosty, my friends
  11. He does, but it doesn't help that everyone prescreens their calls nowadays.
  12. Who knows. I saw just the first few minutes of the game, and we looked like we were moving the puck well. Seemed like there was a bit more traffic in front and shots coming from right in front of the net, at least more than usual. Also noted that Staal has his stick taped onto his arms because he has no hands. This is to be taken with a grain of salt as i was cleaning up the kitchen before retiring for the night
  13. i get the hot goalie excuse, but c'mon. its starting to seem like every game is a hot goalie...smh
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