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  1. Dineen, who was my favorite Whaler and about as hard nosed on the ice as the team had to offer, is now coaching the San Diego Gulls, the AHL affiliate of the Ducks. We have seats in the lower bowl and I am amazed every time I see him walk across the ice to the team's bench how small he looks. He was a terror on the ice, did not take cr_p from anybody.
  2. 1) I don't know any more than anyone else on this site. 2) Hockey is a fan based sport. The energy the crowd generates at the rink MAKES the game special. This is the main reason hockey has never caught on as a TV sport; not the "it's too hard t follow the puck on the screen" argument. 3) Playing in empty arenas the players would not bring the same energy and enthusiasm. 4) The 2019/2020 season is over. "Who says so?" The VOICE OF REASON. Not only would playing again endanger the lives of the players, arena workers, officials, staff, etc., but the games would not have much meaning to the absent fans. 5) Focus should be on the 2020/2021 season and how to make that safe and how to get life at the facilities back to normal. I don't even believe a normal 2020/2021 season can and should be expected. Just because some states are "reopening" to various degrees does not insure any safety whatsoever. Gov't officials bend to the wills of their electorate. That does not mean as restaurants reopen you will see me, my family, or my friends frequenting them. I do NOT believe NEXT season will be normal from start to finish. 6) I don't know any more than anyone else on this site.
  3. Unless I am misunderstanding when these proposed deals are occurring, we won't have the rights to TVR to be trading. He will be a UFA.
  4. There are so many variables at play here that it is impossible to speculate on what players will be drafted by the Canes. IMO two things seem apparent: 1) They will draft a forward in the 1st round. Hey, the owner wants that and the roster dictates that. 2) There will be a trade that affects the Canes' draft position/tool box. It is imperative that the Canes make room for and reward those players they have invested in and trained to be NHL players. In my mind two players that earned roles on next year's squad as regulars are Haydn Fleury and Morgan Geekie. If you look at the Canes defense, they have Slavin, Hamilton, Pesce, Brady, Fleury, and Gardiner on the big squad under contract, TVR, Edmondson, and Vatenen are UFAs, and Bean and Keane ready for promotion. I don't see them signing one of the UFAs just to be a 7th guy, so all 3 of them may be gone. I believe either Keane or Bean should be promoted. What else does Bean have to prove at the AHL level? It just so happens only Pesce and Hamilton are RHded, which could give Keane an advantage, but that may not dictate who wins a spot. SO, not to sound like a broken record, but I see the Canes moving Gardiner to create roster space, financial space, and upgrade their draft position. I don't see them getting an overwhelming return, but I am ok with that. A 2nd round pick, and financial relief that allows them some space to invest in Hamilton and Svech would be fine with me.
  5. I want to say that I don't care for politics whatsoever. I disdain party association and believe it would be beneficial to our society if political parties were disbanded. When politicians such as Mitch McConnell start pushing for sports to be restarted on the basis of nothing more than $ being pushed into his pockets, politics unfortunately ventures into the world of sports. When politicians make comments such as "more deaths occur on our roads than have been associated with covid19 and we don't shut roads down do we?", well one does start to wonder whether Americans are really in control of who we elect, and not outside forces. This is about as political as I can get, so my apologies if I am crossing the line here. Gov Chistie's comments about we need to accept death as the cost in order to start up the economy, well, Mr. Christie, can I please nominate you and your family to lead the way. In my geographic world I have been so proud of the politicians that have lead a responsible recovery to the pandemic. I have foregone my season tickets to the San Diego Gulls season as a cost that I am willing to bear. Players, fans, and others working in arenas and stadiums should not be put in harms way just to line the pockets of the few and mighty.
  6. Nothing much going on so I thought I would thrill you all with some more woodworking. I have been working on a TV tray design and these 8 are from Phase 2. This phase featured colored decks (2 shades of green and yellow) ebony stained bases, and yellow, green and gray sides. Side have 3 profile; either straight, convex, or concave. Phase 3, which has 6 units, should be done by the end of the weekend. They will feature clear finished decks, black painted bases, and various shades of purple sides. Enjoy.
  7. When the head of the CDC states that there will be a second, potentially more devastating wave of the corona virus in the fall/winter in tandem with the flu season, the case for shutting down sports and other non essential activities is made. Think of all of the critics talking about how health officials warned about the current break out 3 months ahead of time and their wisdom was wisked away and ignored. If you have any respect for the seriousness of this situation and to the athletes themselves, you will just allow this to play out and do without sports for 2020. It's over when the fat lady sings, and folks, she is screaming.
