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  1. Thanks for all the memories, JW.....at least I got to watch him play in person all those years on the Kings. Sad to say, but the better team won.
  2. Good period despite giving up the goal. One of the Canes more controlled periods of the playoffs. McGinn needs to get more ice time. Poop. Another PK coming. At least broken up by the period break. oooh....that was pretty brutal. Going to be a 4 min?? no, thank goodness. Let's go Canes!!
  3. JW playing like he does NOT want this to be his last game ever. Bruins forecheck is exhausting, though. Hope the Canes can keep playing their passing game. I've been away from this board for awhile....what is everyone feeling about Brady Skjei? He's not doing it for me, but haven't had a lot of chance to watch him. Seems like he's not strong along the boards or in front of the net, though. I feel like he should be stronger for his size.
  4. that faceoff just perfectly described this game....win the faceoff nice & clean....nobody there
  5. by the way, I am NOT the Nyssa42 on Pinterest or twitter if you're googling me. or the one on Deviant Art (whatever that is). I may possibly be the one on Kings-related pages, however.
  6. hey, all...Kings fan for life, but JW is my #2 all time fav, so I've been a Canes fan since last season. (Luc Robitaille my #1 all time). I live in Los Angeles, play hockey (terribly), and I'm the crazy lady who wears her JW Canes 3rd jersey to Kings games no matter who we're playing since this season is a total bust. My favorite part of this board is the Marley Girl comments.
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