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    2019 Playoffs

    I saw the penalty and quotes from Vegas players. IMO, the penalty was WAY more warranted than Ferland's game misconduct in game 1. IMO, Ferland's hit was a clean forecheck to the shoulder that nailed Nick Dowd good while he was still pursuing the puck. The cross check last night was not only real, but the subsequent "assist" by Stastny caused further damage. Vegas giving up 4 goals during the 5 minute major? Sorry, I don't know that they deserve to move on to the next round. I hope nothing stupid happens tonite as regards calls that affect the outcome of the game. May the best team (and I believe that is the Canes) win this series. Also, stop whining about Oshie. The Canes have lost more games to injuries to key players in the series than the Caps have.
  2. I believe Bishop played for Charlotte on Saturday night. One of the primary reasons for the Canes' turnaround this year has been a physical presence that was lacking in prior years. That started with the acquisition of Martinook, then Ferland, then Svechnikov. With all 3 missing n game 5, you saw the results. I really thought they would bring someone up who can bang bodies and be a physical presence such as Gauthier or Roy, or maybe Turco. I suspect there are contract considerations. Maybe Turco can not be called up. Maybe calling up Gauthier affects his expansion draft status. Not sure, but when I read that the Canes have to come out with all cylinders firing tonite by another poster, let's be honest, we are missing some cylinders. We can win, but we don't have the same horses.
  3. Ronnie Franchise did so much to build this team, I hope you are not bashing him. Hard to read. The likes of Aho, Turbo, Foegle, Wallmark, Pesce, Slavin, Faulk (?), Fleury, and a slew of the Charlotte guys, all have Ronnie's finger prints on them. Not to mention the assets received from Calgary for Ronnie's picks Hanifan and Lindholm. I have followed Ronnie since he was drafted in 1980. He brought the patience to the organization that has breaded a deep farm system.
  4. Calgary was eliminated in a blowout to the Avs last night, and lost its series 4-1. After its fast start and domination of the Western Conference, much was said about the Calgary/Carolina trade and coaching changes. For the record, since Jan 1 the Canes have been the better team. It isn't possible to make a definitive judgement on the trade, even now, because of ongoing variables, such as Fox's status and trade return value, Ferland's future, and Hamilton signing an extension. I do know, at least for me, that since the night Elias Lindholm dissed the Canes and their fans after the Storm Surge, I did not care how far they went. The culture of the Canes locker room and fandom was forever changed for the better with the changes, and the future looks bright.
  5. Win or lose this series, the Canes are HUGE winners. To win last night without Ferland, Svechnikov, and much of the night Martinook against a physical Caps team, was large now, and for the future. It must be getting real because their fans and their announcers are looking for more advantages, such as getting Foegle banished. They got a 5 minute penalty and game misconduct from the Ferland check, that, IMO, was the gift of 1 game. I don't see Ferland returning this series, I don't think it wise to allow Svechnikov to return this series, and though he will do everything he can to, I don't know if Martinook goes in game 5. Cap fans, and coach, are crying they may be down 1 player for game 5. Good news is that our D is fully restored and Mrazek is on his game, so therein lies hope that we can steal a close game in D.C.
  6. These injuries are thinning up the depth chart. Samu will probably be called on to step into Martinook's 3rd line shoes. We could really use Ferland about now. Hoping Jordan Staal has a great 3rd period.
  7. Just catching up. I see he went out with a lower body injury and won't return. 3 power forwards down. That is a tough setback.
  8. This is very true. Forget 5-0, this game is 0-0. Play this game as if we were down 2-0 in the series. One shift at a time, one period at a time. Play to our strengths, definitely do not go looking for fisticuffs to compensate for Svechnikov. I think we have a very good chance to win this game if we play our game, even without Svechnikov and Ferland.
  9. I think one issue is that Bishop may be injured, but I am not sure. It does not matter that much either way. Brown is a good leader, good character, solid body, can plug into the 4th line, hopefully not prone to mistakes, give the team some minutes. Good choice. They have bigger bodies such as Gauthier and Roy, but this situation might be overwhelming for them.
  10. Whoever they call up, if they play, is not going to get important minutes. Saku will come back to the lineup, so the question is whether Ferland, and also, de Haan, be available for this game. If Ferland has only 5 shifts, then plug in Brown. He will only play about 8 - 9 minutes, but he is solid and experienced. He is not going to light up the lamp, but he won't get walked over either.
  11. I agree with your post. I have been surfing websites looking for an update on Svech's status, and I can't find one but I keep running into the replay of the fight. It was a crazy blitz of fists back and forth. The sickening part is to see Ovechkin's right pounding Svechnikov about a foot off the ice on his way down to slamming his head. Maybe you say he could not stop that punch. BS. You have to go pretty far to follow through with a punch while the other combatant is heading south in a hurry. The commish was in the stands. Talk about player safety issues. It is one thing to argue back and forth whether Ovechkin is a dirty player. And then there is the he said/he said who wanted to fight whom. All that aside, pounding the opponent with a punch as he is falling to the ice defines the player safety issue. I don't expect to see Svechnikov on the ice again this season. If the commish does not have the czar of player safety look at the punch on the way down, my respect for him is gone.
  12. Winning is a high for sure. Watching the beat down on Svechnikov is sickening. We will have to see what becomes of him in the future. It would not surprise me if we have seen the last of him this season, and if that is the worst of it and he can return next season the same player, we should be happy. Ferland's absence, especially after Svech's altercation, remains a mystery. He is on this team to be a physical presence. If he can't there is no point in suiting him up. If both Svechnikov and Ferland are out, then I would like to see them call up Poturalski and Gauthier.
