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  1. First of all, Staal has to be protected, since he has a NMC. Second, you have 5 players on your list whose contracts will be over in 2 years or less(Dzingel, Haula, Nino, Hamilton, and Mrazek). If you want a list of players under contract, I would go with: Staal Aho Turbo Svech Necas +2 Slavin Pesce Bean +1 (Ned?) Suzuki and other draft picks may not need to be protected. Hard to predict who will be extended two years out.
  2. If that is true, then it is imperative that the Canes don't try to low ball JW. If it is a 1 year deal, it should be in the $4.5-5M range. Once again, in order to do so, and most on this board seem to really want JW here to continue the transformation of this team into a perennial contender, then the team needs to move a contract. If they could move Reimer and his $3.4M deal, I believe they would, but the trade partner would probably want Carolina to pick up part of the tab. Moving TVR's $2-2.5M deal may be easier. If McGinn gets the $2.7M he asked for today, I would say try and move that contract. Then again, I can not see where he is worth more than Martinook at $2M. In any case, they need to shuffle the deck and come up with a few bucks.
  3. McKeown is a steady defender, always on the plus side of +/-, and seems like the perfect budget candidate to man the right side of the 3rd defensive line. I have been saying this for close to a year. While TVR's contract is not big, somewhere in the $2-2.5M range, I don't see that much fall off moving his contract and moving McKeown in. That money could make the difference this year sorting out a decent JW deal plus the remaining RFAs. Next year Marleau's hit will be off the books, but in the short run something needs to give, and TVR's deal is one option, with Reimer's being the other.
  4. The reason Ronnie Franchise is perfect for a start up is that essentially he has done it before. When he took over the Canes from JR the farm system was bare. He drafted well, traded well, all with an eye for the long run. I doubt the Seattle franchise will replicate what Las Vegas did in their initial year, and letting him go after TD bought the Canes was probably right. Being from Hartford originally and a Whaler fan from the get go, I am very pleased to see both Ronnie and Kevin Dineen land on their feet. Only wished the Canes had hired Dineen.
  5. McKeown has been a leader in the Plus/Minus category wherever he has played. In 2017-2018, he was +34 for Charlotte. In the same year, he played 10 games for the Canes, and was +3, with 3 assists. In 2018-2019, he was +30 for Charlotte, not getting a call up (reminds me of Andrew Poturalski). If you want to talk about a good value, bringing him up to play in place of TVR, how much fall off will there be versus a couple of million dollars of savings. Isn't McGinn asking for something like $3.2M, and the Canes are offering $1.7M? They gave Martinook $2M, so it should end up looking something like that. Under normal circumstances, that sounds like a figure they could live with, but having to sign several RFAs, and wanting to bring back JW, something has to give. For those who suggest JW who offer a discount in order to better the team, forget that. It is a grind, and they are looking for JW to lead this team. His salary needs to be in the $4-5M range, so again, something has to give.
  6. I have to admit when they made the Toronto trade to take on Marleau's cap hit in exchange for a 1st rounder, it seemed shrewd. Who knew the Canes would come a cap team? Toronto's pick may end up being in the 25-30 range, so I may have to rethink my opinion.
  7. This is an educated guess, but I believe that the Canes have to assign any of them to the Checkers out of training camp should they fail to make the Carolina roster. I think that pretty much relegates Bean to Charlotte for the year unless he gets an emergency call up. I think McKeown is too good as a potential 3rd line defender to just give away, and I don't see them giving away Fleury either. Carrick has been pretty good too. And then there is Forsling. What to do? Although TVR has been very good for the Canes, you only have to look at de Haan to understand that has its limits. Trading his $2M (or is it $2.5M) contract will kill 2 birds with 1 stone (cap and roster issues).
  8. JW has no present salary as he is an unsigned FA. I really would like to see the Canes sign him, which combined with the unsigned RFAs and 2 in arbitration, put them over the cap. Reimer, TVR, and possibly McGinn if he is awarded too much are trade candidates.
  9. Fleury is not waiver exempt, so they can't send him to Charlotte without losing his rights. Bean is waiver exempt, I am not sure about Forsling, McKeown, and Carrick. With 5 NHL defensemen on the roster plus Fleury, if a couple of these soon to be signed RFAs are made available they may be scooped up by another organization. If that is the case, and being so close to the cap, I am not sure if they will try to move TVR.
  10. Your center lineup is probably the depth chart going into camp, but I would put Wallmark in with the set of players who have to earn their positions. If JW plays, they will have 13 forwards already, including no rookies such as Necas, Gauthier, Geekie etc. to vie for jobs. With that in mind, I can see a scenario where Wallmark could be #13 or worse (if one of the rookies goes batty at training camp), and Martinook ends up playing center on the 4th line. Wallmark did have a pretty good season at face offs, which would endear him to the coaching staff, but nothing is for sure.
  11. I suggested the team hire Kevin Dineen as coach. Today the Ducks hired him to take over behind the bench for the San Diego Gulls, their AHL affiliate. Loved Dineen as a player, and now get to see him coach again as I live in San Diego. Checkers missed out.
  12. Great question. Canes management called up practically every other forward prospect from Charlotte, and have since seen many of them either traded (Saarela and Roy) or leave voluntarily (Pot, Brown, and Jurco. I don't blame Pot for leaving. He never got a sniff, and there is nothing for him to prove at Charlotte. Going to the Ducks organization, I suspect he will make the team out of training camp, but if he does not, I will get to see him play for the San Diego Gulls. Someday the Canes will have a RH shooting forward on the team not named JW; Necas and Gauthier, for example.
