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  1. OK I'M NOt sure to understand all because i'm french.....but for me its ugly that the habs do that to the canes whne marner, point, laine or connor was the best candidate do to our team salary cap.....tat i said before i hate the habs i was nordiques before and hate the habs.......i'm sure that bergevin do that because of his day who has sign no big name and want to save time in front of his fans who want big name.......the habs has a lot of young player but no offense and price his 32 that the time left for cup.........i'm going sleeping but hope that dundon will match the offer for u aho will be great player in this league.......young man just 21.......him and svechnikov will be great in the future.......so good luck to u all....
  2. sorry i am habs haters from quebec.......i hate what marc bergevin did to the canes.....i just want to know if he had a lot of chance that the canes did not match the offer????
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