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  1. He looks quite good. Is there a general age goalies enter the NHL? Hard to say I imagine, but guessing he’d spend a few years elsewhere before he makes the jump since he’s only like 17/18?
  2. Will be interesting. Our young players have high ceilings, but the middle of the roster has a lot of guys who are who they are it seems. Staal, Nino, Dzingle, Troch, Gardiner all come to mind. Good solid players, but they're not going to all the sudden flip a switch and make us cup contenders IMO. We need to strategically get something different here - maybe that's a few tougher guys, maybe it's some vets who can still skate and would love to move their family to Raleigh. Who knows. But the middle of the roster is my biggest concern.
  3. I won’t cheer for Boston, but I’d like to see them go to the finals because they’re a fantastic team and fun to watch and will make a great matchup for a team I’ll jump on to root for. I was sorta similar to the early/mid 2000 Red Wings. Don’t root for them, but respect the hell out of them
  4. First step in becoming the team we need to be. Make them pay on their mistakes.
  5. Well. Quoting myself to say scratch that since we took a penalty in the first minute.
  6. Marchand, Pasta, Bergeron. They're really, really good. It's like a video game.
  7. In some ways, you knew Boston was going to score on that PP, so maybe just getting it over with to end the period gives us a chance to start fresh in the 3rd at full strength. I'm reaching, but will take anything at this point.
  8. Assuming this is over, I'm hoping for a Colorado/Boston final.
  9. What's frustrating is we've looked decent. But same old same old when it comes to focus and mistakes. Only take a few and Boston will always capitalize.
  10. Again, Boston plays average, survives rushes, takes advantage of opportunities and now has control. Bend but don't break. Room for error. Focusing and knowing you have another gear you can go to. All things we just don't have and maybe won't for a few more years.
  11. Been a good two periods. But we just have awful timing on mistakes.
  12. Im confident in our young core. I’m interested to follow / less confident in what happens to the middle of our roster. Guys like Staal, Nino, Dzingle, etc have to make major strides with the young stars for us to move the needle. So so or avg play from them will hold us back, especially as we enter the playoffs against the best of the best.
  13. Good points. The Bruin's are just fantastic in so many ways. I too thought we'd fair much better than last year, and we have to an extent winning a game and being close in others, but like you mentioned it doesn't take too long to realize how much better they are at almost every part of the game. Their superstars have been playing together for years, and they have a number of guys/lines that combine high-energy, skill and toughness that we're lacking at the moment outside a player or two. They also just have crazily hard matchups with Marchand and Patrice Bergeron, who are as complete of players as you'll find. And that's without throwing in Pasta who is leading the NHL in scoring. That second line is also a punch. Hoping we can find some luck and magic tonight to skate another day. Williams's experience will have to guide us here.
  14. For context, it did come from the official Hurricanes twitter. That said, I'm not 100% sure if it's a real check or if it was the Cane's social media / marketing team just having a little fun and being a bit cheeky. Either way, I don't think the franchise is too worried about Rod's actions. Clearly it's a fine line to toe, but I think we'll be okay.
  15. Ugly up the game, disrupt flow, throw the puck on net, hope we get lucky to live another day.
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