  8. I have not posted anything besides "the lighter side" in some time. Conversations about restarting seasons in hockey and basketball and starting the season in baseball with notions of holding them in empty arenas or Grapefruit and Cactus leagues just seem to ignore the health and safety of the players. Can this society just manage to put sports on the back burner until such time as public health officials deem the activity and the events as safe for our communities, our fans, our athletes. I was happy to read Mike Trout proclaim this exact message to owners and union officials who are trying to figure out a way to move forward. Public health officials predict this country will undergo a second and potentially more devastating wave of illness and death in the fall when the virus occurs n tandem with the flu season. Until this thing is whipped, this is the new norm. And it is ok. Develop some new interests, make the most of every day, keep busy, just don't fall back to old habits that promote the spread of this disease. If we as a country can not sacrifice this season of hockey, this season of basketball, this season of baseball, this season of football, and so on and so forth, then it may be next year's seasons that we are talking about not starting up either. Respect the players, let them be safe, let them be with their families. We, the fans, will welcome them back when the time is right. Friends, the time is NOT right.
  9. I always believed "sand" was a 4 letter word. I was making 6 contemporary Adirondack chairs out of Douglas Fir, based upon a design I'd seen in Sunset magazine many years ago. My wife, who I was dating at the time, said she would love to help out sanding them with me. Obviously, there was some code language being expressed there. Translation, we will go down to the shop, and I will show you how I can sand (for a period not to exceed 5 minutes), and then you will take me out to dinner. Funny me, I thought she was there to help me make in roads in the sanding task. Obviously, your stools are very pretty. Is there a not to exceed weight limit for users? I made a stool once out of ash and walnut. It is bulky compared to yours, but it has been knocking around here for 25 years. Btw, those Adirondack chairs still sit in our back yard around the fire pit.
  10. I owe my passion for woodworking to two parties: 1) Working as a VISTA Volunteer doing business consulting to Native American artisans for a year, observing the joy they got from working with their hands. 2) Two books I read by James Krenov, inspiring prospective woodworkers with his soulful outlook. I've made two lamp tables that are Nakashima knockoffs. The swiss army knife base is also a Nakashima knockoff. Probably everything else I have designed is original. OK for today's offering I give you a bentwood globe stand that has survived since building it in a 1 car garage shop in Santa Monica in 1982.
  11. It's been 40 years since I took that class, and I can't recall anything about the instructor, EXCEPT he took us on a field trip to the home and shop of Sam Maloof in Alta Loma and we were given a tour by the master himself. I can still visualize stacks of rocker parts laying all over his Unisaw, and his two trusted apprentices working away on rockers. Even then, he had a 4 year waiting list. Let me offer another piece. Back in 1962 I collected the complete Topps baseball set. It sat in a cardboard box for close to 40 years, until I built this custom display case for it. Enjoy.
  12. I like the design of the legs, very Art Deco. I am curious about the top; with the type of joinery and it being all solids, will it end up cracking from expansion and contraction? Does it get humid in your neck of the woods? I can appreciate it took some work, so I applaud. If you liked the camera, you may like this Swiss Army knife.
  13. I also taught an adult education woodworking class for about 3 years in a suburb of Hartford, CT, South Windsor. Coming from a professional background where I have seen several experienced craftsmen lose digits around shapers and table saws mostly, I stressed safety around the equipment and probably didn't let any of the students cut their own work for the first few sessions. These were always night classes, and well before the age of cellular phones. I am most proud of the fact that none of the students got injured over the course of those 3 years.
  14. I once took a one 3 Dimensional Wood Design class at Cal State Northridge (only class I ever took there). The teacher challenged us to take a man made object and blow it up in wood. The results were later displayed in an art gallery at Cal State Long Beach. About 5 years later, having moved back to CT and become a Whalers fan again, I made the tripod that the camera (based upon my Pentax ME Super) sits on. There are the biggest hand dovetails I have ever made.
  15. Well, seeing that there's no hockey to talk about (well I have been looking at mock drafts....), here is another offering on the woodworking side of our site. This table is made from Wenge, Bubinga, and Sapele Pommele.
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