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  1. Uh, ok genius, thank god you're here to opine on the validity of other people's opinions. Your opinion is John is better but the experience was the same. Doesn't really seem to reconcile but whatever, it's your opinion. A lot of people seem to think losing Forslund, one of the best at what he does, is a big deal, I agree.
  2. You can't have watched that game yesterday and say it made no difference who was calling it. John Forslund is one of the best, if not the best in the business, and he loves this team. Manascalco by all accounts seems like a great guy and does a great job with all the stuff he's historically done on the Canes broadcasts, but he does not bring anything close to what Forslund brings to a game. The chasm between the two is as wide as the Grand Canyon, it just is. If you're Tom Dundon you need to figure out a way to get a deal done here. John Forslund is an asset to this team in a small, non-traditional hockey market, he's invested in this community. To lose him over a few thousand dollars is beyond foolish.
  3. Seems like a great guy, but he is not anywhere in Forslund's zip code. It is a huge step down.
  4. Easy for me to say I know, but if Forslund is making $350m currently, would think worst case TD is trying to take him to $250m. So you're really going to run arguably the best play-by-play guy in the league out of town for $100m. This is a rounding error in the scheme of total costs to run/operate the team (oh, and TD is a billionaire multiple times over). Would be incredibly short sighted and cheap.
  5. Absolute idiocy if they don't resign Forslund, guy is literally best in biz, voice of the team, amazing community presence and he's going to let him go when it certainly seems he would like to stay. Have to say, I want to like Dundon but between this and the Checkers seems like a very penny-wise pound foolish guy. He's losing me.
  6. Having watched a lot of both Forsberg and Ned at Charlotte, my personal opinion was that Ned was the better of the two, not by a lot, but also not in doubt to my completely untrained eyes. Performances seemed pretty similar with the Canes so I guess we'll see. I'm rooting for all of them! For what it's worth too, I will be very disappointed if we don't give Bean a chance to succeed at the NHL level before we run him off like so many others over the last 12 months. He's solid and has good offensive game for a defensemen, definitely looks the part.
  7. Uh, yeah. When it's all said and done, I really like what Canes did today, but as someone who lives in Charlotte and goes to most of their games, they really got decimated in the last 24 hours and will miss watching the guys moved.
  8. Buddy here (a Rangers fan) saying we got Skeji for a 1st
  9. Sounds like a 1st round pick in discussions for Skjei. However, cap issues for the Hurricanes are complicating things. - Darren Dreger
  10. Another solid win for the Checkers last night, 4-2 over a good Rochester team. Ned was solid, both goals conceded were really nicely worked by Rochester. Gautier with 2 goals (second one an EN), the first one was again created with speed, which I know people have questions about with him, where he just outraced and split 2 defensemen to the puck and finished. He's not a burner, but I do think he has better wheels than people are giving him credit for and has demonstrated such twice now in the last couple of games I've been at.
  11. I guess I disagree. It's not always pretty, but we've now won 5 of our last 7, 4 of which were home and 3 on the road. Win in Dallas, no guarantee I realize, and we're 6 for 8 and heading home for a couple.
  12. Just my 2 cents on Bean, I've been to at least the last 10 Checkers home games and while I'm sure it wouldn't hurt him to finish the year in the AHL, he looks the part now to me if we need him. Good skater, good passer of the puck and looks to score. I really enjoy watching him in Charlotte but I'm excited to watch him get his chance in Raleigh too!
  13. This may be dumb, but is it possible or do you think Staal should go to RB and offer the "C" to Williams for the rest of the season. Seems like the time to do something like this would be after the Winnipeg game coming back after the All Star break sort of starting fresh. Feels like that would be a real captain's move by Staal.
  14. Another good day for the Checkers, 7-3 winners. Geekie and Lorenz each with 2 goals. Checkers have now won 15 of their last 18. Good things happening up and down the system today!
  15. Last night was interesting, looked great for 55 minutes, then all heck broke loose and we held on against the extra man with some good opportunities for Hershey. Kuokk with 3 assists for the 2nd night in a row, Lorentz with 2 goals and continued goal production from our defensemen (Bean and Kaski last night). One other thing that I noticed was Goat actually showed some good speed for a big guy, at least 2 separate instances where he either outskated a defensemen to a puck or just plain blew past the defensemen. Only AHL defenders I know, but I guess I hadn't really noticed those kind of jets from him previously. The last thing I'll say is we have a lot of good defensemen when you consider that Claesson is probably our 6th d-man with Bean, McKeown, Kaski, Priskie and Forsling. Good goaltenders and good defensemen sounds like a pretty good recipe for success in the post-season, hopefully/maybe they can have another fun playoff run this year.
  16. Rem - I thought Geekie was pretty invisible last night. He took a hard shot at one point and missed a little time, I think it was in the 2nd period but then came back.
  17. If you can take a look at the highlights, there were a couple of slick goals last night by the good guys.
  18. I tend to agree with the ones who want to sit Nino, move Svech with Aho and Turbo and put Williams with Staal and Foegele. Leaves 2 lines unchanged, upgrades the 1st line and puts together a shutdown line in Staal/Williams/Foegele that is still going to score. Feels like least disruption with most upside, particularly the 1st line with Svech, that line should be unstoppable. Seems like you rotate Nino in with the 4th liners to give them (and probably Necas) periodic breathers particularly when we get to the part of the schedule where we're literally playing every other day.
  19. I like Tripp's schtick 1) whenever they do a promo for a Hornets game or ACC hoops game that is going to be on Fox Sports and Tripp always says "that's a big game". The one I specifically remember was someone, I think NC State, and they were playing Maryland Eastern-Shore and Tripp says "that's a big game for the Wolfpack"; and 2) I also find it pretty funny whenever they talk about a celebrity of some kind and Tripp always says "you know John, "Celebrity X" is a big Canes fan". Last night after the surge it was Sumo wrestlers who were big Canes fans. Pretty hokey stuff, I know, but cracks me up when he deadpans these.
  20. Given all the angst around Jake Gardiner and to a lesser extent TVR, particularly after the Leafs game, I'm curious people's thoughts on elevating Jake Bean at some point. I went to all 6 of the Checkers games this last homestand and, while I'm definitely not an expert by any stretch, to me he looks the part. I focus on him a lot when he's on the ice and really like what I see, good, dare I say, elegant skater, seems to have both a solid offensive and defensive game. Would love to hear people's thoughts on what timing for him might be and even other folks opinion that have watched him this year for the Checkers.
  21. Hi all - so after years of following along at home, I've finally signed-up. I live in Charlotte, I get up to a handful + of games in Raleigh every season (will be coming up again for the Friday/Saturday back-to-back January 10th/11th). I have been going to most of the Checkers game this year, went to all 6 of the most recent homestand, so maybe will occasionally post some thoughts on what I see with them. Have always enjoyed the passion and knowledge of the posters here.
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