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  1. I'm having to listen on the radio at work. Mike and Tripp are doing well.
  2. Definitely going to be a heated affair on Saturday, Martinook in the post-game scrum talked about having a rivalry and continuing it with this game and going forward. Washington definitely seemed out for blood yesterday, 34 hits, lots of rough stuff away from the puck. Tom Wilson should get an Oscar for the acting job he did on the "high sticking" from Aho.
  3. For what it's worth Dom at the Athletic's model has the Hurricanes winning the Metro this year. He hasn't posted our breakdown yet, but he put up the Pens today and they were projected 2nd in the Metro.
  4. Sources say it's a pure paper move to make them eligible, will return post-deadline.
  5. https://www.thescore.com/nhl/news/1682088 The Tarasenko one has been discussed, I don't know if we've discussed Panarin recently, I do know that he had listed wanting to play in NY or LA but man if we could get him to sign here...
  6. -I think Seguin is a solid piece, however in the mental toughness aspect he could become a locker room albatross if we didn't start winning. -ROR *IS* a locker room albatross, looking at STL to turn it around a'la Colorado and Buffalo if they let him loose, on the other hand maybe if we pulled off the same thing we'd be saying he's what cleansed our bad mojo. -At this point I'm sure there's someone we could dump up there that Bill Peters could magically get to work again, seeing as how our luck has been. -I agree, Lucic is trash, lots of talk and no action.
  7. Not to keep adding salt to the wound, but it is interesting to see what an effective GM can do in terms of drumming up a trade: https://theathletic.com/741336/2018/12/30/what-trading-brandon-manning-means-for-the-blackhawks-now-and-in-the-future/ (tl;dr Manning got moved to the team where he broke the collar bone of the star, and the 'Hawks picked up a solid bottom 6 player and an NHL ready defenseman currently on loan to Sweden). I also follow Chicago, and felt that Manning was going to be one of the many lead-weights that would drag them to the bottom for a while. Now, I'm not saying that this trade "fixed" Chicago, I'm looking at it through the lens of trading Victor Rask.
  8. I think he’d excel in a strength and conditioning role but that’s pretty removed from on-ice decisions.
  9. At the very least our brass isn't publicly imploding quite like Dallas: https://theathletic.com/738047/2018/12/28/stars-ownership-benn-and-seguin-holding-team-back/ *for those without a subscription: Dallas management having an absolute public tantrum and calling players out by name.* Hey Donnie, get on the phone and see if you can get Seguin to walk, maybe he just needs a change of scenery.
  10. I've been seeing a lot of comments online about us trying to pick him back up... I think with as dire as our situation is rapidly becoming, the investing in the hopes of the future isn't the best move.
  11. I wouldn't go so far as to say that, there are quite a few role-players that are having to play above their level. Teams that are missing a piece or two (or more, looking at you LA) would jump at the chance to pick up those said missing pieces and give up nothing in return.
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