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  1. Glad I'm not the only one to think so. People talk about having a 1a 1b, seems, IMO, more like the canes have a 1B 1C. Been hoping for a while now for a goalie upgrade. So just curious whos everyones favourite canes goalies ? For me I'm thinking Burke, Irbe, Ward.
  2. After having only HNIC for a long time, then finally getting center ice and realizing just how good our announcer are and how bad a lot of other teams are. Forslund/Tripp do a great job and seem to have a good chemistry. And while Jack Edwards is a serious homer, he also several time a game will point out praise for the opposition players, and love or hate him, he is decent at his job, and better than a whole lot of others. All that needlessly being said.... I agree with pretty much everyone here, wanting Forslund to stay with the canes. Its a huge part of what makes the games more enjoyable to watch, because there are some games i would like to watch but cant sit through the announcers.
  3. Most dont seem to agree but I do feel a team needs one or 2 players that play that rougher style of game, even if only to protect the smaller skilled players who dont. Now I know most will think me crazy, but I would not been upset one bit if Carolina had gotten Lucic instead of Calgary, yes he best offensive days seem to be behind him, although he is putting up decent numbers since the coaching change. But smaller guys like Gaudreau are taking a lot less slashes and cheap shots this year than they did last. And that protection and confidence for the smaller players usually ends up in bigger numbers and less injuries. Unless its in Calgary then you get almost a frustrated as a Leafs fan. I have been cheering for Ned. to get a chance to play for a while, but have been coming to the conclusion that he may only be an ok to good NHL goalie, which is fine except most ok to good goalies dont end up winning you a cup. A lot of good goalies dont. Kolzig, Burke.. etc Never watched Necas up to this year, but from the games I have seen I have been really impressed. Is it just me seeing him on his highlight moments or is he really that patient and good with the puck ?
  4. Chiarelli gets a lot of blame for the oilers, He went to Boston with a 5 year plan for winning a cup and thats exactly what he did. So not sure if its a case of he is as bad as Edmonton fans say, or is it just Edmonton.. like the GM before him.
  5. Most teams would probably give up a 2nd and 3rd for a 2nd pairing D man. I just dont think that deal is out there that often
  6. Calgary just added 2 defense for late round draft picks. Have to wonder if the canes didnt try for either, or any ?
  7. dont know if this was posted before or not. Always cheered for him when he was a cane
  8. AmxCanes

    Auto repair

    Just my experience but dealership technicians work on that kind of vehicle all day every day, not some of everything. And have specialty tools that a lot of indy shops dont or cant get. The door rate tends to be higher than a lot of the indy shops but the total bill in the end isnt always. Example, someone familiar with a vehicle can take half an hour to diag a problem compared to twice as long or more for someone who isnt as familiar on what to look for. There is good and bad in both dealers and indy, IMO finding someone you trust is the goal, but dealers tend to get an unfair reputation at times
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