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  1. OMG cannot believe it!!! This all came down to conditioning in the end and Rod I guarantee had a big part in that!!!
  2. Man I am so proud of this team no matter what happens tonight. Of course a win would be the cherry on top of this first round. I bet most fans did not like our chances against Washington, and honestly before the series started I didnt like it either. But after the first two games (albeit losses) I knew this team could push the Caps all the way to the end! I hope this ride continues!!!! Lets GO CANES!!!
  3. Wow too cool! And yes the refs arm went up after he hits the boards and not during the actual push... The refs have been so ticky tacky, uneven, or whatever you want to call it. At least we are getting the wins now!!!!
  4. From what I found he's on a 1yr AHL only contract. Early favorite sounds like Bishop to be brought up.
  5. He returned for one shift and couldn't push through and did not return. Hope he's okay and I hope our call ups continue to do whats needed of em!
  6. 103 we were at 227 Monday and both sets of seats were great fun but totally different experiences. Look I made TV.... Lol
  7. Man what a game tonight and my throat feels like I just swallowed some bees... Everyone around my friends and I were great fun and I couldnt have asked for a better experience these past two games!!! Little bit of a lull during the second but the building exploded after Turbos goal. LETS GET THAT ROAD WIN SATURDAY!!!!
  8. Man this was an amazing game and my ears are still buzzing almost an hour later! Cannot wait for game 4 and I hope this same electric crowd brings the storm again Thursday!!!
  9. Man I am so ready to be seeing my first playoff series since the 1st round 06' series against the Habs!!! I will miss posting on the boards throughout but I will try and post some pics of a winning game tonight! WIN WIN WIN!!!
  10. I hate being down two but we are giving the reigning Stanley Cup champs a run for their money! Could we have better starts in the first? Yes please. If we can do that then winning the next 4 of 5 is very possible and I cannot wait for my *edit* to be in some seats for the next couple games!!!
  11. Come on please!!! Im just asking for one PP goal, PLEASE!!!
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