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  1. https://www.nhl.com/capitals/video/gauthier-goes-high-with-snapper/t-277437440/c-52895103 I'll just leave this here. Speed, dangles, and snipes. This was preseason 2017 so the Goat was 19. This looks like a positive move for Gauthier's career. He was ready to make the NHL leap but we couldn't provide that, especially after signing Willy. I hope the Francis model of stockpiling and developing D continues to work for us. Having another great RHD prospect can't hurt, even if he's not making our roster Keane might be a better trade chip than a power forward (although watch that highlight and you might forget goat is a power forward type). Plus we now have the top D pairing in the AHL, Keane and Bean!
  2. Have we run Necas with Svech, Aho, or Turbo at all this season? It seems to me we can make two Euro slick passing scoring lines out of those 4. Obviously don't break up the SAT line right now though. But with the points made about the lack of production from the bottom three lines last night, there might need to be another shake up soon. Bravo to TVR for his first goal of the season last night. But that turnover was horrible.
  3. Nope just going off the stat sheet. I didn't know about Kaski. I guess my idea is still propelled by the hype from back when we signed Priskie that he was so NHL ready. Either way I'm surprised we haven't called up any of our highly touted Checkers D since Dougie went down.
  4. What does it take to give Priskie a look, and healthy scratch a bottom pair left handed guy like Fleury or Gardiner, or even give Slavin or Pesce a game off if we can afford to lose them. Priskie can PLAY, currently the second points leader for Checkers D. I'm really surprised he hasn't played an NHL game yet for us (he hasn't right?) especially since Dougie went down. Well, now we're about a week and a half away from the deadline so it might be too late to test this out vs. trading for RHD.
  5. TD's current mentality seems to be win now, ride the buzz from last season, make the playoffs this year. Totally understandable for a new owner who made the playoffs in his first year. To me that's why he would bring back JW like he did. I could see that mentality leading to us trading picks or prospects at the deadline, rather than promoting guys. Would love to see him take a risk and promote Gauthier or Bean in a playoff push because they would play with just as much fight if not more than a traded guy. Heck even take a "risk" on Necas and give him more shifts than a third liner because he's playing amazing.
  6. Gardiner has a lot of upside barring that back injury thing, which as far as we know fully healed a year ago. He was a top 4 guy with Toronto, averaging 4-5 more minutes on ice than he is with the Canes, and racked up assists the last three years. He was trending up but with our log jam, and then Dougie making a huge leap forward, he ended up a bottom pairing guy (16 minutes/game with us, 20-21 with Toronto). I kind of think if you limit a guy like that you get bad results, and those bad results stand out even more because of high expectations for him. I more see us letting Gardiner play more than trading for a new guy, given his past.
  7. https://www.nbcsports.com/philadelphia/flyers/shutting-out-sidney-crosby-penguins-flyers-have-taken-down-nhls-top-4-teams-span-14-days Ugh.
  8. Mrazek made some good saves. We left him hanging on bad turnovers.
  9. We get so rattled against a hard forechecking team. I guess this is how Tampa got swept by them.
  10. Ugh, we're better than NYI and should be in that #3 spot. Judging from their roster and goals for vs. goals against, we are way better on offense and about the same on D. We swept them last year. Let's get our #3 spot!!
  11. https://www.espn.com/nhl/story/_/id/28486598/penguins-captain-sidney-crosby-posts-four-points-vintage-return
  12. They beat the Caps 5-1 on Saturday too!
  13. I've seen our D turning it over as well when there's a hard forecheck. Surprising trend given how seasoned our D are. That Stamkos goal on Sunday was a poop sandwich. Hope it's a coach-able problem rather than something inherent to our team that will stick with us.
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