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  1. Coyotes just won 4-3 in OT I am so glad because I really like the uniforms they are wearing their throwbacks. It's the 1999-2003 versions of there jersey's. Right now I am hoping that Montreal beats the Penguins 0-0 in the 1st.
  2. Yeah small dosses but if your having a bad day he can brighten you right up lol. I've been watching him for couple of years now. I didn't watch him when he was younger because he was annoying but not it's just funny. I only watch when his team loses because his reactions are just priceless lol.
  3. I rather it be Montreal than Pittsburgh.
  4. This is priceless I love watching his videos every time they lose specially after giving up a 3 goal lead. I've also started folling Hot Take Hockey and his reaction is funny as well.
  5. That goal he score against the Flyers in OT really helped us get into the playoffs.
  6. Vantanen and Trocheck are pretty impressive new players for the trades we got reminds me when we got kevyn adams trade from florida and he helped when us the cup in 2006. This is the year again I believe it be those to guys Aho Svech the first line are just amazing right now to watch.
  7. Who do you guys think we will play next? I hope we play the Leafs we haven't played them since 2002 playoffs.
  8. I can't wait to see him back on ice. Our defense is the best it's been in ten years because of him. https://www.nhl.com/hurricanes/news/dougie-hamilton-back-at-canes-practice/c-318268874
  9. They took that song from Tom Dooley who killed his lover post civil war in North Carolina. Hang down your head Tom Dooley.
  10. Canes took to many penalties, Need more shots and loss to many goals on shots against. Can't do that against the caps glad that was just a exhibition game. Now the Canes shouldn't let any BS stop them from playing hard against the Rangers.
  11. Always to many penalties and also Mrazek not ready for this game. Should have started Reimer. Good thing this game doesn't count for the playoffs. We better be harder on the Rangers than the Capitals on this game.
  12. 2-1 score man I really thought the Trocheck goal didn't count seeing that second view of the replay. Good game so far. I agree it's so different with out the fans and real noise.
  13. Well this isn't good Hamilton just got injured during practice today. I guess he wont be playing on the 29th. Hopefully he will be able for the playoffs. They couldn't talk about the injury. Hopefully it isn't to serious.
  14. He retired a long time ago. Think he lives up in the mountains in NC somewhere.
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