  13. Can I just add, for all who have whined that Aho wanted to be a Hab, what a great signing that offer sheet was for the Canes. Cost controlled for the next 5 years, head in the game, not worrying about contract status on Day 1 of training camp, while other high end RFAs such as Marner, Pointe, Laine, Trouba, and Rantenen are at home worried about what kind of deal their agents are going to get for them? They are probably saving at least $1M per year for the next 5 on Aho, and while that may not sound like much, look how close to the cap they have crept with the Dzingel signing.
  14. The Canes essentially took de Naan's and Ferland's dollars and added Haula and Dzingel. If JW returns, that results in a net +30 goals or so, which is not a bad thing. The addition of Dzingel, though, makes me think Necas will spend the winter in Charlotte. I see an opportunity for Saku to jump into the role played by Ferland and keep some of the bodies off Aho and Turbo. Management has had an A+ off season, beginning with a great draft and signing back both Petr and Aho, along with adding 2 skilled forwards. They have some work to do, but this is a better team on Day 1 of training camp than last year.
  15. Having signed Dzingel to a team friendly, IMO, contract, a huge part of your question relies upon JW's decision. I think we would all like to see him return for one more season, and if he does, he deserves something along the lines of a $5M deal. If that is a given, then management needs to consider moving 1 or 2 contracts. As you remarked, who woulda thunk it? If they can move Reimer's $3.4M in trade for a prospect or pick(s), that is a good money dump. I don't see McKeown's name on your list, but I have said for a couple of year's he may be a value alternative to TVR. The response has always been that we don't need to lose TVR's $, but right now it would not hurt, if there is not much fall off to the 3rd defensive line. Depending on how much McGinn ends up with in arbitration, he is another possible trade candidate if JW resigns. I like his energy and play on the PK, though, so hopefully it won't come to that. Reimer's contract going away would about seal the deal.
  16. With Marleau's cap hit and this signing, cap space is getting a bit thin if JW comes back, considering the other RFA's that need to be signed. I wondering if they try to trade Reimer and his $3.4M contract.
  17. I agree with you on Necas. I think JW will come back for one more season though, with a lineup of: Svech-Aho-Turbo Nino-Haula-Dzingel Foegele-Staal-JW Martinook-Wallmark-McGinn/Saku
  18. Don't leave Saku out of the picture. With Ferland gone, I think he becomes a key player.
  19. The past few days I was thinking JW might be leaning towards retirement because the team had not done enough to warrant his return and any realistic chance to better last season's accomplishments. If anything, I think this signing may be the incentive JW was looking for to return. They have a lot of left wingers now, with Dzingel, Nino, Foegel, Martinook, Svech, and McGinn. I think the last two switch over to the right side. Hoping these changes bode well for the power play.
  20. I agree with the notion that camp fosters competition, and that one player or another may make strides in the off season. Obviously Foegle came to camp and won a job last fall. Some of these players have higher ceilings than others, so just because Wallmark, for example, was on the roster all last year does not mean he can't be leap frogged by someone such as Geekie. The Canes can not afford to be soft, so keep your eyes on Gauthier. I think he likes to go to the net and may be hard to push out of there. Necas may play a role this season, but it is not guaranteed.
  21. I agree. To date, the primary switch amongst the forward group is Haula for Ferland. Honestly, I have never seen Haula play. If he scores 25+ goals and plays a 2 way game, and stays on the ice, I would not complain about that. If Saku can pick up some of the physical play missing from Ferland's departure, that'll help. I still wonder whether a great camp from Gauthier puts him in the picture ahead of Necas, just for this reason.
  22. The Canes do have some hitters in the lineup such as Martinook, Nino, Svechnikov, McGinn, and Saku. If they do not bring in another power forward, then Saku's position will probably become more regular. If JW does return for another season, Saku's physicality may win the day over Necas's finesse play. Gauthier's future on the team probably rests with his ability to raise his physical game. Should be exciting at camp with about 3 or 4 forwards competing for the final spot or two.
  23. I don't think there was any realistic chance he was returning. He was a good wake up call to bring attention to the physical type player this team needs. I don't get to watch much of the team, but how would you compare Saku to Ferland?
  24. You are right. There are many moving parts, but in my mind Slavin and Pesce are not part of them. They are the heart and soul of the Canes defensive corps, and off limits. Forsling is not even signed to a contract is he? I don't get to see many games living on the west coast; my question the past two years has been how much better it TVR than McKeown. He makes close to $2.5M, and McKeown probably makes $1M or less. I don't see the team trading either Faulk or Hamilton at this point. It could happen if management sits back and some team needs to unload a talented forward, but I don't see it right now. Bean's exempt status means he is most likely to spend a good amount of time in Charlotte. I don't know anything about Forsling, except he did not play full time in Chicago. Of the nine, maybe they try to sign Forsling to a two way deal, keep Bean in Charlotte, and roll with the other 7 in Raleigh with a 3rd line rotation of TVR, Fleury, and McKeown.
  25. Maybe signing a Finnish Dman was an undisclosed condition in the Aho offer sheet, haha. It will be interesting to see how the Canes manage their roster with an eye towards the expansion draft.
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