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  1. sucks that even a hockey message board is non-stop Coronavirus talk 😕 here's some hockey: *and, yes, I realize this is the covid-19 thread
  2. exactly what I'm thinking. When he gets the chance to break through the center, the other guys need to be fast enough to get into position.
  3. The ONLY thing I've noticed about Trochek (at least a few times) is the guy can skate through defenders and get to the net. Just seems like when he does it, he's kinda going solo with no wingers ready for passes or rebounds...I think the guy has potential, but something isn't clicking right now with him and our "system"
  4. it almost sounds like we thought he was ready, then he stepped on the ice for practice and something happened that revealed the true extent of his injury and he's gonna sit for a while before stepping back on the ice even to practice. Either way, dont think it matters much for this team's overall chances this year. I dont think he's THAT much of a stud defender
  5. if we're not scoring on the front lines, all that the defenders and goalies can do is limit the goals against. Trochek needs to start earning his keep just like the rest of the forwards.
  6. not sure if live, but definitely the video section on the site
  7. They pushed it back 30 mins, then back again...said could be an hour and a half, so hopefully soon
  8. I've heard it pronounced like "Shay", although only an approximation
  9. its being reported at a bunch of places, just havent seen anything official yet
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