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  1. Sit Gardiner and see what happens?
  2. Not playing bad, we’re just an average team. Is what it is.
  3. Canes just had a player taken down probably for the season and not one guy is going to do anything about it?
  4. Caps were sharp tonight. Canes need their A game to even skate with a dialed in Washington.
  5. Maybe an identity develops, but as it currently stands, it’s not there night in night out. Just a low floor team at the moment.
  6. Honestly, we’re lucky it’s only 2-0. We look completely overwhelmed by Wash. Not even in the same stratosphere.
  7. We’re playing as if we’re hoping Washington makes a mistake or turns it over vs. making them uncomfortable. And one of these Caps PP will turn into goals if we keep giving them opportunities.
  8. Agree 100% Remkin. Was good to see Nino finally get a goal. I also thought you could feel an energy boost shift from the 4th line.
  9. Rest easy. Gardiner is here to save our season.
  10. It’s like they think the playoffs are a given and we’ll just ‘turn it on then’.
  11. Yeah, pretty uninspiring play all around.
  12. Different game, same story. Sloppy lack of care plays leading to goals.
  13. Ah, thank you Remkin. I see the Gardiner info you mentioned in the game thread. Thank you guys for breaking it down, especially the numbers part behind it.
  14. Totally agree. Great points. To the defensive issue, do you think it’s personnel, or a departure from our system and/or strategy compared to last season? Perhaps a combo of both? I don’t have the knowledge for systems theory, but to my eye test it just seems like we’re looser in our coverage in order to be more fluid and dynamic on the offensive end. That high risk / high reward feeling. It also drives me completely crazy when we just slap at sticks, looking for steals, rather than playing good positional defense and shutting a team down from what they want to do. The only guy that can actually take the puck away consistently it seems is Slavin. Will be interesting to see what happens with Gardiner. It’s becoming more and more clear, and has for some time now, that he is a major weak point for this team.
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