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  1. Parity. Defined as the NHL, a sports league where any team has a reasonable opportunity to beat any other team on any given day. Instituted to keep fans interested in their teams' prospects for making the playoffs for the maximum amount of time and $$ possible. League officials are always coming up with re-designs to augment the plan. Parity.
  2. The 5-0 start is only relevant if it promotes good work habits and provides positive reinforcement for playing the system the coaching staff is designing. The start will surely put a bullseye on the Canes' sweaters, and all comers will be looking to take them down now. Hopefully that does not lead to any unnecessary injuries, but don't be surprised if it does. We all saw what having a stupendous regular season W-L record did for Tampa in the playoffs last season, so I put more stock into building chemistry for later on than chalking up points.
  3. Excited to see Gauthier's name in the lineup. I think this is a good line for him to start with, players he is familiar with from Charlotte.
  4. As I referenced previously, back in the early '80's, the Whalers drafted Sylvain Turgeon, a left winger, with the #2 overall pick in the draft. Sound familiar. His career never went as expected after he incurred a lengthly abdominal injury. Think Andrei Svechnikov basically getting injured about now and having a mediocre career.
  5. I said it but I did not quote it. I don't think Pesce would campaign for it, but he is a solid citizen, always leads the plus/minus parade, plays on a different D line than Slavin (except for penalty kill) and I would think is well respected.
  6. Pesce deserves it. Been here longer than Aho or TT.
  7. I remember in the early '80s, the "franchise" (have to be careful with you non-Whaler fans) drafted Sylvain Turgeon with the 2nd pick of the entire draft. Early in his career he had an abdominal injury. We were all thinking that was a minor event, but he was out for what seemed the better part of a whole season, and never lived up to the expectations that the team and fans had put on him.
  8. Parity is defined by the Merriam Webster dictionary as "See NHL" and explained "The team with the worst record in the NHL can beat the team with the best record any day of the week".
  9. The NHL is the ultimate league of parity. The 3-0 record the Canes have rightly earned could just as easily been 0-0-3. Not having watched and just looking at the stat sheet, the interesting thing about game 3 is outshooting the Lightning 3-1 and having to come back. It's a long season, great to have such a high compete level out of the box, but need to realize the Canes will be on the opposite side of these results also.
  10. Adam Fox played 12+ minutes as 1 of 7 D men for the Rangers last night.
  11. Not the line combinations I would have predicted, but anything goes in Game 1. I think that the 4th line is constructed to mainly play special teams; Necas on PP, Foegele and Wallmark on PK. Svechnikov-Staal-TeravainenNiederreiter-Aho-McGinnDzingel-Haula-MartinookFoegele-Wallmark-Necas
  12. That was it. The Canes could not match Boston's physical intensity. They had their moments, Rask was very good, but the Bruins were not going to be denied. I have been watching the Bruins play since the '60's, and they have always come with that intensity. Losing JW and Ferland takes a big chunk out of the Canes toughness. I hope JW takes his time then returns with all he has for one last run.
  13. Exactly! The Canes roster as it stands right now may do damage in the regular season but everyone saw what wins in the playoffs. Boston and St. Louis, Washington and San Jose, teams with toughness advance. It so happens that teams got by the latter two, but in both cases it was an upset and very close. I think the team will make some adjustments along the way maybe add JW, maybe add a piece at the trade deadline. If not, I don't see the Canes repeating last season's accomplishments.
  14. Thus when TVR comes off the IL, the Canes go over the cap. Is that just a financial penalty? If Fleury goes to the bench, they can not send him down to Charlotte.
  15. There's a reason Wayne Gretzky always had a bodyguard. Trust me, nobody was catching he and his right wing.
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