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  1. I agree, plus he is a RH shooter. They didn't trade anybody they can not replace and they picked up someone with term who has some upside and had worn out his welcome in FLA.
  2. My initial reaction was that Carolina gave up a lot. Have analyzed for another 30 seconds, haha, I think it is a good trade for both sides. The players the Canes gave up: Haula: UFA, knee concerns, gonna cost some bucks to sign, so they were probably going to let him walk. Wallmark: He has been a good role player. That said, with the likes of Suzuki, Drury, Geekie, and others in the fold, he is a player we can replace in house. Priskie: The writing was on the wall when they acquired the RH Dman from the Rangers. Eetu: With this year's draft, he may never had made the parent club. I will take this trade for a RH shooting #2 center. Well done.
  3. I think he is this year's Andrew Poturalski. Will give his all, not get a call, then pack bags for greener pastures. Unfortunately for Andrew P, he has spent most of this season injured here in San Diego, but you get the point.
  4. If Pesce is down they should call up McKeown. RH shooting defensive defenseman, seasoned, not prone to mistakes.
  5. There may have been more illegal goalie pads (size) than sticks. Neither violation compares to what the Astros and Red Sox did.
  6. Agree 100%. $ are the highest priority. Not unlike baseball. Back in the day, one team won the pennant from each league and played the World Series to decide on a champion. Then each leagues split into 2 divisions and a playoff system started. Then there were 3 divisions which predicated a Wild Card winner. Then there were 2 wild card winners to have a 1 game playoff to decide THE wild card winner to have an opponent for the #1 seed. It has become all about selling tickets and advertising for the longest amount of time for the greatest number of contenders. Then there came cheating. Well, at least we have yet to see that in this sport........
  7. The team is soft. The team does not have a lot of big bodies. Staal is a big body but not a "heavy". Edmundson is a big body and I like having him on the team. Gauthier is a guy who could take up some room in front of their goalies. The Canes have a lot of skill/small/finesse forwards. They are not 1, but at least 2 power forwards away from being a legitimate contender. Trading Gauthier looks like throwing in the towel, and they might as well continue on that course through the deadline.
  8. Been saying this all season; then they trade Gauthier to the Rangers. What a waste.
  9. Kase is about to be traded to Boston for a _____, a _____, and a _____.
  10. Seriously, who do you think the Canes can acquire at the trade deadline to replace Hamilton?
  11. I don't understand. Do the Canes not have the deepest pool of defensive prospects playing at Charlotte? Right side, left side, there are 5 or 6 to choose from. Why trade for another?
  12. It's hard for us fans to know what the heck is going on here. We have a whole shopping aisle of defensive prospects to the point that guys like McKeown and Priskie will probably run for the hills at their first opportunity. My vision of how this team takes the next step clearly includes not only one but two power forwards. Luckily, until today, the team had invested several years in the development of one of those two in house. They have to be thinking about the expansion draft or something like that, because the Canes seem like they took a step in the opposite direction from where they have to travel to be a real "contenda".
  13. OK, he was going to have to clear waivers. Is there something wrong with the concept of actually having a 1st round power forward who has paid his dues and is blossoming actually play for the team?
  14. Am I reading that right? 4 Boston dates, 3 Pittsburgh dates, a St. Louis date, 2 Islander dates? Whose brilliant design was that? To answer your question, my mantra is that the Canes, and any team, can beat any team any night of the schedule. There are not too many gimmees, and the Canes do not capitalize on the weaker teams anyway, so it's not the schedule that is of issue. What counts is that even IF the Canes rise to the occasion and squirm into the post season as a #7 or 8 seed, they don't have the make up to survive a 1st round match up against a #1 or 2 seed. Thus, the Canes should do what is best for them at this deadline in order to best improve their outlook for being a team that can go deep into the playoffs next season. I would like to see them get their financial pic in a position where extending both Svechnikov and Hamilton is within reason. I would like to see them give Ned, Gauthier, and their young Dmen a shot if decent offers come in for guys like NN, Petr, and Gardiner. Those type of moves would be the positive steps I would support, not going out and mortgaging the future to add someone who might get them into the playoffs and help them get 1 extra win in a losing cause.
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