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  1. I definitely don't agree with this post. Given their relative ages, skills, and costs, Francis, who drafted him, will leap at the chance to draft Fleury, who is rounding into one very good defender. That is why the Canes need to protect Slavin, Pesce, and Fleury, and work out a deal with Hamilton ahead of time to resign as a UFA. Giving away Fleury after all the years it took to develop him would rate as a huge waste of resources. Or, work out a deal with Francis to incentivize him NOT to pick Fleury.
  2. I am in the TD camp. Spend the money on the players, not the guy singing their praises. Hey, Kaiton called the games for what, 30 years? Which direction has the team gone since his demise? Case closed.
  3. I don't see them pairing Fleury with Pesce, two defensive minded Dmen. I think Fleury plays with Bean and Skjei with Pesce. I would not mind seeing them resign McKeown as the 7th guy.
  4. I agree that anything most professional sports management people say at this juncture is not to be believed, and often stated to throw off the scent. After last year's draft, I am in awe of the Canes draft management personnel, so I have faith they will make prudent decisions. If I had 1 wish I could whisper in their ears, it would be to try and trade UP by trading the 13th pick and Jake Gardiner, even if it was only to the 12th spot. If Askarov has not been picked after pick 11, and he is the Canes guy, then it gives the appearance that the Canes are not willing to take the chance of losing him. In the meantime, losing Gardiner's salary for the next 3 years is a huge bonus in the big picture of resigning Svechnikov, Hamilton, and possibly offering Fleury a long term deal. It would be a sly move IMO.
  5. I am being quoted for something I never said.
  6. I've been following hockey since the early '60's and the Original 6. I would love to know when the Bruins did NOT play this style of game. I saw them play umpteen times in Hartford, and there was never a time they did not bring it. it's their signature.
  7. When we talk about wanting the Canes to take a more physical approach, we are not talking about Joe Frazier on skates. We are talking about players who the other team is looking over their shoulders, getting distracted from their own mission, on the look out for the next big hit. I don't get to see Canes action game to game, merely highlights which I enjoy watching. The player who exhibited this physicality, enough to get the other teams' attention, was Haydyn Fleury. Terrific clean hits. Say what you will about Martin Necas's development this year, and I agree I was wrong about favoring Gauthier over Necas when they left camp, Fleury grew into a 20 minute per game defenseman this season. He may not play on the top 2 defensive lines, because I don't see them pairing him with Pesce, but he nows brings 2nd line talent to the 3rd line. The only other Canes I can think of that bring that kind of hitting to the fore are Martinook and McGinn. Certainly, Ferland, Edmundson, and Tamu have the last couple of years, but they are all gone. I thought Nino was supposed to be that player, but I have not seen much. For me, that is the #1 off season goal, to bring in at least 1 more forward who can distract the opposition with his physicality. Does not have to beat anyone up, although when you bring the hammer, the nail often gets bent out of shape.........
  8. I am pretty sure they had a history prior to Atlanta. I believe they were both associated with the San Diego Gulls in the early '90's.
  9. Exactly. If you don't plan to resign him, the 5th round pick is a gift. If they could get a 7th round pick right now for TVR and another 5th round pick for Vatenen, they would jump on it.
  10. Isn't it interesting that the golden Knights were not a 1 year phenomenon? Here they are playing in the Western Conference Finals. As a side note, the Canes former prospect, Nicholas Roy, has become a fixture in Las Vegas. That should read "it was a mistake to trade him" to my fellow contributors. We have a team filled with fast nifty finesse players and few big guys. Jordan Staal is big, Joel Edmundson is big, Dougie Hamilton is big. Not many Canes play big, and when I look at what it will take to get to the promised land, and I am in fact repeating myself, it is maybe 2 more players that play big. Did our goaltenders lose the Boston series for us? Well, there may have been a couple of soft goals, I grant you. But, besides missing Pesce, it was the general getting out muscled that did the Canes in, IMO. Shipping out a big player like Roy for one year of Haula (which did not last that long), seemed like buying a used Rambler in exchange for some Amazon stock shares, before they were valuable.
  11. The Canes have an affinity for trading down. If their man is not on the board, I can see them trading down 3-4 spots with an eye on Amirov. When they were set to pick at #19, I saw a few mocks predicting Amirov at that slot.
  12. The Whalers once drafted one of them but did not retain his rights for very long: Chris Pronger. I am pretty sure they got the worst of it when they dealt him away.
  13. Try beboplar. I might have t report you to an administrator if you call me bipolar again.......
  14. You are winning me over! Are you in sales?
  15. Good analysis. I do think Hamilton has been a surprisingly better fit for the Canes than either Hanifin or Lindholm. I do think both parties would like to continue their relationship. That said, Hamilton is a professional athlete at the height of his performance curve. After next season he will be at the moment the CBA allows him to sell his services to the highest bidder. Make no mistake, professional athletes seek security in the longest term and highest per year return on their services, because there is not guarantee that they a) won't suffer a career debilitating injury or b) won't suffer a downturn in performance. I can't recall a player jelling with his Canes teammates after being moved twice like Hamilton has. But, as I have said previously, Svechnikov has to be their #1 priority financially, and getting to a number that works for both the Canes and Hamilton is a function, in part, of outside variables such as moving an undesired contract or two.
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