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  1. Three things: 1 - FOX: “this kid...is going to face-plant?”. “Let him play at Harvard for nothing?”. Really? Come on. He’s just a kid holding on to options. If he was my kid I’d be telling him to keep on working it. Besides, and assuming he stays and gets a degree??? Ah. Ask Burkie how an Ivy League diploma worked out for HIM... 2 - AHO and FERLAND: Who knows what’s wrong with Aho. Is he dinged-up? Maybe. Has he dropped off the radar before? Yeah. And Ferly? Dinged-up? Yah. Shuffled down the depth chart? Yeah. Bottom lip poked out? Hmm. While you’re asking Brian Burke how he leveraged his Harvard degree, ask him how Ferland acted in Calgary when he got shuffled down the lines last year. 3 - NETMINDING: While many observers lauded Roddy for letting his G coach play chess, it’s time to put the saddle on Mzar and ride him to the barn. I know some of you like to go all “SAS” with the analytics, so have at it... but I, for one, will submit for you that the Canes look like an entirely different squad when they are in front of Mac. The blue line plays scared. That frightens Mac. The Fs and C get the yips and puke the puck. The bench is on edge. That distracts Roddy. Vicious cycle. Impending doom has it’s own incideous stream of consciousness. Considering we have but a handful of games to mitigate a decade of horse$h*t, it’s time to name names. “Gimmicky” goalie management was interesting while it lasted, but stop with the JV platooning BS and give Mraz the nod ... and let the chips fall.
  2. Here’s something else for which to be optimistic and proud. The Canes are a first!!! The first team in the HISTORY of organized ice hockey that would decline penalties provided they had that option. Pathetic.
  3. yeah I got ur captain right here brah
  4. Whoa! You can’t pick on keepers in this forum without rampant ostracism!!! Bite your tongue! But go back about and three weeks and see what I said was the TOP problem with this squad. It’s between the pipes, baby... And, for the “experts” here. Look at me with a straight face and tell me the lads don’t play scared in front of Darling. They start peeing down their legs when RB posts the lineup and they see Darling is going. I know it as sure as I’m sitting here. And save the contrived Darling apologist argurement that it wasn’t his fault. It WAS his fault. And RBs fault for putting him out there. It’s all about the “C” word. The lads have zero confidence in Darling. So what if they are “pros” and should transcend beyond the esoteric. End of the day, those “pros” are kids for the most part. And going out and having a puck dropped for a game you know you’re gonna lose? Well... yeah. It’s all about the G. The G. Period.
  5. Ah. Being 7,000 post light in THIS braintrust forum is an unmitigated ascendency: New guy comes in and challenges old guy. Old guy gets butt-hurt. Old guy’s buddy pulls out a post-count and uses that as the basis of defendability, rather than judging the merits and voracity of a well-articulated opinion (that our problems in goal are larger than any other problem we have because it has given the entire organization the yips). Old guy’s buddy’s buddy will now go Billy Bean and cut and paste stats that frickin’ Jim Goodnight couldn’t elucidate. Old guy’s buddy’s buddy’s buddy then goes to Bleacher Report today and sees that Dubas and Fenton had a face-to-face so he kicks a hole in his sheetrock and starts staring at the Bean-esque stats post, forgetting to pick his kids up from school. Meanwhile new guy gets banned.
  6. Ah. So you’re gonna be the message board veteran and go trick question on me huh. Zzz. Like I didn’t know Fleuries didn’t grow on trees. Don’t patronize me. If Darling goes tomorrow night he lets one in early, under a blocker that should have been down..... we flail as a team, in ironic parallel to HIS playing style. He puts up a sub-0.86 number and we leave their barn without a point. But tomorrow you’ll have someone else to blame for the keeper situation. *click* Go big-league someone else, bra...
  7. Dude I have said nothing that resembles an accusation that it’s a G’s fault if winger has a soft shift and won’t skate down where the going gets tough. Where’d THAT come from? I’m postulating that our woes at G are significantly worse than our woes on O, and need full attention of management immediately. I happen to think if it could miraculously get sorted in the next two weeks, you’d see the other end of the ice look more like it did during our hot start, than what it looks like now. Seems to me there is a significant quorum on this board that is clamoring for more offense, more snipers...when (case-in-Point) we hit four pipes last night and Mac put up a zero point eight four two, bruh. The “Hell-with-the-money-get-Ny” notion is misguided. Say we pulled it off. And he skated for us last night and dropped two on ‘en, right??? Last time I checked, 3 - 4 still goes in the “L” column. But by God we FIXED OUR SCORING PROBLEM.
