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  1. Hope everyone is safe and sound.
  2. Buffalo gets extra point.
  3. Columbus up 1-0, not good.
  4. Flyers up on Florida 3-0, not good.
  5. Penguins trade for Zucker from Wild.
  6. Just saw your message, sorry, not sure, was switching channels. He sounds familiar though.
  7. Drury scored for Harvard in beanpot..
  8. It don't come easy, ya know, it don't come easy..
  9. Talk about a log jam..
  10. Welcome, in the Columbus game, we dominated.
  11. Yea, watching both games till it got out of hand.
  12. Forgot one thing, Martin is going to try and get under Svech skin, Svech you have to keep your cool!
  13. Isles up 4-1 in 3rd, lose 6-4 to caps... NOW canes, take advantage of this, a beaten and defeated team, put the foot on their throat! Biggest game of year, don't get out outcycled, watch Barzal,60 minutes of hockey!
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