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  1. Thanks for the warm welcome everyone! And yes may the tsunami wash wins over us all!!!
  2. Good evening fellow Caniacs! So I know people will think that since the Canes are winning bandwagoners will come out of the woodwork and be gone once things turn a bit sour. I promise you I have been a loyal fan since the announcement of the Canes relocating to the Triangle back in 1997. I was excited to learn that a hockey team would be coming to the area especially after following the Canucks and being a transplant from the far west. I am also a former 22-game plan season ticket holder (2011-2016) but after a change with finances had to put future season tickets on hold. I've never really been active with posting and social media but thought that connecting online with other fellow Hurricanes is better than not interacting at all! I vow now that I will be an active member on this board and look forward to getting to know everyone better! GO CANES!!!
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