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  1. Thanks Remkin and OBXer! Looking forward to jumping in a bit! Not really able to watch games for the most part, so highlights and stats/fancy stats are about the limits of my following. So when I read the event summary and see JWill is hitting people I know we got problems, lol.
  2. I have more or less bounced back, lol. Happy to be home. ?
  3. Yeah, so, I'm back. I know I pretty much disappeared in 2009, I had a horseback riding accident that left me recovering from an MTBI that year and between that and work, forums were sadly not high on my list of priorities. I have been lurking around since probably early 2010, just not signed in, and pretty much living vicariously through our recently returned prodigal 'Cane, JWill. But hopefully things will kick up here, the team will find their cruising gear, and we'll all be one big happy family again. I missed you guys. Let's do this. Whatever It Takes. ?
  4. Been lurking for about 7 of the 8. Work and life have not been kind. That said, I have high hopes for the team and hope we start seeing the kind of activity on the board we had in '05.
  5. Hey, I survived both lockouts. I have high hopes! ?
  6. I think we have a team that is more than the sum of its parts, once they actually hit their stride. I'm just a little on the impatient side about them getting there. =)
  7. Pretty sure doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different outcome is the definition of insanity, but then again...
  8. [quote name='indaboardz wrote: goeb'] Trading Williams away to get Cole eventually, well that a whole other issue. I've watched Justin many times on tv this year and he is completely back to full form . and now saying that......Williams breaks his leg in Phoenix on Saturday. Ahhh, come now. He didn't break his leg, he broke his ankle and a couple ligaments. And in all fairness, if Kopitar and Jovanovski fall on you while you're stuck behind Kopitar, don't you think you may break something too? Kind of like when a certain defenseman who can't hit the broad side of a barn manages to break your hand with a slapshot. Luck is luck, and Williams has absolutely no good luck. But yes, prior to that he was in great form. And we could have used him.
  9. Yeah thanks guys. The real story is way less glamorous. My friend had spinal fusion surgery and I've been taking care of her animals. I'm up at 4am every morning. I don't stay up late any more because I just can't. Between that and a full-time job, I'm pretty much never here. Which sucks. (As to the L.A. thing, I managed to watch 4 'Canes games post-trade and only 2 Kings games, and I have C.I. I still love the 'Canes but life gets in the way.)
  10. It's human nature to try to gauge intention and emotion from subtle clues in demeanor or expression or tone of voice. There's very little in the way of psychiatry involved. In fact, the same powers of observation are more at work in a game of poker. And if you don't like it, you don't have to. They have as much right to say "he looks sad" or "he looks annoyed" or "he looks surprised" as you do to say he doesn't. So don't get upset about it. Personally, I think he looks tired and somewhat shellshocked, but that's just my 2 cents.
  11. I can tell you on one of the Kings boards, they think they've won the trade just listening to his interview. I guess he's slicker than I thought, lol.
  12. I'll still follow him probably as closely as I do the 'Canes. I hope this gets us into the playoffs, else it was rather pointless. And if you think he looked annoyed in the media scrum, you should see him in the interview with that Heidi girl, lol.
  13. Yeah Williams is currently worth something between a case of pucks and a skate sharpening machine. Do we need a new skate sharpening machine?
  14. That actually looks somewhat reasonable, JJ. But Brind'Amour is more likely to retire than to be traded.
  15. I like Tripp to some extent, but I really don't know how Forslund refrains from doing him grievous bodily harm some nights. Sorry Tripp, sometimes less is more, especially with the running the mouth thing. He must have been one amusing goalie.
  16. Williams really wants to stay here, because *gasp* he likes it better than Philly! He effed up his knee last season. Ok. He's done that before and it's a possible recurring thing, only your doctors are in fact better than the ones he saw in Philly the first time. So that's a lot less likely. He tore his achilles right before camp. Freak accident that could happen to anyone. He worked his butt off and came back early because he wants to play here. It is not always easy to find players who genuinely want to stay in one place, let alone a "non-traditional market", for a long time. When you find 'em, usually you keep 'em. And Ruu? There's no way we can afford to let him go. He's really the only physical presence we have up front, and Gleason has pointed out we're too soft on that as well. He works hard and he's got game. If we had someone else who could hit and play good hockey like Ruu, we'd be in much better shape. Staal... I think we've LeCavalier'd him. We kept telling him he was all that and a bag of chips, he got the big paycheck, and he's been less than stellar since. Is he talented enough to do what we want him to do? Definitely! Is he motivated enough? Umm, no. Why not? Is he under the impression he's too good for that? He's huge. He can go into the corner and get the puck for himself. His wingers shouldn't have to do it for him. He's a big boy. And would it kill him to have someone teach him to win a draw? As far as our D goes, Corvo, Seidenberg, and Gleason have been just about the only ones to impress me at all. Corvo is not terribly talented but he sure outworks everyone. I'd love to have six of him. Seidenberg actually tries. He has his flashes of brilliance. Gleason is the only reason we don't get beat to a bloody pulp some nights. I'd keep all three if I could. I'd even keep Pitkanen if he'd just hit somebody once in a while.
  17. The fundamental difference between LaRose and Armstrong is Armstrong has deliberately injured people. LaRose has not. A pest is not a headhunter. A headhunter is not a pest. Headhunters are a menace, and they do not get properly dealt with as they were in years past. Pests are the guys you finish EVERY check on that you possibly can because they're annoying as hades. And it's very rare to see a pest actually hurt someone. He's usually too buy flapping his jaws. So Armstrong =/= LaRose.
  18. If we want Williams to be back where he was faster, we need to worry less about putting him on the power play and think more heavily about putting back on the PK where he has done so well in the past. I think with that added responsibility, he would step up quicker. It would give him opportunity to get more ice time and it might just help out our lackluster shorthanded play. And Williams playing with Brind'Amour makes sense because they really are a good tandem, they know where the pass is going to be and they anticipate each other extremely well. Does that mean Williams moves up or Brind'Amour moves down? Williams needs more ice time than he's currently getting, he really does do better when he's not idle on the bench for most of the game, but they don't seem to be willing to give him more ice time. So I guess Brind'Amour moves down, although he is still up there as far as faceoffs go in this league, and Staal, not so much.
  19. I'm not blaming Tanabe, and I'm not blaming JR. I think that a phone call is a realistic request.
  20. I think if it says in his contract he has to be here for camp or at least return phone calls, then he has to do that. If you work somewhere and you get hurt, you still have to update your employer on your progress. If you don't, they can terminate you. That's how it works. I think he could at least respond to phone calls, even if he can't be at camp. He can still speak. (Unless we've been misinformed)
  21. Somehow, I always pictured Nicky to be the Home Depot type. =D
  22. He's tops in drawing penalties too. He falls down and bleeds if you sneeze on him.
  23. Yeah, I take it there's no mention of hockey being ten times more awesome than any of those other sports, huh? =D
  24. fightinmad

    Worst pet peeve?

    From this, I can only assume that you thought I was talking about you in my above post. That's kind of funny, because I wasn't, nor do I take the internet seriously. At all. In fact, I hadn't even read your comment until after you replied. The funny thing is, I wasn't even talking about injured players, I was talking about trades. And it's been my pet peeve going back to the J.J. deal. Maybe I'm not the one who needs to take the internet less seriously.
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