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  1. I have a question. John Forslund never misses an opportunity to remind the fans how much ($6,000,000 in fact) was spent on the new scoreboard in the arena. It happens to the extent that I almost feel like he was slighted on his check this past year, but they spent that much on the scoreboard type of comments. As often as it is mentioned, it is almost like he is trying to remind someone about it.?. Is there a story behind this or is it just coincidence? If this has been discussed before, please forgive me for asking about it, I could not find it.
  2. play the body instead of the damn puck...please!!!!!!!!!!!
  3. Interested to see if the energy created in Toronto carries over to tonight. If it does, Dallas is gonna get an whooping. If they play with the will they had in Toronto, nobody can withstand them. Pull it together, play that suffocating defense and physical game and get this thing started with a shutout for goalie #1! You know the building is gonna be rockin' tonight, get the W boys and show the new guys what Canes hockey should feel like
  4. TSN reports that he was begging to come back to Carolina and TD told him to **** up a rope:)
  5. 11:01 - Marleau heads to Pittsburgh Toronto Maple Leafs legend Patrick Marleau is on the move. 679 people are talking about this The San Jose Sharks have traded the veteran forward to the Pittsburgh Penguins for a third-round pick
  6. The so called experts on NHL Network are saying that this trade is exceptional for us. They say that Trocheck's game will fit perfectly under Roddie's system. Feeling better about this one all the time boys. They say he plays hard, fast and has an edge to his game. I like the report
  7. so they did all of this without an extension in place, WOW, what a gamble
  8. The show on NHL network is way behind on their reporting. Where are ya'll watching things as they unfold?
  9. Islanders gave up alot for a guy that has never broken the 20 goal mark prior to this year. Crazy stuff man!!!!
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