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  1. ECU, we have copies of the PMs you sent. You have harassed TSA to within an inch of their life, Ref107 gave up on trying to explain things to you and your circular logic, and I haven't bothered because you got an explaination at the outset. Sending a PM demanding an explaination after I sent the explaination email along with your suspension was pretty juvenile. Unless the email address used for your account is not a valid email address, then it's still on your head. As for the game day predictions, if you wanna talk power-trippy, it has you all over it. If 30 members all play a game and a half a dozen of them give the same score prediction, before the game, that's valid. It's always worked fine that way in the past, why it had to fall apart on your watch I don't know. I don't have to defend any actions, and certainly not to you. I have been very lenient with you. I would have banned you a long time ago, it's only through Ref107's good graces that you are still here. If you had kept this to PMs, I would have been happy to answer a question asked of me in a civil fashion. But instead you have dragged it out on the main board, and thus I have locked your topics. Post another one of these and I will ban your account. You are spamming the board and you know it.
  2. ECU, you were suspended for harassing members, post pushing, picking fights with members, baiting members and staff, and harassing an administrator over PMs. You did not receive a PM from myself because it was called to my attention that the matter had already been explained to you several times and you continued to harass staff. You continued to insult members. You continued to jump into threads requiring moderation, deliberately ignoring the TOS you agreed to when you signed up. Your post count was reset for several reasons, post pushing, and generally implying that because you had umpteen posts you were smarter than everyone else. Now you are spamming the board. Who looks juvenile now?
  3. He claims to have school, he claims to have a fiancee, but I dunno about any of that. And yeah, resetting post counts is probably the BEST way to deal with post pushers.
  4. I'm gonna go with a negatory, he never leaves the darned computer.
  5. Reset it to zero or it's previous number? If zero, more than happy to. Back to previous, no effing way. He's a post *edit*, to put it mildly.
  6. Much as I want to, I will refrain from PMing him because it would only start more trouble.
  7. Latest PM from ECU(why he thinks I'll reply to him when I never have in the past, I dunno): I am getting a little fed up with this stuff on here. The explanation I received from Marcus as to why my post count was reset was as follows.... "I believe it was done because you continued to reply to threads that needed to be locked by staff." I wasn't the only one who did that. and no one elses post counts were reset. consistency is appreciated, and has been better lately, but this is just ridiculous. it's not my fault they weren't closed before I responded. and others responded as well. why in the world do I continue to take the heat for everyone? just the other day there was a thread that TSA warned would be closed if the arguing was continued and someone else continued talking on it and he closed it. did they get theirs reset? nope, still where it was before. this is screwed up, and I dont understand at all what the heck is going on. i cant even give my opinion anymore without it being labeled as "bashing" and my account suspended. i need an explanation as to why all of this is going on, or I will be going to the PA office. on the phone and via e-mail. thanks
  8. I think I can turn off his post count, if I really look at it, then no matter how often he posts he'll have 1.
  9. Good person, great hockey fan. Not exactly computer-savvy.
  10. JWillie was Staalsy and Oliver. And that was easy. I asked. =D
  11. Oh come on, you haven't seen the photos on the Pens boards of teenaged girls holding signs that say "Sid, you can put it in MY five hole anytime!"? You're jerking my chain. I know it.
  12. 3. As far as I know. But usually one is injured.
  13. That IP comes out of Wake County Public Schools, it's Time Warner Telecom. Host: netapp2.wcpss.net. So we might be doing the school a service?
  14. If I want to, I can change my IP at will. Anyone who is at least a little computer savvy can.
  15. TH also visited clockwork's profile during the exchange, possible to PM?
  16. well you said "them", that's why I asked. TH was conveniently sitting in that thread at the time.
  17. TH and Clockwork? wanna make sure. And, Ban or suspend
  18. I'd lay substantial odds they're connected. I'd even put money on that. (all 50 cents I have)
  19. *eager face* I can ban all but one IP and suspend that one for 2 weeks????? BOOYAH!
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