  13. Did you see a replay of Joe Thornton's head check to the Vegas player? That was a direct hit to the head, when the player no longer had the puck, and Thornton received a 2 minute minor. MUCH more intent and contact. No 5 minutes, no game misconduct. The league officials are guilty of misconduct when Ferland's actions cost the rest of the game to the Canes, and Thornton's cost 2 minutes.
  14. I am jealous. Have a great time at the game. I still recall going to many in Hartford in the '80s, and the excitement is electric. Every minute is a learning experience for this mostly young team. They have to win a game to make these playoffs a building experience. I think they will, and maybe 2. I still think the Ferland call in game 2 cost the Canes a serious chance to win the series. Coming home 1-1 would have put a ton of pressure on the Caps.
  15. I agree. Hamilton's hit had more malintent to it than Ferland's. Hamilton brought his elbow deliberately up to the head, although the contact seemed insignificant compared to the response. Hamilton deserved a penalty, and maybe even got off lightly. Ferland's play, well, this is the reason we fans want Ferland on our team. Dowd went down, to the bench, seemed fine, had to be coaxed into making a trip to the locker room, returned faster than going through a drive-thru with no one in line. Ferland's play should have been featured on a highlight reel for the day's play, not earned a game misconduct. I am not giving up on this series one bit. The Canes played the Caps on their home turf Even Steven. If the Canes lose the series, I will look at this call as the turning point, and if they come back to win it, it will be having to overwhelm what I believe was a terrible call on a great play. Your points are spot on about the guy's head was down and Ferland's shoulder did not come up. Dowd is still making a play, so even if Ferland came from New Jersey, Dowd is fair game. I can watch the replay 100 times or 1,000, my opinion will not change.
  16. Ferland laid a shoulder into Dowd's. It was a solid hit, and hockey is a contact sport. He did not go after his head, he did not attack him from behind, he did not board him. Losing Ferland's intensity may have well cost the Canes this game, plain and simple. Suspend him? For what? Seriously, the official should be suspended. The Canes do not play dirty. There are players in this league that border on that, including Orpik. It's a drag to lose this game, but even worse to have Orpik get etc game winner.
  17. I don't know what you're talking about. I have been watching pro hockey since the '60's, and that was a solid check. Dowd made it look worse by leaning his head forward, but I have watched the replay 3 times, and Ferland shouldered Dowd's shoulder. Did you see Rod go berserk after the call? Terrible call. They have guys out there like Orpik and Wilson. What do you think this is, pee wee hockey? Geez.
  18. I just watched the replay of the check that earned Ferland his game misconduct. Forget the game misconduct, that play should not have even been called a penalty. Ferland's shoulder went straight into Dowd's, and maybe Dowd should have been called for embellishment, if anything. Lost of our most physical player for almost the entire game due to a poor call by the official. The review player's actions for suspensions. The league should review this call, and the ref should be suspended for a game.
  19. Keep your chins up. The Canes just lost in OT on the road against the defending SC champions. Last year at this time they were clearing out their lockers, having exit interviews, on their way to tee times. Character building for a young team. I did not get to watch. Did Ferland get a game misconduct? Did Fleury get hurt?
  20. Alex Nedeljkoric was named 1st team all AHL. His time to play for the Canes is next year. I can see them resigning Petr as primary and using Ned for about 30 starts. Andrew Poturalski was named 2nd team all AHL. He has not gotten a sniff of a call up. I suspect he will leave the organization. No mention of Roland McKewon or Jake Bean to 1st or 2nd team, but Jake did make the All Rookie team.
  21. beboplar


    Once again, I believe the best mindset is one shift at a time, one period at a time, one game at a time. With players such as Orpik and Wilson on their side, I don't believe for one second they are above creating a series changing dirty play. Given a chance to play pure hockey, with a very good defense that is a key in the playoffs, and with some veteran leadership such as Staal and Williams, and their own toughness in the form of Ferland, Martinook, Nino, Svechnikov, and lots of speed, the Canes have a chance to play the Caps closely. The Canes physical players need to stay on the ice. If Orpik or Wilson injures one of them on a dirty play, I want to see the league step in and suspend them for the rest of the series.
  22. The Canes had the For Sale sign on the front lawns of 3 properties last summer: Skinner, Rask, and Faulk. Not much interest in any. I have been following this team since the Whalers were in the WHA, and I can tell you I have never been more surprised by ANY deal they have made in that time than the Nino/Rask trade. They have a lot of flexibility this off season to build on what has been a great transition year. I'm so excited I am buying my grand daughter some Whalers gear for her 1st birthday!
  23. Honestly, I am surprised Jeff Skinner is getting one ounce of attention on this Canes forum. The Canes were determined to bring a change of culture to a team that had not made the playoffs in 9 years, when it tried all summer to unload him. They must have been looking to supplant one dimensional players such as Skinner with players with a more physical make-up such as Martinook, Ferland, and later, Nino. It wouldn't matter if Skinner scored 60 goals. The end result, without him, is a team that earned 99 points; amazing! They were only giving up one season, as they had no intention of resigning him. While they have moved Pu on, maybe something will come from the picks, as one of them is early in the 2nd round.
  24. The Rangers have three 1st round picks this June; their own (top 6), Winnipeg's (around #23), and Tampa's (last). I don't think anything less than the Winnipeg pick would be an acceptable exchange for Fox. Ranger fans think he can be had for a 2nd or 3rd round pick, but that is a joke. That is like us saying Fox and our 1st round pick (#21) for the top Ranger pick. That would work.
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