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  1. aw, man. what a great sequence there. too bad they couldn't put one away
  2. the Canes are looking like the Harlem Globetrotters in this period. I am always amazed how there is just always someone there to receive the pass, no matter where it's to. Kill this PP, boys! Mrazek is playing out of his mind, too!
  3. completely agree about the Oshie hit. I haven't had time to watch the game yet (work, work, work, and I'm on Pacific time) but saw all the replays, and it looked like Oshie fell on his own more than anything. Foegle was reaching around to get his stick, didn't even shove him from behind at all. I DID get to listen to the 3rd period on the NHL app, and, wow was PNC loud. I could barely hear John & Tripp over the crowd noise. As close as those first games were, the Canes should be able to bring a solid road game on Saturday. JW needs to bring some of his playoff magic (although sounded like he had a great chance right towards the end of the game). Also, my fellow Kings fans have finally come to appreciate the defensive prowess of Jacob Slavin. Several people in the Kings chat room I frequent commented on how well he played tonight. The Slavin/Pesce pairing is one of the top D lines in the league. It's just that nobody outside of Caniacs knows about them. Let's Go Canes!!
  4. well, darn. Nice to see the Canes settle the game down in the 2nd & especially 3rd. Bodes well for Saturday's game. Those young players learned a lot of lessons tonight. And at least it wasn't a shutout!
  5. rough game. they'll play great tomorrow.
  6. can no one make a decent shot??
  7. It's only 5:17 in Los Angeles!!! but....I do have some wine chilled in the fridge.....
  8. OK, since I'm new here you have to tell me what I need to sacrifice during the intermission. Do I need to watch the Marley Girl commercial like 14 times or something??
  9. me, too! I'm usually still at work and catch the 3rd period on the NHL app on my way home. Probably all my fault.
  10. Sorry...all my fault. I was AT the Kings game tonight. One of the worst hockey games I've ever seen, and I've seen some stinkers this year. Habs weren't even trying to win.....the Kings just rolled over and let them score 3 easy goals. I was listening to the Canes OT on my way in to Staples Center....was so hoping for a Canes win because I was, of course, wearing my JW Canes jersey.
  11. by the way, I am NOT the Nyssa42 on Pinterest or twitter if you're googling me. or the one on Deviant Art (whatever that is). I may possibly be the one on Kings-related pages, however.
  12. Just so you know...people on the west coast ARE talking about Brind'amour for the Jack Adams award. Media people as well as Kings fans. (A lot of us are following the Canes because of JW, although, my Kings fan friends will likely tell you I am the most "dedicated to the cause"). I watch a lot of hockey - all teams, but every Canes game (as well as Kings). The Canes are peaking at the right time, and Brind'amour isn't afraid to change up the team's playing style as I've noticed it's been less "pass forward, pass forward, shoot" for the past few games and a little more cycle down low. Getting Nino was genius, and Justin Faulk has, fortunately, had a much better season than last year. And Slavin is at least as good as Doughty. Doesn't get the media attention he deserves. That Slavin/Pesce pairing is one of the top D pairs in the league, IMO
  13. hey, all...Kings fan for life, but JW is my #2 all time fav, so I've been a Canes fan since last season. (Luc Robitaille my #1 all time). I live in Los Angeles, play hockey (terribly), and I'm the crazy lady who wears her JW Canes 3rd jersey to Kings games no matter who we're playing since this season is a total bust. My favorite part of this board is the Marley Girl comments.
  14. well, I see from another post that we're allowed to say BALLS around here, so, that's the word.
  15. seems like a good time for my first post here - wow, Mrazek!! great win on the B to B (I'm a Kings fan who proudly wears my JW Hurricanes 3rd jersey all over Los Angeles)
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