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  1. The word interim was NOT used, Maurice was introduced as the head coach. Oh my word............................................................. :angry:
  2. Someone shoot me please or stick a fork in my @#$% eye. I'd rather have Barry Melrose than Paul Maurice. This mess of bringing everyone back at some point is ridiculous. I guess next, Bates will be suiting up with Erik Cole, oh wait, he was smart and jumped ship when he could. Does Irbe still live in Raleigh. I guess he can arrive from Latvia in a few hours if need be. Tom Barraso can suit up as a back up. Maybe Glen can come out of retirement. Excuse me while I vent, but I am hot.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  3. I have the Appalachian State fight song
  4. I met Justin Williams at Barnes and Noble this past Saturday-made my day.
  5. I agree. If a player gets hurt, a longer suspension but don't let a player get off just because the other guy didn't get a concussion or broken neck or worse. IT is either a legal hit or not, simple as that.
  6. Voros should still get suspended, maybe not on the same level but still a bad hit. Staal's back was clearly to him. He was boarded and the outcome could have been a disaster.
  7. I did not email anyone about this, I simply asked a question as to what happened with Cole. I admit a trade did enter my mind but that was not in my original post. So whoever out there thinks I started this mess, think again.
  8. well my first thought was he did get traded, but i have heard nothing
  9. Justin, HOpe things are progressing nicely. The team and fans sure miss you. I put your name on my church's prayer list so know that there are many praying for you.
  10. Go Heels! Craig Adams is a Carolina fan. The other players don't say much about who the pull for. Probably a smart thing to do. LOL
  11. I fly flags year round. have torn up quite a few. usually get new ones as each season opens
  12. I went to Philly in 2004 and proudly wore my Canes and Panthers 2003 NFC championship gear. i got some remarks but they got over it!
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