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  1. It really depends on how fast they mature. Carter Hart had his breakout year for the Flyers last year when he was either 20 or 21 but that is an anomaly. Usually takes a few more years than that. Askarov has been in Russian minor leagues up until now but just got signed to SKA St. Petersburg (best team in the KHL) so a season with them will probably be telling as to how NHL-ready he is.
  2. I thought our offense looked great in game 5. Those first two periods had a lot of quality scoring chances for us and I'm surprised we didn't score again. But the B's offense seemed to be at that type of peak performance all series. If it wasn't their perfection line it was the second line with Krecji just constantly peppering us and Mrazek and Reimer having to make clutch saves. I see a lot of people on here talking about effort. Sara Civian's narrative about game 3 was that it was low effort. Can someone specifically point out where you see the low effort? I just don't see it. Maybe I'm just not watching actively enough--eg. what guys are doing away from the puck-- but I just kind of doubt that we're playing with low effort when it's a playoff game, even in the bubble. That being said game 4 was a meltdown at the end. Good news is we are a team on the rise! If we get Askarov then we are reeeally on the rise. Maybe next year!
  3. I could see that. I feel like his game is more North-South and Boston plays more East-West
  4. What makes you say that? We're still running him first line minutes
  5. Great win. Good adjustments made to the lineup. SAT weren't clicking in 5 on 5 in game 1 or Bruins were just stopping them, hard for me to tell F these refs. And one of them lives in Raleigh?
  6. Watching on lunch break but have to go back to class at 1:30. Shoulda been a no-goal in the first period. But they also shoulda scored many times when Mrazek bailed us out.
  7. If Boston has been slumbering, let's use this morning game to punch them in the mouth
  8. I could definitely see Nino sitting for Dzingel in a 3rd line winger role giving more speed. But I think we'll need Brock to throw checks on that 4th line
  9. TD dropping Kaiton and the separate radio broadcast kind of said it all to me. It is a new era, and TD is more concerned about the in-arena product (ie increasing ticket sales) than the local TV/radio product. I hate to see Forslund and Kaiton go as someone who grew up with them (honestly makes my eyes well up when I hear their old playoff calls). If we lose Forslund, all the more reason to become a perennial playoff team so that he'll call our games in the Cup final in a few years.
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