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  1. wxray1: Thanks for the warm welcome and the invitation to stay a while. I will plan to, best I can.... I'm not new to the 'Canes, or even to the web boards, but it's been quite a while (years). I was a regular reader and occasional poster on some of the old web boards like scoreboards, insiders, and one way back that I think was called Penalty Box and was hosted by a superfan of the day. I've been a plan holder in one form or another since the 'Canes have been in Raleigh. Just things like job and family and other concerns have worked to grab some of the time that I used to devote to the 'Canes. 🙂 And now Father Time has apparently turned me into that older guy that complains about ticketing technology. Thanks again. And now on to other topics like actual hockey (which I look forward to watching if they can somehow scan my ticket from my pager or my jitterbug flip-phone). (kidding)
  2. coastal_caniac: I didn't follow this piece: >> That being said, the fuddy-duddies should be happier because the new technology that is being employed doesn't use barcode scans anymore. It also doesn't require being connected to a Wi-fi network, both of which caused delays at the gate because there are going to be people who can't figure out how to pull up their tickets at the gate for barcode scanning. What is the the technology they are using then? The guidance I got from my rep was that a user would need to log into his hurricanes.com accountmanager, navigate to the game in question, then choose "view barcode." That to me means a barcode scan. And all of this is still going to need some sort of network connection, so it seems it could still be slowed down by people in one way or another. I'm not even saying I need paper tickets, though I did like that from a souvenir perspective. Everyone today is all about the 1s and 0s. Am I'm not even that old. Again though, I just liked that the STM card could be used to "hold" the tickets. That wouldn't have been a big concession. But I appreciate the discussion, and sorry for resurrecting an old topic, especially in a new thread. Now get off my lawn!
  3. What do you all feel about the fact that tickets this year for STMs are digital only? In other words, need to show a smartphone in order to have a barcode to scan. I liked having the tickets loaded on the STM card (plastic card) and I feel that should be continued. Call me a fuddy duddy, but not having any option other than the electronic barcode, on my own phone, seems discourteous.
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