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  1. If he just cares about money he can go play for a team that actually needs him. If he wants to finish his career with the Canes, sign a team-friendly deal and get it over with. I know RBA wants his bestie back, but I don't see how the on and off ice upheaval caused by his contract negotiations and eventual return is helping the team maintain their tenuous grasp on a playoff spot.
  2. He overcame leukemia and seems like a decent dude.
  3. Brian Boyle would be a good locker room presence and a nice feel good story, but he wouldn't replace the leadership or scoring of Williams. 18 days from the start of training camp and this is the news that comes out. I'm not sure what to make of it.
  4. @remkin It's definitely better than that Bolts nonsense or the Buffaslug. It looks better in the video than it does in the pictures, so I think in a game it'll look good.
  5. So much for it being Justin Williams in the video. The diagonal lettering is going to take some getting used to, but I understand wanting all 3 jerseys to have a different logo. I liked everything else about it immediately.
  6. https://www.newsobserver.com/sports/spt-columns-blogs/luke-decock/article233585707.html The quotes here are concerning. Dundon: "I’m not going to pay what other guys pay GMs, so me having a contract with a GM doesn’t really help me. Don in essence has a contract. I already told Don, ‘I’m not going to fire you. If I did, I’d tell you a year in advance.’ My life’s pretty good. I want people to do what’s best for their life. If this is what’s best for Don, the Hurricanes will be fine." Waddell: "Tom’s told me I have a job for life. But he’s also encouraged me to explore other opportunities to see what the market will pay. We started something here, I love it here, but when the job opened up and Tom said you should explore it, that’s what I’m doing." How are you going to be a billionaire and risk losing Don Waddell because you refuse to pay him what he's worth? Dundon needs to realize Don Waddell and Rod Brind'Amour worked for beans their first year out of love for the organization and they deserve to be rewarded for what they've both accomplished. He's not going to replace them without paying market value or above, so he needs to treat them right.
  7. Don Waddell has done several interviews recently that make it seem like he's still fully invested in being the GM of the Canes. If he really is speaking with the Wild it's probably to get a number so he and Dundon don't have to think too hard when they write up his next contract. Michael Russo has a responsibility to report on Waddell being interviewed by the Wild, but saying Waddell is "very interested" in leaving Carolina because he's "p*ssed off" that he's been working without a contract for a month is just pot-stirring. This is a transcript of when David Glenn asked Don Waddell about his contract negotiations on June 18th. Waddell didn't seem too concerned about renewing his contract in a timely fashion: Glenn: Isn't your contract up for renewal? Waddell: It is, but David, you've dealt with Tom enough, you know. Tom and I have a great relationship and we talk about it on a weekly basis. We keep saying "We'll figure something out. We've got until June 30th, what the heck." Glenn: That's only 12 days away. Waddell: All is good. Neither one of us is worried about it. We've got a lot of business to do right now trying to sign players and make trades and get prepared for the draft. Tom and I have built a relationship that I think is pretty unique and in time we'll figure it all out. If you want to hear it for yourself, the question starts at 5:17: https://www.hipcast.com/podcast/HZwhPtztl
  8. Whether athletes are overpaid or underpaid is a whole other discussion. I don't blame anybody for wanting a piece of the pie, but you have to think about what that means in terms of the cap percentage and how it can affect the depth of the team when too much of your money is tied up in one guy. I think $8.5mil AAV over 5 years is a reasonable number that could have been arrived at in normal negotiations. There's a lot of panic in Aho's statement that I don't feel was warranted considering negotiations hadn't been going on that long. It gave me the impression Aho's agent was whispering in his ear making him believe it would turn into another Nylander situation if he didn't sign the OS. That tactic didn't work on Point, so he moved on to Aho. I don't know why his agent was so gung-ho about getting a client to sign an OS, but he got his wish. We're coming from different sides of the spectrum. You're looking at it purely from a business angle and I'm looking at it from an emotional angle. Aho's been touted as a guy that never wanted to leave Raleigh and wants to be the face of the team. Signing the offer sheet made both sides look bad because it made Aho look greedy and disloyal and the Canes look cheap and stubborn. Publicly TD, DW and Aho are saying they're satisfied with how everything ultimately worked out, so I hope it's true there's no bad blood behind the scenes. I also hope future RFA's don't use this as a template for how to conduct business because it might not work out as well a second time.
  9. Aho's statement on twitter makes it sound like he was being manipulated by his agent. "I had limited options for moving along the process to get a deal done. It was always important to me to be on the ice for the first day of training camp. The entire situation has been difficult for me and my family and I am happy it is at an end." He was nowhere near missing training camp. They only negotiated for about 6 weeks. Is that really enough time to come to the conclusion that reaching a deal through normal negotiations was impossible? Couldn't Aho's camp have used the offer sheet in negotiations without having him sign it and give the impression he'd given up on the Canes and was wanting to go somewhere else? I'm glad Aho is where he wants to be and I hope he has a productive 5 years. I also hope he finds a new agent because this process didn't have to be as confusing and upsetting as it was.
  10. I agree with everything you've said since the start of the offer sheet mess. DW and TD are directing their ire towards MTL and Aho's agent, but I have some reserved for Aho himself. Aho knew his agent wasn't negotiating in good faith with a team he claims to love and wants to be the face of. To say otherwise is to imply Aho is an oblivious dimwit. Maybe Gerry Johansson is a real life Bebe Glazer, but that doesn't absolve Aho from going along with his scheme. If Martinook's tweet is any indication, Aho is going to face some good-natured ribbing in the locker room and a lot of extra pressure to perform. I'm curious to hear how Brind'Amour feels about the situation. If he was disheartened by McElhinney leaving I'd imagine he isn't too happy with Aho, especially since he's been expressing concerns about Aho's ability to be the face of the franchise in interviews the past couple months. Hopefully by the time the season starts it'll be water under the bridge. Aho will affirm that he loves playing for the Canes and his play will live up to his contract.
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