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  1. I hope ur right. but he will get 5.5mil if he wants it's definitely out there for him (Vancouver). were he goes will show if he wants to win a cup or just get paid.
  2. i think its not a bad deal he has tons of talent but some nights he does nothing. i would like to see him play hard like Aho you dont need to fly around hitting ppl to play hard. but dont look like ur scared to get in the play cause you can get hit.
  3. hes not worth signing long term. not that i dont love his style ive been waiting for the canes to get tougher. they have played soft for years not ever since gelson left. Ferland will be hard to replace theres only like 5 guys in the league that play that style and have the skill to score 20 goals. but you cant commit 5 years to a guy with concussion problems. that being said id rather pay Ferland 5mil for 5 years then have signed Martinook. its embarrassing seeing him on the second or third line. hes 4th line at best no Chad LaRose for sure. haha
  4. yes this is my 4 post. we all have to start somewhere. but ive been a canes fan since the early 80s and yes i know hockey im canadian. haha after reading lots of ur posts maybe we should start another page. lots of you say that we have a lack of talent because were a budget team. So who would you have targeted in free agency?
  5. I would disagree this team should be in the wild card spot. You cant tell me there a team thats ready to play every night they lack skating and forecheck. how did they get off to a good start this year. it wasnt goaltending haha. they dont have scoring depth no so you have to win with effort. like out skate and forecheck and create turn overs. i dont want them to open up the wallet and buy some 30-35 year old guy that can score and give up a top prospect. the teams future looks good if you look at the checkers i can wait for that. what pains me to see is the beer league effort they put up every night. And watching a 6'5" Hamilton look like a wounded deer.
  6. hes got traded twice for a reason. his defence is beer league stuff. they lost on that trade big time.
  7. I know this could spark lots of heat because hes beloved in Carolina. He is one of the top 5 canes/whalers of all time. But if he wasn't Rod Brind'Amour would he have been fired already. The team is underachieving big time
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