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  1. I have a Whalers sweater from the mid '80's era. When I wear it to San Diego Gulls games (AHL affiliate of the Ducks), you would be amazed how many fans approach me, and some just to touch it. When I go walking in the neighborhood with a Whalers cap, cars have stopped on more than one occasion to engage me in conversation. It is a crazy phenomenon, but even my son in law, who was born and raised in Bakersfield, was wearing a Whalers cap long before he ever met my daughter. Go figure.
  2. Moves such as bringing on Gardiner send a message to such up and coming players such as Fleury, Bean, and McKeown. Give Fleury credit for maintaining good work ethic and earning the trust of management. To some extent he owes injuries to Hamilton and Pesce for getting the opportunity, but he stepped up in a big way when the door opened. When does the door open for Bean? AHL defenseman of the year and low cost, he is on the outside looking in while we discuss whether to add Vatanen (whom no one else has stepped forward to sign) or how to divest from Gardiner's contract, which would take some smooth moves by DW to pull off.
  3. Maybe by you, but it was responded to with a groan and a shake of the head here. Moving de Haan only made sense when his injury was factored in, but signing on Gardiner at a bad price for too long a term and thus blocking the likes of Fleury and Bean short term, was a pure head scratcher. And now you are discussing how to undo that wrong.
  4. I shake my head when I read commentary such as this. Why? a) Gardiner was signed to a bad contract. Not only was it a bad contract when he was signed, it is a far worse contract now. Professional sports teams are behaving WAY more cautiously in terms of writing checks today compared to pre-covid19. Gardiner was on the trading block for about 3 years while in Toronto and no trading partner came forward. If the Canes want to unload 3 years at $4+M per year of his deal, you are not going to see a boy of NHL teams lining up to beat the rush. b) Skjei was acquired in exchange for a 1st and carries a price tag. Why would the Canes be looking to move such a player who was so recently thought highly enough to be acquired at such a high price? c) Why add more depth at a position of strength, and put themselves in a situation of needing to dump Gardiner, thus necessitating a complete salary dump or worse, a contract buy out a la Semin. d) Why take on any more salary when there are two key signings to be accomplished in Svechnikov and Hamilton. If a depth piece is needed in terms of a RH defenseman during the season, what is wrong with Roland McKeown? e) Why would the Canes ever pair Vatanen with Bean, two offensively minded defensemen? Bottom line, IF they could find a trading partner for Gardiner beforehand in a deal that was constructive and not made just for the sake of making news, then and only then would a pursuit of Vatanen make any sense at all for the Canes.
  5. I don't know what all of this debate about Skinner's value has to do with the Canes anymore. Granted, he is a sniper who can find the back of the net. Most teams can probably afford to use up one forward spot to such a 1 dimensional player. Put him on your 1st power play unit and try and hide him defensively. In baseball, players who can hit but not defend can become designate hitters. Hockey does not have a position for 1 dimensional players. If Laine is another 1 dimensional player, then given the alternative of moving forward with him (at cost) versus moving forward the combination of a talented forward (Necas) and a defenseman who has grown into an NHL player who plays a responsible game and hits hard at controlled costs, well, that is not even a question that warrants much evaluation.
  6. Sorry, unless Pesce has become damaged goods, I am not trading Pesce for Laine straight up. Forget the Necas throw in. Why blow up the team when spending that money is going to get in the way of extending two other key players, while discarding a very key player? Seems like a nonsensical conversation.
  7. I agree there will continue to be ties to Carolina with his history playing with Aho. However, with their goals of signing Svechnikov and Hamilton to extensions, bringing on another fat paycheck may not be in the cards.
  8. I was thinking along similar lines of a Mrazek and Gardiner trade for Fleury in an exchange of salary dumps. I think Reimer is only owed something like $850K because of pre payments so he would not constitute a dump.
