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  1. Got to be pretty excited about our start!
  2. I think both were great players on their own merit. Both were also great guys. I had the privilege meeting and getting to know them a bit while they were here.
  3. I think the warning in the previous post pretty much covers that.
  4. So... I have a kind of embarrassing story to tell. Back in the the day when the Cane's first came to town, I moonlighted doing 24 hour service calls. Got a call one Sunday afternoon and responded to the residence. While I was there the home owner, his friend and I were chatting. Small talk mostly but during they asked me how I liked hockey and had I heard of the Hurricanes. I was a season ticket holder at the Smith center and a huge basketball fan at the time. My response was , "well they look like they are learning the game ,but they have a long way to go before they can compete with college BB around here". It was Gary Roberts and Kevin Dineen. Got to meet several players and got to know a few more over the years after that but that was terribly embarrassing at the time.
  5. News conference today @ 4:30pm on plans for return
  6. Dean is good people.
  7. Coulda shouda wouda.... Man tried to make a play, probably saved a goal. I'll take that all day long.
  8. Thanks for the warm welcome guys. Looking forward getting it done in NYC and to some ear numbing noise Wed and Friday!
  9. My 2006 flags are on the benz now and will be on the truck tailgating Friday afternoon. Let's Go Canes!!
  10. Thanks man. Been a fan since Greensboro and lurking a while. I am inspired by this team and Rod's style. These guys will follow him anywhere and never quit on him.
  11. This team has the energy and feel of the 06 team....finally. Let's go Canes!
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