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  1. More like an intentional case of sabotage. I would put Martinook on the first with Aho and Svech. He might not score that much but hopefully hit anything that moves and create a little bit of room. It would be a little hard to focus on the other two while laying flat on the ice, plus he can score in a limited capacity. Interesting at least.
  2. If we could consistently have traffic in front of the net, it would improve things tremendously as well. There is more of a presence than in past years, but still.
  3. I do believe that Rod the Bod has a work ethic beyond most people, and that it will pay dividends. Later. The scouting department I have no clue of, since the last time I checked, JR was the entire outfit. Waddell, unless something miraculous happens that he is the main instigator, should not be in his position. We have a plethora of young, viable D. We have an underwhelming set of forward prospects. I do understand the process that got us there. This is where it stands now. We have two options. What determines the options are basically a function of time. We can go the slow, dragging your feet the whole way, incremental change. This is what we have been doing for around a decade, to address a deplorable D corps situation. This is where our slide to mediocrity began. Then... There is the hold on to your pucks, we're here to compete, right here, right now. A need is seen, and it is addressed. Always to better the team to make it more competitive. We did it, way back when, when we won Lord Stanley's Cup. That year alone saw a huge increase in the fan base. Which meant more money for the club. See where i am going? Gotta spend money to make money... I really hope that someone pulls out the stops and we get to getting and we aim for the stars. We may fall short, but I will lay money on it that we will get farther than we have in a long long while. Sorry for the ramble. Stay frosty, my friends
  4. He does, but it doesn't help that everyone prescreens their calls nowadays.
  5. Skinner was homesick, and being the gentleman that they are, they let him go home. That's awsomesauce on a personal level, but boy, does it screw the organization over something fierce.
  6. What do you want to bet that we will get another bottom 6 player, and that will be the "BIG" move that will right this ship thats a sinkin in a hurry
  7. It seems to me that the only way that we are gonna score goals is if we buy them. Spend the money for crying out loud. I do believe that we have a decent support system for an elite scorer, and that support system has kept us in things. Barely. But that is gonna keep us from serious post season joy if the system has nothing to support.
  8. Yup. I dug the shot chart in another thread, but doing something like that at 4 years old, that's really impressive. Creativity+skill goes a long way, and it seems that there isn't enough floating around on this team. I don't know if it is from the coaching side stifling things or just general lack.
  9. Tell me about it. Was making the Durham-Greenville run every day for a bit. Got old quick.
  10. Half jumping jacks in slow motion to the beat of a different drummer?
  11. I would suit Trip up before I would put Darling in.
  12. I did not know what a hutch was until said nail polish showed up and needed a home.
  13. I know . Sadly, the nail polish wasn't.
  14. That is a good thing. Hopefully we are being taken a little more seriously
  15. Sweet. Thats a win. She will probably insist on a Boston feed as well, though ?
  16. Got that one covered. Got respectful covered too. I respect she doesn't get a wild hair and order $2500 worth of nail polish(first wife did) so anything over $100 gets checked off by both parties.
  17. sheath A jacket of salt water around the ice, as it would allow lower temps than freezing inside the jacket, and would keep the ice colder. That is my .02 worth
  18. I have a firestick and the internet. bring on tha world Thanks top for the suggestion. I'm trying trying to convince my better half that center ice would improve her quality of life in a measurable way. She's on a business trip at the moment and its more of a face to face discussion
  19. Sorry, remkin, I'm trying to to do 4 things pretty much at the same time and failing misserably. The answer to that question is yes, the trade I do want to get more top tier talent, but not a stop gap if we can help it, because that just creates more turbulence down the line. The point on rolling 4 lines because of the low energy in Tampa, I wonder how much the 4th line will be utilized, and how much it will help overall, as in the PP. More gas in the tank if you will. And HCRB may start handing out valuim like candy, lol.
  20. And just to throw this out there, we are in the top ten teams @ +3 using hagmath, if this hasn't been brought up yet. Top 4 are +5
  21. And how much was coach speak out of that. I know you need to build on the basics, but dialing down the minute details would indicate that HCRB is fairly happy with the team on the whole(minus the PP). Its not give my daughters hand away in marriage, but I would give a lot for a PP that clicked
  22. I don't have cable(don't watch enough tv to justify it) and having moved to Greenville it makes going to games a little more difficult. I am going nuts not being able to watch games.
  23. that exchange right there is why i love this forum
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