  9. In these uncertain times, nobody will break the bank, at least relative to their outlook just 12 months ago. Even the NY Yankees are talking about cutting $50M out of their salary base. They have about $74M coming off the books, and with probably spend up to 1/3 of that to retain their AL batting champ 2Bman, DJ LeMahieu, while letting most of the rest walk. Players with players options will all invoke them, such as Giancarlo Stanton, because they realize the market moving forward is just not what it was. Every professional athlete will have to conduct their business with a different outlook than pre-covid. Dougie will get good money, but not as much as he might have. In the end I think he stays in Carolina for a deal that works for both parties.
  10. I suggest, again, that the Canes do not sign Hamilton prior to the expansion draft. With the given of only being able to protect 3 defensemen, I really want them to be Slavin, Pesce, and Fleury. the first two for obvious reasons, and the latter because he is just developing into the early prime of his career. Fleury checks all the boxes for a solid Cane; he is sound defensively, is gaining more confidence offensively, has shown the willingness to inflict hard hits on the opposition, is a good locker room and community guy, and is currently affordable. Giving him up, especially to Ronnie Franchise, after being so patient letting him develop, would amount to a significant waste. From the conversation above, we are not 100% sure Hamilton is signable. I think he is, and I think due to the fact he likes it there and realizes the market is smaller relative to Las Vegas, that the final number will not necessarily match Piet's. Given that Svechnikov is the #1 financial priority anyway, I see the team waiting, working on a handshake deal, and allowing them to keep Fleury. Go ahead, expose Gardiner, expose Skjei, expose Bean, let Ronnie choose from among those 3, and wish Bean well when he is chosen.
  11. I don't know much about this player, but the two things I already like are: 1) He is a RH shooting forward. 2) Ranger fans are reacting as if they expected him to sign for $3.5M and they appear to be perturbed that the Rangers could not find the money that the Canes offered to keep him. I don't see any issue in carrying 13 NHL forwards, now that JW has retired. If anyone was to go, I think it would be Dzingel. Mostly because I am not used to typing "z" after "D". It's unAmerican I tell ya, lol.
  12. Canes were never going to do anything early. Maybe some kind of depth signing(s). Not much wiggle room with the status quo and eye towards Svechnikov and Hamilton signings.
  13. I agree with your expansion draft outlook. I have made my position clear for about 6 months now that the best play would be to reach a hand shake agreement with Hamilton for an extension, but not sign him prior to the expansion draft, allowing the team to protect Slavin, Pesce, and Fleury as the 3 defensemen. They have developed Fleury patiently, and he is rounding into a hard hitting, dependable blue liner, at a still reasonable cost. Skjei's and Gardiner's costs may scare off Seattle. I don't see them being able to sign Hamilton ahead of free agency anyway, so this is the best case scenario if they can pull it off. I believe Martinook will be a free agent, so Geekie and Foegele may indeed be #'s 6 and 7. Bringing back Marty would be nice though. It is possible Bean will end up being picked.
  14. Unless there is space created by a contract deletion (see Gardiner, Dzingel, and Nino), I am not sure if they even watching. Even without JW, the team already has 12 NHL forwards, with potential competition for roster spots from Suzuki, Bokk, and Drury. We are well aware of the depth the team holds on the backline and the two NHL goalies under contract plus Ned. What would they be fishing for? Well, maybe a physical forward, but with the contract bridge deal due Svechnikov much of the $3-4M cap space will get eaten up.
  15. I am not so much drawn to the points and scoring as to his skating. Do you remember those electric football games where the players buzzed around the electrified football fields in every which direction? Jarvis looks like a skating dynamo version of that. He is fast, changes directions on a dime, and seems like he can go forever like the Eveready rabbit. I see him being on the #1 penalty kill line. He is not the physical guy I was hoping for, but he really goes after the puck. Add to the fact that he is a RH shot, and I think the Canes NAILED it. With Necas, Trochek, and Geekie on board and Bokk and Jarvis in the pipeline, the Canes are finally going to be somewhat balanced in a couple of years. Two years ago JW was the only RH forward on the squad, which I don't think plays well. Well done, Canes.
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