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  1. That is a surprisingly good career! It was just so irritating that he kept hitting on the low attendance thing as if he were picking a scab.....I wanted to reach through the TV and give him a good slash or cross check!
  2. I have to say I have just about zero recollection of AC ever even having played for the Canes.
  3. I like A.C. a lot, but he really needs to stop pressing home how the Canes are so used to playing for a 'half empty arena' that they're thrilled to be playing in front of a very loud and full house. They certainly drew better than half an arena once they got things sorted out after the new year. Maybe he means well, but it really annoys me to hear him harping on this theme....tonight was the second time, though he may have mentioned it more than twice--I don't know. It's been so satisfying to see the Canes get all the great attention and publicity they deserve this post-season; it's just kind of a shame Anson Carter has to spoil it with an unhelpful and not very accurate theme regarding attendance. OK, I feel better now!
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