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  1. You think it would make sense to put the new players on the same line? Haula in between Dzingel and Gibbons?
  2. He should definitely play wing because Haula has done well in the faceoff circle...
  3. Yeah, how could you?😅 Is Dzingel a center or wing? If he’s a winger: Dzingel, Aho, Teravainen Niederreiter, Staal, Williams (if he chooses to sign and play another year) Mcginn, Haula, Gibbons Martinook, Wallmark, Foegele
  4. I think a Faulk trade might be reasonable; clear some cap space. Faulk for a decent full-time (1-way, NHL-er) 3rd line right-handed winger and a 3rd round pick or so...
  5. I also think we should give Foegele and Maenalanen a little time down in the AHL. Don’t get me wrong, they were solid as 4th line players for us this year, but I think we still need to sign some righties (especially if Williams, a righty, decides to retire)
  6. I say the Canes, now with Ferland gone, should look for a guy who’s going to give us a little bit of a boost. Not necessarily primarily in scoring, but just with speed and grit. There are a couple players (right-handed, which we need) still available that, I think, would be a good fit: Stefan Noesen from the Devils, Jayce Hawryluk/Denis Malgin from the Panthers, and Pontus Aberg from the Wild. I originally said Leivo from the Canucks, Armia from the Canadiens, Sissons from the Predators, and Sundqvist from the Blues, but we don’t need another center (Sissons and Sundqvist), and Leivo and Armia got extensions with their teams. So, Noesen, Aberg, and Hawryluk/Malgin would be the best bets
  7. What does the “no cap relief” mean exactly? I heard some people on NHL Tonight talking about it. The Canes received Marleau, a 1st round pick, and a 7th round pick for a 6th round pick. Toronto knew they would’ve had to give up more for the Canes to take over his salary. I am still kind of confused on how we’re actually “buying him out” since he’s over 35
  8. Can’t really tell if that was sarcasm through this
  9. I really hope we switch up our lineup more...
  10. And what is that “plan” exactly, Waddell?
  11. We definitely do not have everything we need; we can’t win a Stanley Cup with only left-handed forwards. That’s just not going to happen. Usually teams don’t even have a line that has all 3 of the same hand. We need to get someone else who is pretty young, can kill penalties, can score, and has playoff experience. Sissons and Sundqvist fill up all of that, and that is what we’re missing
  12. I think we need to acquire at least 2 right-handed forwards through free agency. Some examples are Denis Malgin/Jayce Hawryluk from the Panthers, Joel Armia from the Canadiens (who Aho might go to😰), Colton Sissons from the Predators, Pontus Aberg from the Wild, Stefan Noesen from the Devils (who did well against the Hurricanes 2 seasons ago, with 3 goals in 4 games as a 4th line player), Josh Leivo from the Canucks, and Oskar Sundqvist from the Stanley Cup winning Blues. In my opinion, Sundqvist, Sissons, and Noesen would be our best bets
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