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  1. I'll give him a little more time than a year to make final judgment regarding the path he plans on taking the team. That being said, it's off to a rocky start with HCRB, GMDW, the salaries offered those positions, Skinner. I hope he's in touch with the loyal fans and realizes that time is of the essence to show us quality on the ice, road sweater colors be ****ed.
  2. Saw that the Blues are making the entire roster available. Tarasenko? Schenn? Both?
  3. While I'm not at all please with the front office, this is farther than I'm willing to go. That would be an egregious error in basic personnel management if true. I imagine there's a big board tracking that along with pending rfa, ufa, and all metrics used to measure players. (at least there better be!)
  4. I agree. We have a severe lack of talent when compared to the true contenders, both on the ice and behind the bench. RB getting thrusted too fast into a position he has no qualifications having will result in the org burning through another HOF ambassador for this team. We seem to have gone from an indifferent owner to a potential sycophant that doesn't yet know what he doesn't know.
  5. If Ecklund is to be believed *insert snarky jokes* Quick is being made available. Injury prone and on the backside of his career, he's still far better than what we've been used to. I'd be willing to explore a Faulk for Quick scenario, which could make sense, again if Eck is to be believed, if they also move Doughty.
  6. Hey Top. I've lurked for quite a while and respect your posts, as well as many, many others. I fail to understand how any sport's organization gets to the point that if fails to realize that we, as fans, simply want to compete. We want to win, no doubt. But, I'll settle with compete.
  7. Here's the problem as I see it. We don't spend any money. Surely the entire front office are not idiots. So, why did we get nothing for Skinner? Because it was made known he wasn't resigning. Why did all high caliber GM's pass and not even care to interview for our opening? Because we don't pay. Y'all we are 20 million below the cap with an owner that is far too meddlesome in operations and far too tight with the checkbook. We have just enough talent to keep us in the picture, but no where near the commitment to win to put us over the top. Harsh, but true. PK did not care if we won. TD? Jury is out. As for the fans? Didn't renew and won't until a commitment is made, both front office, coaching, and personnel. WTH are we doing with RB as the coach? Just burning through another Canes' legend is how I see it. It's pathetic. You give me a few bill and the opportunity to buy the Canes and I promise you, I would hire whomever is considered the brightest GM hockeymind out there and let him do his job. I'd ask questions to be sure, but not leading ones. Sick and tired of 10-11th place in the East. Suck or win ffs.
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