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  1. I saw him compared to Mackinnon in that it took Mackinnon 5 years to become a consistent PPG-plus player and that they both rely on their shot. Mackinnon has obviously become an amazing playmaker on top of his shooting now.
  2. Awesome signing. Kind of shows how much our reputation has improved to be able to steal a high caliber guy like this.
  3. TD dropping Kaiton and the separate radio broadcast kind of said it all to me. It is a new era, and TD is more concerned about the in-arena product (ie increasing ticket sales) than the local TV/radio product. I hate to see Forslund and Kaiton go as someone who grew up with them (honestly makes my eyes well up when I hear their old playoff calls). If we lose Forslund, all the more reason to become a perennial playoff team so that he'll call our games in the Cup final in a few years.
  4. As we become a playoff contender again, it just seems like a no-brainer that you would want to keep John as the play-by-play man. It's one thing to have Mike or Shaya calling a random regular season game. I actually enjoy listening to Mike call a game. But as we hopefully hit these next few years of a golden age, or at least bronze age, of contending for the playoffs every year, why would TD not want pay for our excellent play-by-play man to call our playoff run?
  5. Good for the Kings. Horrible for Ottawa and Detroit, and everyone else. It would be very 2020 for the Pens to get the #1 pick
  6. Ugh, this sucks for Checkers fans.
  7. I had been meaning to post this for a while but never got around to it. The night before Valentine’s Day 2020 I stopped at the Whole Foods on Six Forks to get roses for my girlfriend and something nice for dinner. When I went to check out I spotted one Martin Necas about to pay for his groceries. There was no line behind him so I decided to walk up and say a quick hello. As I walked up I saw his mom was there too. He was speaking Czech with her and looking at his phone while the checkout lady rang everything up. I walked up with my armful of like 20 roses and bottle of wine, got his attention and said “Hey you’re Martin right? I’m a big fan.” He gave me and the roses a WEIRD look and said something like “really? Oh thanks man.” I think it took him a second to realize they weren’t for him 😂 but then I wished him good luck for tomorrow and he thanked me very nicely. We beat the Devils at home 5-2 that next night on Valentines Day and Necas got 1G, 1A, so that officially went down as a great memory for me.
  8. https://sports.yahoo.com/unique-nhl-playoff-format-looking-120007829.html I have not looked anything hockey related for like 3 weeks but I'm ready to get back in. Interesting article that mentions the possibility of a 31 team playoff, and using neutral sites for some games. Whether they do the 31 team thing, or just end the regular season and send the current top 16 in, there will be an asterisk next to this season regardless. The Canes would roll in with the best D in the league, with Dougie (All Star) and Slavin (All Star) plus four top pairing guys. Could we pay them all though?
  9. I just learned more from reading this thread than I have from anything else in the news. Thank y'all for your posts!
  10. I cracked up the first time I heard that. Is there an NHL 20 Xbox contingent on the boards?
  11. Call me cynical but March Madness is the most made-for-TV of them all
  12. The great majority of franchise goalies were drafted by their team. I mean that is the definition of franchise player obviously. I remember a Section 328 podcast that listed all of them and it was a whole lot. Currently of the top 10 goalies this season, 7 were drafted by their current team. The exceptions are Rask (picked by Toronto but immediately traded to BOS), Andersen, and Fleury. Then there still other guys out of the top 10 like Quick, Murray, and Rinne. We have not drafted a goalie like that yet but we have two second rounders in Ned and Kotchektov where time will tell. Best case for us with Ned is a late bloomer situation like Binnington (drafted by STL in 2011), but I'm not a good enough judge of goalie talent to say.
  13. With our top lines, ideally we'll get to a point where we have two equally stacked scoring lines, like a junior varsity version of Pittsburgh.
  14. Edmundson is left handed. Vatanen is a righty but it sounds like he'll be out for more of March so we're really needing that additional RHD now. Not that these guys can't overcome playing on the off-side but you could probably find a stat showing playing on the off-side lends itself to more turnovers.
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