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  1. Things always look darkest before the dawn. Everything will be OK.
  2. I thought they have the place card drawing immediately after the qualifying round so the wait won't be so long. I do think several teams - like Montreal and Chicago - will tank on purpose because they weren't supposed to be there anyways. The Canes won't tank, but the Rangers series should be a good one. Whoever gets hot can go a long way.
  3. I'm happy that a non bottom-10 team will win the 1st overall pick because I think the whole process creates a buzz for people who aren't particularly interested in hockey. It's good for the game. And it teaches teams not to tank .. until you get to a play-in round. Then it's OK :)
  4. Gentlemen, you realize that you can't talk about goalies or secondary scoring or anything else until you deal with the fact that the Canes are up against the cap ceiling with only 17 players currently signed. When you add in the $2.33m for the final years of the Semin buyout and $3,187,500 in performance bonuses for Svechnikov and Necas (the Williams bonuses aren't complete yet), that puts the total at $75,538m. When you project Foegele at 2.2 - 2.5m because he's better than McGinn and Fleury should be getting at least 1.75m. Both of these guys have arbitration rights. I'm not saying they'll file, but one likely will. You can try and save money elsewhere, but moving a couple of bad contracts (Niederreiter, Gardiner and Staal) will be hard. If the cap ceiling artificially stays at 81.5m, that leaves about two million left to sign four fringe players to fill out a 23-man roster. Obviously, the goal is more than "go with what we got" and "add some fringe players". But that's the way things are right now. Plus, in summer of 20-21 has Svechnikov coming off of his entry-level contract and a Hamilton extension kicking in. Svechnikov figures to skip a bridge deal and get about $7.5m per year. That happens to add up to what Dzingel, McGinn and Martinook make but swapping three salaries for one destroys the experienced depth at forward.
  5. Well, if the 3 drawings for the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd draft positions fall in the 24.5% range then Detroit would draft 4th, Ottawa 5th and 6th .. all the way up to Buffalo at 10th. Then - and this is where it gets interesting - when the qualifiers are played ... and let's say the Canes lose to the Rangers. The Canes would have a 12.5% chance at the 1st overall pick (Lafreniere). Of course, the other 7 losers from the qualifying round also have a 12.5% chance. Still, it's intriguing. Lose to the Rangers and you have about as good a chance at #1 as San Jose would have had.
  6. Yes, it will be on NBCSN at 8 pm. It could work out quite well for the Canes if they would lose to the Rangers. There's a chance for 1st overall. Team odds Since not every team played the same number of games, they have been ranked by points percentage at the time of the March NHL pause. 1. Red Wings – 18.5% 2. Senators – 13.5% 3. Senators – 11.5%* 4. Kings – 9.5% 5. Ducks – 8.5% 6. Devils – 7.5% 7. Sabres – 6.5% ================== 8. Team A – 6% 9. Team B – 5% 10. Team C – 3.5% 11. Team D – 3% 12. Team E – 2.5% 13. Team F – 2% 14. Team G – 1.5% 15. Team H – 1% *Originally owned by San Jose
  7. Not really, the commitment to winning should be 100%. Anything less than that and you shouldn't be buying a sports team. When Dundon initially wasn't paying fair market prices for some of the hockey staff that was sort of a red flag for me.
  8. Ah, I see. Thanks for the insight. I don't necessarily question Dundon's commitment to winning, but I do think his commitment may be tied to his investment on return ratio.
  9. Apparently a riot broke out in the middle of a pandemic :) Yes, I should have mentioned that it is on the News & Observer on-line. Good point about the flap a few years back over NC State blocking out too many dates and their "old south" approach.
  10. I wasn't concerned earlier, but I was surprised by some of the points made in the negotiation ... ▪ An agreement by the Hurricanes not to relocate the franchise during the current lease. ▪ The Hurricanes to receive lease termination rights on the lease as of June 30, 2024. ▪ A guarantee by the Hurricanes that their player payroll be above the midpoint of the NHL salary cap each year. ▪ An agreement the authority will pay 50 percent of the arena operating costs each year, up to $3.885 million. ▪ A reduction of the rent for fiscal 2020 of $1.78 million and no rent in following years. Why would the Centennial Authority be concerned with the Hurricanes spending past the salary cap midpoint, for example. I guess you want to get everything in writing. Still, it seemed strange. I can't imagine the Canes being concerned about NC State nuances. And as far as the lease itself ... for years, it seemed the Canes had what was considered a "good lease". I had read where it was considered a model lease because it was so good. Now, it turns out that was not the case ... “One of our goals was to get the Hurricanes to be in an average lease situation in the NHL,” authority chairman Tom McCormick said in an interview Thursday. “And they clearly had one of the worst leases in the league. Their cost-to-occupy and so forth were higher than they should be.” is that just because 20 years have passed? Or however long the past lease was in effect.
  11. Only a full NMC clause has to be protected. Staal is the only Cane that is required to be protected. You can see each teams list of eligible and exempt players on capfriendly.com by clicking on interactive, then Seattle Draft simulator.
  12. He hasn't played since he blocked a shot against Dallas on February 1st. The Devils put him on IR last Thursday, the 13th. So, I don't know. I would rather bring back a guy like Hainsey.
  13. As I said, the Pens and Canes are in completely different places. We strive to get where they are. Obviously the Canes won't be making any major moves when they're not even above the cutoff line. They may get a defenseman but that's about it. Svechnikov is very good, but not a generational talent like Crosby.
  14. Well, I found some information on under 25 scoring. They use goals above replacement (similar to wins against replacement in baseball, I guess). These are the top-10 teams leading the way with under-25 scoring. The Blue Jackets are way far ahead in just about all total areas ..... Millennials are not killing these teams 2019-20 NHL teams with the most goals above replacement (GAR) created by players in their age-25 season or younger Goals Above Replacement Team Offense Defense Goaltending Total Share of Team Total Columbus Blue Jackets 20.5 26.4 19.1 65.9 76.3% Colorado Avalanche 39.7 17.8 0.0 57.5 55.3 Toronto Maple Leafs 42.2 13.1 0.0 55.3 70.3 Carolina Hurricanes 27.7 24.0 0.0 51.8 57.9 Pittsburgh Penguins 18.9 17.8 12.3 49.1 48.9 Buffalo Sabres 31.6 14.6 0.0 46.2 68.8 Vancouver Canucks 31.6 12.2 0.3 44.1 51.4 Edmonton Oilers 29.2 13.0 0.0 42.2 57.9 New York Rangers 21.5 10.9 8.3 40.7 49.9 Arizona Coyotes 18.3 18.2 2.8 39.2 43.9 A player’s “seasonal age” is determined by his age on Feb. 1 of the season. Source: Hockey-Reference.com
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