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  1. Amxcanes, better be careful or you will get your hand slapped too!
  2. well good on ya man. I didn't realize voicing that opinion was violating your rules. Since you seem to have the pen, and I can't see a way to do it, please just delete my user profile. You drink the Kool Aid partner! Appreciate you helping me out, and your sarcasm too!
  3. So I guess that voicing an opinion about the games being cancelled that doesn't fit in with the view of certain others gets your post removed. That is hilarious.
  4. There are a few shots owed the Bruins. If you can't win it, please make sure they know you were there and that nothing goes unpunished!!!!!
  5. Well if that was the case wouldn't you think someone on this team would have had the heart to step up and return a hit?? They have pounded us the whole series and NOBODY has stepped up for their team mates. Their top line has played without a scratch!!! I don't get it. If it was that deflating, why not retaliate, someone would have too!! This team isn't built for playoff hockey, plain and simple. It is embarrassing and they have earned the Candy Cane nickname this series IMO. No pushback. Hell, I would have enjoyed seeing a game misconduct from one of our players at this point just to send a damn message. Not in the team, not in this group. Take your as$es back to Raleigh and play golf if you don't want to play hockey!!! Yes I am ******, this team is embarrassing to watch this series, no heart, no fight, just roll over us and we will lay down and take it.
  6. Maybe they will go ahead and tank next game and be done, on a plane back to Raleigh. Sorriest crap I have ever witnessed. It is obvious this team doesn't have what it takes. All the critics said they aren't heavy enough to thrive in the playoffs. If this doesn't prove that, I don't know what else would be more convincing. Absolute disappointment .
  7. I hope to see some team toughness tonight. It wasn't there Saturday and was pretty embarrassing to watch IMO. If we are not finishing checks and pushing back, we are not the team that gets going and gets to our game. The Bruins top line should be sore at the end of these games and it appears as though we were scared to touch them Saturday.
  8. And he never missed an opportunity to mention how much the new scoreboard cost the Organization. Sometimes mentioned more than once a game! I felt like something was going on the way he hammered that home this season, maybe now we know!
  9. Nothing taking personally Kajun, unlike many in this country, I still believe that the greatness of this country depended on differing opinions. Your point is a tough argument, and I do not want to see JF not in the booth. I do feel like with the success that TD has had, there must be a method to his madness. We have made the playoffs 2 years in a row. I figure that if for some reason he is not renewing the contract, there must be a viable reason. Anyway, I hope that whatever the decision is, it is putting the team and the product on the ice first and foremost, that is the point I am trying to relay. Appreciate your comments and always have!
  10. I, like most of you up here, do feel that John was/is the best in the business, bar NONE! BUT, if his contract not being reloaded means more talent on the ice and this team gets deeper, I for one can almost certainly get used to another announcer. And if I can't stand it, my TV has a mute button.....and I ain't afraid to use it. Maybe they put the Big Rig on with Tripp. I don't think that would be too difficult to adjust to.
  11. and all of this crap is going to lead to games taking 3.5 hours. I am all for getting it right but at some point they have to draw the line. I can live with a missed call here and there. I know it seems that we have had many as of late, but so have other teams. I think it all washes out with a large sample size to be honest. I just hope they don't ruin the pace of the game with a bunch of nonsense and every 3 minutes players are standing around waiting for a damn review to be completed. Let the Refs ref and the players play and all will have fun!
  12. I have a question. John Forslund never misses an opportunity to remind the fans how much ($6,000,000 in fact) was spent on the new scoreboard in the arena. It happens to the extent that I almost feel like he was slighted on his check this past year, but they spent that much on the scoreboard type of comments. As often as it is mentioned, it is almost like he is trying to remind someone about it.?. Is there a story behind this or is it just coincidence? If this has been discussed before, please forgive me for asking about it, I could not find it.
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