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  1. Bottom line is Boston wanted the win more than we did and it was obvious. That should bother everyone. The question is how do we fix that in the future. The "want to" always drives the " have to "
  2. I'm with Top. Not sure where the heart is but it wasn't there last night and that wasn't the refs fault. Can't watch another one of these...
  3. Chara could have ended Svech's career.The difference between the two, while true would't have mattered much to Svech after that.
  4. This kind of play reminds me of Brooks Orpik driving Eric into the boards. Chara knew exactly what he was doing whether he was trying to hurt Svech or not.
  5. I would bet the NHL would be hard pressed to give two more objective view points. Well done gentlemen.
  6. 1) I agree with @wxray1's take esp. 1&2 2) It's really good to have Dougie back. 3) I wonder what went through Tuukka's mind when he lost Dougie's bomb on the way to the back of the net. 4) The Bruins threw everything they had at us on that PP. I think we were stunned a bit, but...we turned their best shot back for a few reasons. Luck not being the least of those. 5) As said in a few previous posts, the tape will be watched a lot and we will be ready the next time they do that. 6) No matter how this ends, we will be a very good hockey team next season.
  7. OK, so the Bruins snapped a 3 game losing streak. Decent odds that was going to happen. Let's get them started on the next one.
  8. We are 2 2 after 2 in a close game with a couple of calls that could have ended in Bruins goals. I agree puck looked dead in Petr's glove to me. Head games are over. Let's take it to them hard.
  9. Good morning, man I had this terrible dream that we were all ready to play hockey and they wouldn't let us play....
  10. Kinda makes me wonder how they scored the first 4 goals...
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