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  1. Ill take her over the drunk we had a few years back
  2. This team and Mrazek earned that goose egg!
  3. This looks like a team thats happy to be home!
  4. Thats the two in the basket I wanted!!!
  5. Can we just make pulled pork sandwiches from Stormy?
  6. Ill agree that he was slow to get up trying to get some sympathy, but that was a definite non-call
  7. Please let this team not act like they can just protect this lead.. They need to come out and put two more in the basket!
  8. It was nice being the darlings of the NHL for the first two weeks. Now we just look like the Scott Darlings over the past few games...
  9. Man, this is really looking like the way the Canes played this time last year...
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