  8. No my friend, I would not be willing to be a keeper in lacrosse, soccer OR hockey. I’m not a professional athlete. And I will stop right now and stipulate that being a G in the NHL is probably about as lonely a spot as there is on ANY team sport. So when I so vehemently critique our three guys, it’s in the context of comparison to the dudes in net AGAINST us on any given night. It is not a critique on their courage or valor or effort. And if it sounds like that, I apologize. (The unintended consequences of typing on an iPhone and trying to keep posts reasonably short.) God knows, the three dudes we have now have more ability in their little fingers than I have ever had (in any sport)! Obviously! So I HEAR ya. And point well taken. But would YOU be willing to be a C or a winger and put hard SOGs knowing that when you hit pipe or their G stands on his head, Caniacs are going to squirt in your cornflakes (and pray for fools gold in the form of sending Necas + ??? to TO for Ny?) All this while on the other end of the ice the G is gonna put up a 0.842? None of it is easy, otherwise none of us would be sitting here typing about it. We’d be doing it. I simply have a reasonably sound and informed opinion that our G situation is in FAR more urgent need of repair than the need to aquire another hotshot (who by the way hits pipes too)...
  9. We just flat out disagree. lets pretend a moment. Let’s say we go to the RBC and give everyone in the organization (players, coaches, mgmt and TD) a strong dose of truth serum and ask them one multiple choice question: ”What worries you worse RIGHT now about our Club?” a - scoring challenges b - lack of legit keeping On truth serum it’s B all day long. Emphatically. Hands down. why the truth serum? Because it’s easier for teammates an organizations to lie about a criticism that is directly aimed at three individual kids, assuming they all like each other, which I think is a fair assumption. It’s human nature. And by that same token, it’s easier to blame “scoring woes” because it implicates SO many more people. It implicates a “system”... not a kid. There’s greater shared culpability. U must have watched the game last night with the sound off. Cause I had mine turned up and I heard pipe about four times. About the same amount of times I heard the Blues fans cheering after one of their goals went twine. pipers happen. Hey. They are frustrating. But there is also consolation that goes with a metal clang...as long as the kids hitting pipe are NOT looking over theIR shoulders at a veritable empty net from start to finish... COMEON man. Gimme some cred on my thesis here!
  10. Lol “mrThere’sAnExerciseBike...” classic. if i see a rerun of big big boy interviewing Roddy by his swimming pool again I’m gonna puke. RB rocks back and forth like he’s been in my kid’s ADHD medicine bottle! Bra... come on! Get me some better B-reel to watch while I’m stewing about our goalies! Ha. now the FERLAND interview at the Pit?? That’s some real stuff there. Kudos. To Ferly AND big boy for that sort of journalism. Seriously. Maniscalco struck the perfect tone in delving into what makes Ferly who he is. Inspiring to say the least. if that don’t make you feel good, nothing can. raised dirt poor. On or near a cree reservation. His mom coming up with $4k, etc etc. Repeatedly getting cut cause he could pay...Beating the bottle at a young age. Dude. That’s some raw truth there, and pro sports need more of that IMHO. if we let #79 go somewhere else next year I’ll be incredulous. But sadly not surprised at this juncture.
  11. You’re telling me Nedeljkovic would come up here and put up 0.842s or worse? Could he be called up? Not sure how that would work re waivers, etc. In other words I don’t know the mechanics of moving kids up and down.... But I’m hard pressed to believe that Ned would come to Raleigh again and be worse than the three we already have in pipes now. And hey, I won’t be offended if you tell me I’m a bumbling, naive fanboy. I been called worse But holy cow!!! Help!
  12. I been saying this for almost two weeks, now. We can get 3 Nylanders for crying out loud and it won’t help 0.842 between the pipes. how do they fix it? Heck if I know, but a Nylander won’t even come CLOSE to righting this ship... ... not even close. its ALL about the G. Argue all you want. But when you post your argument, put 0.842 in the subject line. 0.842! a Nylander will putting a$$es in the PNC seats for about two weeks. Meanwhile our Gs will still be putting up 0.842s.
  13. A conspiracy to send Skinner packing? Please. Here’s a pic for your mancave, bruh
  14. Bad offense??? Dude. SV% against last 4 tilts: fleury 1.0 - darling .88 raanta .941 - mrazek .84 halak .95 - darling .93 greiss .97 - mrazek .90 and don’t say we didn’t generate scoring chances. we simply played against teams with real Gs. our Gs puked on lot of muffins in the last 4 games. period. and you guys dribble about needing another impact-type C. or you bemoan sloppy play out front. or grumble about 18 year old boys trying to play out there with men. OR you lament our slow starts... know something that exacerbates slow starts? Ah... going down 0-1 early in the first. know something that deflates the lads? Working their a$$es right before they see a sofie hit the back of OUR net. know what happens to deflated youngsters? they get the yips. know why we got the yips? BECAUSE WE DONT HAVE A G!!! (well actually we have three...which leads me right back to the top of my post)
  15. FINALLY! Thank you. Elephant in the room, guys!!! It’s a G prob!!!!
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