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  1. Sounds like it's a great documentary. My favorite tough guy is Stu Grimson. You can still see his PSA here in Raleigh where he's pummeling people on the ice -- and ends up singing 'the itsy bitsy spider' to his daughter when she calls the arena before bedtime.
  2. Hahahaha, Gardiner will go but not back to Toronto. He has a 7-team no-trade list so he could screw some things up, but I'd look for him to land in New Jersey, Los Angeles or Detroit. Those teams can use his offense and his contract wouldn't hold him back from getting dealt.
  3. I don't think the Kuemper talk is idle chatter. Supposedly, Arizona has been told to slash the budget and his extension kicks in next year. Raanta would be the 1st to go, I think, but you never know. I believe Lehner and Markstrom will re-sign. I think you're being a little harsh on judging Andersen. He's allowed an off-year and his numbers weren't that bad -- and the defense in front of him is a mess.
  4. Toronto will have to make a lot of moves to get their team right and stay under the cap. They don't actually have any right-handed defensemen so you can see where they start naming people like Hamilton and Pesce. It's not realistic, of course. Dougie has finally found a home and would be a fool to leave. There's no reason to trade Pesce unless the Leafs offered a heck of a lot more like a top-6 forward and that 1st they just picked up. Andersen would be an upgrade and supposedly Toronto wants Murray. Maybe this could be a remkin-like 3-way with the Canes sending something to Pittsburgh. If everybody can get past Andersen deliberately walking away from the organization earlier in his career.
  5. Don't worry so much about the Penguins. Worry about the Islanders and the Flyers -- and even the Rangers and the Blue Jackets. As many as 3 of those teams may pass the Canes by in the 2020-2021 regular season. The Flyers and the Islanders likely already have. There's danger everywhere.
  6. Sundance: They're not so tough. Butch: Neither are we.
  7. Apparently, Toronto offered Kapanen to Carolina for the 13th overall pick (among other things) per Pierre LeBrun ... Pittsburgh Penguins GM Jim Rutherford outbid six teams for Kapanen, according to TSN’s Pierre LeBrun. The Chicago Blackhawks refused to give up the 17th overall pick for Kapanen, and the Carolina Hurricanes refused to part with the 13th overall pick. The Maple Leafs spoke to the Anaheim Ducks, Carolina Hurricanes, Chicago, Minnesota, Nashville, and New Jersey before trading the forward to Pittsburgh on Tuesday reports The Athletic's Pierre LeBrun. I was surprised about how much JR gave up when I first heard about the trade. Evidently, competition drove up the price, and Kapanen does fill a need, but it's not surprising that Rutherford was the only one to say OK (sounds like a Sister Christian lyric) to a first round pick.
  8. You did a good job with the stats and I think you're right about a change of philosophy. I'm just extremely disappointed with the team's effort.
  9. The skill and scoring teams all flamed out in the qualifiers or the first round except for Tampa Bay. Build the team with a defense-first philosophy. Let the pending UFA's go and add a guy like Justin Braun as a RH 3rd-pairing guy with Fleury. Get a real #1 goaltender. Add some grit to the bottom six forwards. And, because some teams are up against the cap, maybe this is the year to offer sheet a Sergachev or a Cirelli.
  10. In a short series probably the two most important things would be to have a hot goalie and outstanding special teams play. I don't hold out much hope for the goaltending part of it. I'm still expecting Mrazek to mimic his short stay in Philadelphia. The power play (even if it doesn't include Hamilton) and the penalty kill should be enough to get past the Rangers -- in 4. Trocheck just needed some time to get over that broken leg that sidelined his career a little bit. Maybe it'll happen now.
  11. Sorry, didn't mean to sound too negative. After all, I have been in favor of a lot of the goalie moves and most of those haven't worked out. My point was that you can't really make a mistake with money when you're up against the cap ceiling. It's going to be like this for the next 10-15 years. Which is good. You're right - he did improve. And he will probably have a great playoff performance and make my whole post completely unnecessary. The problem is we will already likely lose Edmundson, TVR, and Vatanen to unrestricted free agency. That's a lot of depth, but we really can't afford them and have to let them walk. You have to prioritize re-signing Fleury and Foegele. That leaves us about $1.0M under the cap with only 20 players signed (when you elevate Geekie who will probably replace Justin Williams in the lineup). That's not gonna work when the goal in to improve the team from year to year. So if you can't move a Niederreiter or a Gardiner (because everyone else is doing pretty well) - you are stuck - and could cause everything to get pushed back a year. And that would be unacceptable. But you could do a buyout. There's dead money later but it might end up being the best option. Because that would free up money to bring in some upgrades at a couple of different positions. Fortunately, the new CBA might help. Escrow for the players is high for the first 2 years in particular, then it drops over the life of the agreement. This could cause a flood of talented players who will hit the UFA and RFA markets to be looking for a shorter-term deal. If you were a free agent, would you sign a five-year deal now, which likely carries a lower AAV or a shorter deal with a talented team in hopes of cashing in when the cap starts to rise? Yeah, that trade got Paul Fenton fired, but when you're up against the cap $1.25M is a lot. It was obvious that Rask wasn't working out here and I would have encouraged him to return to Sweden and simply cut ties with him. Failing that, I would have bought him out - and it would cost less than what might happen now. Hopefully, Nino will bounce back, as will Gardiner, but if they don't ......
  12. Yeah, Rem. What I've been reading elsewhere though is that in order to dump a Gardiner, or a Dzingel it might take a sweetener that is too rich for Don Waddell's palate. Our cap management can't afford any mistakes like the Gardiner signing. You'll remember it was a late summer signing and that usually means either a small bucks "prove it" contract or less term. We didn't really get either with Gardiner. And that, to me, was a bit of a misstep. Hopefully, this is just a way hockey writers are wasting time until the training camps end and we play some real games. But still ...... For years, there have always been trades of high-priced veterans to rebuilding or emerging teams that were hoping they had reached cup contender status. We've all been caught reading the transaction column and saying "I can't believe so-and-so is still in the league -- and signed a big contract". The Canes, as an emerging team, may have stepped out of their comfort zone by making a bunch of fairly quick moves ... Marleau for a 1st wasn't one of them because it was just for one year, but Niederreiter still has two years left at $5.25m and the already mentioned questionable signing of Gardiner (3 years left at over $4m). All those moves and still no goalie that is a part of the core. Worse-case scenario is if things have to be pushed back another year assembling this team unless some kind of magical turnaround happens. We'll have to hope that some of these guys have a bounce back season while everyone else does as well as they have been and there aren't any injuries.
  13. I agree that you don't stand pat but it may be difficult moving forward. The flat salary cap means the price for cap ceiling teams (like the Canes are now) to dump fading or under-producing players just went through the roof. To get some flexibility might involve a buyout -- and that just adds problems or it's own in the future.
  14. LOL, I suppose no one will try to lose. Still, 12.5% is pretty huge when you consider that Ottawa had a 13.5% chance from the #2 slot and San Jose (To OTT) had 11.5% at number 3. For 8 pretty good teams to get a shot at the 1st overall pick .... there could be temptation.
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